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New York City

The most crowded and popular city of the USA is New York. This city is the central Metropolitan Area of New York City. This famous city is turned as the first choice for commerce, media, finance, art, research, fashion, technology, entertainment and education. The base of UNH (United Nations Headquarters) is located at NY City which shows the importance of this place in the USA. This valued center is popular for international diplomacy also known as world’s cultural capital.

This world tourist place is situated next to the world's biggest natural waterfronts. The nearby boroughs of New York City are Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens. These all regions are united into New York City in 1898. As per survey the New York City is tightly packed occupied big city of the USA. Approximately 800 different languages are spoken in this city because people from around the corner are established in the city for various purposes. Because of such languages this city is most linguistically varied metropolis of the world.

Historical values of the New York City make it more special. The city was renamed to New Amsterdam in year 1626. As the city was controlled by English government in 1664 so the wash changed to New York. The ruler during that period was England’s King Charles II who granted the terra firma to own brother, Duke of York.

This world tourist place was the capital of the USA since 1785 to 1790. New York was one of the largest City of USA till 1790. The big Statue of Liberty is the example of achievements of the City in early period. This statue welcomed millions of settlers came to USA at different intervals through waterfront in late 19ies. Today it is the internationally known symbol of the USA.

The city is also known for tourist destination as several spots are available for travelers. Few favorite destinations are mentioned below for the visitors to take pleasure in New York City:

Empire State Building: New York is the developed city and the beautiful and clean destination with proper administration. People should reach to Empire State Building where they can view the complete city from the top the building. This classic attraction spot allow the travelers to view the whole city from the top which is really beautiful.

Statue of Liberty: The next tourist destination in New York City is the “Statue of Liberty”. Experts call the statue as gift to the USA for companionship recognized all through the French Revolution. This sculpture is the symbol of America of liberty. Basically it was created to welcome to the settlers came to the USA for better life. Ellis Island is also the spot near this statue.

Grand Central Terminal: this terminal is central hub of haulage, though it was renovated in 1913. Here, the shops and dining stores are available where tourist can enjoy the food and buy various things. The construction of terminal is done with Beaux arts architecture.

Rockefeller Center: this center is best tourist destination of New York. People are attaining to Rockefeller Center for whole year. The center is well-known for ice skating rink and Christmas tree, though the place offers tourists the stunning Rock Observation Deck.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum: this museum presents visitors a charming appearance of the settler knowledge. Learning the history of this astonishing city is possible by visiting Ellis Island Immigration Museum. The voyage detail of ancient time in New York City is available through various information’s offered in this Center.

Staten Island Ferry: The popular world tourist place is Staten Island Ferry which is best spot for ferry lovers. The area covered for ferry is from lower Manhattan to Island Staten. Amazing view of the Statue of Liberty from this spot could be different experience for the visitors.

American Museum of Natural History: this museum was opened for the public in 1869. To learn natural history of America people can visit to this historical museum.

Central Park: the value of Central Park for New York City expresses the importance of this place. This place offered the shelter to people escaped from the tangible jungle of the city for more than 150 years. Central Park is best spot for walking or enjoying picnic so local people are always available in the park to enjoy the moment of life.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: the art and various centers of New York City are world-famous. However, the best collection of ancient and modern art is available at MMA (Metropolitan Museum of Art). Here tourist can take pleasure of 20,00,000 works of art presented throughout the world. This iconic art spot offers the vast and varied collection to the travelers.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA): the next big museum of NY City was founded in 1929 named as MoMA. It was the first museum committed completely for modern art. The imposing assortment of prevailing artistic attempts is special thing to watch in this museum. The paintings and statues in modern architectural style is exclusive stuff in museum.

Attaining to New York City:
By Air: the big international airport of New York City allows travelers to reach this world tourist place throughout the world. 3 big international airports of the City allow frequent flights from different parts of the world. Reaching NY City is very easy as the airports such as LGA (LaGuardia Airport), JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport), and EWR (Newark Liberty International Airport) are available with countless domestic and international flights coming from diverse parts of the country.

By Train: the big rail network of United States helps the travelers to reach any destination safely in less time. Trains to attain New York City are most efficient method and maximum people are attaining to this world tourist place through trains. From different parts of the USA and Canada travelers can get the train for NY City.

By Road: road is also the best way to take pleasure of natural beauty during the journey to New York City. The available buses are affordable and best way to reach the City. Visitors from Washington, Philadelphia and Boston can easily get the buses. People can also hire the taxi or go by own vehicle to NY City, though parking of the city is expensive so taking own vehicle could be little classy.