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Wai - Holy Town of Maharashtra

Searching best target for our readers is becoming little tough job. There are countless websites and travel sources that are sharing the common places to the visitors. That’s the reason we always search for the destination that is unique and best for holidays. Our readers should enjoy and their holidays should be memorable. Just to follow that we have got one place known as WAI a small town of Maharashtra selected as favorite tourism place for this week.

Wai is not having much spots for you but it’s amazing and having some striking ghats where you can spend your time. Many people recognize the Wai as Satara because it’s a real small town. Famous for historical events and temples built during different ruling empires. Wai is the favorite destination for nature lovers as its scenic ambience beauty.  The best part of Wai is you can enjoy some stunning nearby places like Panchgani hill station and Mahabaleshwar.

There are more than 100 ancient temples in Wai and because of that this place is also known as Dakshin Kashi (Kashi of South India). Many Bollywood blockbusters movie shootings have been shot at Wai. To easy identification you can check the locations of movie R. Rajkumar of Sahid Kapoor. Many scenes from the movies such as Dabang, BolBachan and Bajirao Mastani are performed at Wai city.

Without wasting time we will discuss about the tourism spots of Wai:
  • Wai Caves: There are 9 Buddhist caves located at Lohare town just 7 km away of Wai. Inside the cave one Chaitya hall is there that contains stupa though it is not converted to a Lord Shiva temple.
  • Dholya Ganpati Mandir: This shrine was constructed in 18th century closer to the Krishna River. The first holy place of Wai where people can take bath in Krishna River and then can enter in the temple.

  • Paga Talim: A place where Afzal Khan the ruler kept horses. He gathered the valuable information related to nearby spots such as Mahabaleshwar and surroundings forest area.
  • Govardhan Sanstha: Next place is Goshala that is a research institute. Its nearly 110 years old and answerable of successful launch of pioneer model project. This project is generating electricity from cow dung.
  • Kashi Vishweshwar Temple: As there are countless temples, among all most ancient shrine is Kashi Vishweshwar temple. The idol of Nandi and Lord Shiva are made of same stone.
  • Dhom Balakwadi dam: A reservoir and Dhom Dam constructed on the Krishna River is next place to visit. However, the Kamandalu rivers also falls in Krishna at this place.

There are countless small and big spots in Wai where you can visit and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. Some of the key spots of Wai that you can still visit are Krishna Ghat (many movies shootings are performed at this ghat), Boat riding at Dhom Dam, Wakeshwar, Bhadreshwar, Sonjai, Menawali, Palpeshwar, Panchgani , Mahabaleshwar and many more places.

Wai is less crowded place and not much known to the world travelers. This means you will get a mental peace here so don’t wait more and get your tickets to Wai. In next session we will discuss about the ways to reach Wai.

How to reach Wai?
Wai is the best city of Maharashtra, though its not having own airport. Closest airport for Wai is Lohegaon Airport connected with almost every big city of country.

BY Flight: Lohegaon Airport connected to big cities but still regular flights are not available for Lohegaon. Airport is only 66 km away from Wai. Abroad travelers can get the flight for Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport located at Mumbai city, Maharashtra. This airport is 163 km away from Wai so reaching Mumbai is best option for the travelers coming from abroad or far distance.

BY Train: There is no railway station in Wai. You have to reach Wathar the nearest railway station located at 27 km distance. Satara railway station is another big train hub you can reach to attain Wai. Satara is properly connected to big cities and it is only 37 km far from Wai.

BY Bus: Maharashtra cities are properly connected to different parts of nation through road. Frequent buses are available for Wai from state as well as different cities of India.