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Colombo - Sri Lankan City

Colombo is one of the biggest cities of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is well-known country having beautiful tourist spots. Colombo city is situated towards the west coast of capital Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte. Colombo is also referred as the capital city of Sri Lanka, though Sri Jayewardenepura is the satellite metropolitan of Sri Lanka. Colombo is the busiest city of the nation having vibrant life.  The colonial buildings at the Colombo are special things to watch. The average population of Colombo is around 752,993. Earlier this city was also known as the political capital of country.

This largest harbor city of Sri Lanka is having East-West sea sides known for different commerce trading’s managed from more than 2,000 years. The country was ceded to British Government and Colombo was declared as capital during such period, though the nation became independent in 1948.

The countless tourism spots of Colombo allow people to make their holidays memorable. People are reaching to this world tourist place throughout the year from different corners of the world. However, few big tourism destinations are described in this small note.
Tourist Spots at Colombo
The Colombo Fort: this fort is popular in Colombo originally made during the Dutch and Portuguese period. Today it is almost converted commercial center where many major offices are opened. Tourist can enjoy several tourist spots inside the fort area like big hotels, shops, banks, airline offices, post office, travel agents, immigration office and cafes.

Pettah: the next tourist spot is Pettah which is just neighboring to Fort. The slight paved avenues covered with street stalls and shops offers most bizarre bargains with unbelievable series of items. The clothes with bright print could be best shopping at this place. Colombo is famous for various clothes varieties such as children wear, warm clothes and many more. Shopping at this place could be dissimilar experience for the visitors. Any kind of special item purchase is possible at Pettah and tourist can buy items to gift friends or relatives by getting amazing items at very affordable prices because huge bargain is allowed in this market.

Galle Face Green: this is the sea site having amazing view of big waves. This path towards the sea is approximately one km long. Galle face green spot is popular since British era. However, the spot was used as horse racing track till 1859 by British government. Nowadays this spot is turned as favorite tourist destination for local and outsiders.

Slave Island: the island named as slaves is famous for night quarters parties and events. Currently the spot is enclosed by the remnants of the past Beira Pond. Here tourist can visit the office buildings, stores and hotels.

Mount Lavinia: the well-known beach of Colombo is Mount Lavinia which is only 12 kms distance from the city. This well-known beach is serving Governor's House constructed in 1805.

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara: devotes of Buddhist must visit Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara where they can take blessings of Buddha at Buddhist temple. Experts believe Buddha teach the lessons of peace to public near around 2000 ages ago. The brilliant statuette of a resting Buddha is special must visit spot of Colombo. Here travelers can enjoy yearly religious parade conducted in every January.

Dehiwala Zoo: the good 11 acres place with variety of animals is another tourist spot for visitors in Colombo. The best wildlife collection of the world makes is special destination for visitors. The best elephant show is must view thing at this zoo which is not common and not conducted anywhere else in the world.

National Museum: the grand royal building includes the National Museum of Colombo. Travelers will learn about the culture of Sri Lanka by visiting this spot.  The palm leaf, rock monuments, collection of books, bronze brassware and weapons collection is most demanding things of this tourist destination.

The Viharamahadevi Park: next tourist spot added to Colombo list is Viharamahadevi Park situated nearby the National Museum. Viharamahadevi is the biggest national park of Colombo. Here, the famous flowering trees, fountains and water channels are special things to watch.

Wolvendaal Church: the oldest church of Colombo is Wolvendaal. The tiles of floor are made of tombstones brought from the Dutch. The church was constructed in 1813 when the special tiles brought to Colombo from Dutch.

Hindu Temples: the best part of Colombo is Hindu temples known as Kovils. The temples of the Hindu Lord Ganesh, Old Kathiresan and New Kathiresan in Colombo are some more religious spots of the city. Tourist can visit these temples to take blessings for their bright future. Some more shrines in Colombo are the Sri Muthumariamman temple and Shiva Subramanian Swami located on Slave Island.

Attaining to Colombo:
By Air: the airport of Colombo allows visitors to reach easily. Domestic flights of Sri Lankan airlines permit the tourist to attain the city easily. The big international airport of Sri Lanka is situated at Katunayake city located near to Negombo. Flights from various parts of the world are reaching this airport. Tourist from Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, Australia, Japan, China, Middle East, Pakistan and India are available in large amount to reach the beautiful island country. Some big airlines having flights to Sri Lanka are Etihad, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates.

By Train: direct trains from BIA (Bandaranaike International Airport) to Colombo are available, though the ticket of single side could be around Rupees 500 (Indian Currency) each person. The important notice for tourist is the train runs one time a day so tourist must book the seat in advance as well as reach the station on time.

By Bus: The SLTB (Sri Lanka Transport Board) is the state-owned bus service. The buses to reach Colombo require some investigation. The maximum people are using bus transport to attain various parts of the country. Tourist must take the dictionary of Sinhalese to English if they don’t want any difficulty to understand the local language of Sri Lanka.

By Boat: Passenger ship from India is also the best to reach Sri Lanka. Comparing the nation with other big countries it is smaller in area and having limited sources to reach diverse places. The ferry from Tuticorin is most demanding and best sailing way to enter the country.