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New Jersey

Tourism in USA is growing every year, though some spots are most demanding like New Jersey. This is the state of Middle Atlantic and North East districts of the USA. New Jersey is located on the border on New York region. This 4th smallest state of USA is most crowded and placed on 11th position for population. Experts call the state as most tightly occupied region of the USA. As per survey conducted in 2009–2010 New Jersey is the 3rd richest state of the USA.

This state is having lots of historical values as it was occupied by Native Americans for 2,800+ years. The industry revolution of New Jersey changed the life of the state. In 19th century loads of industries started so the state itself got growing in various sectors.

Some of the cities where the oldest factories of New Jersey are located are Paterson, Trenton, Newark and Elizabeth. Reaching this city allow the visitors to travel some more nearby locations as well. The beaches and many other attractions of New Jersey make it more special travel area. People can reach this world tourist place for honeymoon or different occasions.
Some of the known cities of New Jersey are Trenton, Atlantic City, Camden, Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark, New Brunswick, Paterson and Princeton.

Holiday spots of New Jersey:
Cream Ridge: This is the wine country of the USA popular for countless types of wines and hard drinks. Here visitors can enjoy numerous kinds of wines produced after lots of experiments.
DWGNRA (Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area): travelers love exciting games can reach to DWGNRA for hiking, camping and rafting events in Delaware River.
The Jersey Shore: spending time at attractive beaches and watching birds of different types could be different experience for the visitors. The lighthouse is also special spot to watch in Jersey Shore.
Lake Hopatcong: Experts call the Hopatcong as the biggest lake of New Jersey. Travelers can enjoy the swimming and boating with their families and friends. Option and spot for singles are also available at this lake place.
Mountain Creek: amusement park situated in Mountain Creek is another special spot for visitors. Here tourist can enjoy ski resort and Water Park. However, visitors have to travel 1 hour distance from New York City to reach this amazing spot.
Keansburg: this is another world tourist place having several amusement parks such as Boardwalk and Water Slide.
The Pine Barrens: nature lovers can reach to Pine Barrens which is the third biggest natural park of the state.

Raritan Bay shore: this is one more developed area of New Jersey having bigger land area then Delaware.

Six Flags Harbor: enjoying the safari, amusement and Water Park at Jackson Township could be different experience for the visitors.

Camden Waterfront: people love museum or historical places can reach Camden waterfront where they can visit the battleship, Children's Garden and Adventure Aquarium.

Some of the world-known national parks of New Jersey are ANST (Appalachian National Scenic Trail), DWGNRA (Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area), GNRA (Gateway National Recreation Area), NJPNR (New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve), GSNWR (Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge) and MNHP (Morristown National Historical Park).

There are many other spots of New Jersey where people can enjoy. Some known spots are Delaware River Tubing (located at Bray Highway, Frenchtown), Ben educe Vineyards (situated at Jeremiah lane, Pittstown), Liberty Science Center (positioned at Phillip Street, Jersey City), Sterling Hill Mining Museum (located at Plant Street, Ogdensburg), Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and Jenkinson’s Aquarium (situated at Ocean Ave), Casino Pier beach Water Park (located at Ocean Terrace Seaside, New Jersey), Horse Sleigh Farm (situated at Washington), Rebounderz of Edison (Carter Drive, Edison), and Newark Museum (situated at Central NJ).

Discussing about most romantic spots of New Jersey people can visit to Burlington, Trenton, and Egg Harbor. Here people can enjoy spa, balloon rides, horse drawn carriage, day tubing at Delaware, Canoe on Delaware, night horse riding and many more.

Highlands in New Jersey allow visitors to enjoy cruise journey. Central Ave is one more romantic spot allow tourist to get some amazingly designed jewelry. Eating delicious food at New Jersey Terraces Restaurant could be best experience especially for romantic people. This restaurant is located at Meadowlands Racetrack, New Jersey. Perth Amboy is the place where tourist can enjoy dinner at some demanding restaurant. People love to ski high can try with KD helicopters at Blairstown, New Jersey.
The list of tourist places in New Jersey is higher so discussing each place is not easy. There are more than 50 favorite destinations of NJ where tourist can spend their holidays. However, each spot is having dissimilar features so tourist must plan their trip before reaching to any particular spot.

Attaining to New Jersey:
By Air: to reach NJ the biggest airport that tourist can use is NLIA (Newark Liberty International Airport). It provides the suitable international flights from various parts of the world. However, reaching Philadelphia airport is also the option for visitors. The other closest air heads for domestic flights is ACA (Atlantic City Airport). The one more big airport that tourist can use is JFKIA (John F. Kennedy International Airport) connected through international flights throughout the world. JFKIA is the busiest global airport to enter the USA. People reaching to North America are using this airport for maximum times. This airport is placed on 12th position of busiest air networks in the world. Next airport that people can use is LaGuardia Airport available with limited commercial flights from limited nations.  

Few more airports are PIA (Philadelphia International Airport), ACIA (Atlantic City International Airport),    OBA (Old Bridge Airport), and Newark Airport.

By Rail: closest railway head to reach NJ is Amtrak having a direct line to NJ. The train reaches to New Jersey from Philadelphia to NY Penn Station. Travelers can use SEPTA service to reach Trenton through Philadelphia. Rail service of New Jersey Transit from New York is another option for travelers. PATH train through NYC to NJ is available. Tourist can also use the PATCO through Philadelphia to reach New Jersey.

By Road: New Jersey Turnpike runs the taxies, cars and hired buses throughout the state.