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Lima - Peru

Holiday vacation becomes special if the destination is amazing. There are countless world tourist places where visitors can visit and make their vacations special. Lima is one of them known as the largest city and capital of Peru. Lima is positioned in the huge valleys of Rimac, Chillon and Lurin rivers. With two sharing seaport of Callao this city is forming the adjacent developed city recognized as LMA (Lima Metropolitan Area). Average population of Lima is 9 million plus and it is the biggest popular area of Peru. Lima is listed on fourth position in the list of largest cities of the America. The top three cities are Sao Paulo then Mexico City and then NY (New York) City. GaWC international ranking has defined the Lima City as best and biggest beta world.

The city was founded by the famous Spanish fighter Francisco Pizarro. Lima is 477+ years old founded on 18th January, 1535. Spanish rulers gave the importance to city and developed it as capital of Peru.

The NUSM (National University of San Marcos) is the oldest learning center of the new World located in Lima. NUSM was established on 12th May, 1551 particularly at the period of Spanish colonial government.

Weather: the climate of Lima city is mild, though city is positioned close to desert area. The chill waves of the Ocean Pacific controls the temperature of the city and makes it cooler comparing to other cities of Peru. Experts call this city as cool desert climate city. However, summer is not much hot so visitors can attain to city anytime. Average temperature of Lima is around 12°C in winter and 29°C in summer which means tourist can attain to Lima throughout the year.

Attraction in Lima:

Plaza de Armas: the central part of city with historic values is available for visitors. Plaza de Armas is the first choice for visitors of Lima. Some other stunning architectural structures that tourist can visit in this place are Palacio Nacional, Cathedral, Archibishop palace, and the Palacio de Gobierno. Culinary venture in the diverse types of restaurant are best things in Lima. The big roads surrounding this place are Jiron Junin, Jiron Huallaga, Jiron de la Union and Jiron Carabaja.

Catedral Basilica of Lima: next tourist place in Lima is Roman Catholic Church known as Basilica of Lima. The construction of this church was started in 1535, though before completing it was renovated for several times. The large three doors in the entrance are built of high quality material. Around 14 side doors are accessible in the cathedral.

Miraflores: Another spot of Lima is Miraflores spread in 9.62 square km location. The big restaurant, hotel and nightclub are accessible at Miraflores to take pleasure of nightlife of beautiful Lima. The popular seashore of Lima is Costa Verde known as best tourist location particularly for local people.

Museo de San Francisco: the populace Museum located at San Francisco is another spot for tourist. The underground construction of buildings and libraries are first choice for travelers. The thousands of very old documents stores with proper management is best thing. Only two blocks away from the Plaza de Armas is most demanding tourist place of Lima. Human skull in the basement expresses the historic living of Lima. Timing for museum is between 9:00 am to 18:00 pm with fee of $ US1.65.

Cerro Azul: the list of tourist places in Lima is longer, though special spot like Cerro Azul is must visit destination of the city. The spot is also recognized as blue hill station popular as fishing village in earlier period. Presently Cerro Azul is the commercial location of Canete. Distance between city center and Cerro Azul is only 131 kms. Tourists throughout the world are reaching here particularly in summer season. This beach resort is perfect for activities like surfing.

Chorrillos: the known region of Lima is Chorrillos popular for La Herradura restaurant a beach resort. The special spicy food such as Picanterias is famous in this restaurant. The stunning and striking scenery in Chorrillos is must visit place.

Palacio de Torre Tagle: Lima is having historical value so the palace situated close to Plaza de Armas is special destination for travelers. It was constructed in starting period of 18th century done by Brachio and Don Jose Tagle. Its Sevillian baroque technique of construction of building is different comparing to other stunning structured buildings. The stuffs used for constructing the structure were brought from Panama, Spain and Mid America.

Parque de Las Leyendas: Next spot is zoo known as Parque de las Leyendas built between the shells of city pre-Incan. Around 2100 animals are available in Parque de Las zoo. 87 animals are mammals, 103 are birds, 32 are reptiles, 42 are fish, and 4 are amphibians. It is situated at Avenida Las and timings are between 9:00 -17:00 pm.

Attaining to Lima:
By Air: JCI (Jorge Chavez International) airport is positioned in Callao City. This biggest airport is connected through lots of domestic and international airlines. JCI is the major hub for Latin Americans. In South America this airport is listed as 4th largest airport. The other major 5 airports of Lima are LPAFB (Las Palmas Air Force Base), CA (Collique Airport), and airport of Santa Maria del Mar.

By Road: The beautiful highway with proper management allows travelers to cross the city with no difficulties. Pan-American freeway is easy source to reach Lima in lesser time as the roads are perfectly managed by administration. Other three highways available are NPH (Northern Pan-American Highway), Carretera Central and Southern Pan-American Highway. The big roadway station situated close to Plaza mall is easy source for visitors.

By Sea: Lima port of Callao is linked through various sea ports of world. All major sea ports are connected with some metropolitan areas of Peru.


Ottawa is the 4th biggest city serving as capital of Canada from years and years. This city of Ontario is popular tourist destination in the world. Tourist are attaining to Ottawa frequently to make their holiday moments special. Ottawa is situated close to Ottawa River with countless tourist attraction.

The city was originated in 1826 and named as Bytown, though it was renamed in 1855 as Ottawa. This city is having big political historical values in Canada. Experts also call the Ottawa city as technological head of the Canada.

√Čtienne Brule was the first person from European country who travel through Ottawa River and crossed the city in 1610. He was impressed by the beautiful and astonishing view of lakes. Different people reached this city at various intervals and named with different identifications. Some called the river as Kichi Sibi, some identified as Kichissippi which means amazing river.

Few amazing world tourist places of Ottawa are mentioned under:
Parliament Hill: this is the most stunning holiday destination of Ottawa placed on first position. The structure of Parliament of Canada, Ottawa are best neo-Gothic tourist can visit. The structure of building is sit intensely over the river Ottawa.

Byward Market: this market is identified as oldest public place of Canada. In ancient time the market was started as farmer's spot, though the city developed and market gets more advanced. Tourist will find every product of their choice in this market.

Parliament Hill - Changing of the Guard: visitors to Ottawa must not miss the ceremony conducted in late June till late August. This ceremony is led on Parliament Hill, even in bad weather conditions. To book the seat tourist should reach the spot early as they can.

Ottawa and area Museums: the next tourist destination of Ottawa is museums. The dedicated gallery to Canada’s military past allows visitors to learn about the heroes of the great country. The great war of 1880 is mentioned in this museum with structural and weapons collection.

Rideau Canal: this canal is discovered as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The finest part of canal is it starts or ends at River Ottawa. The canal is among the Parliament buildings east block to hotel Chateau Laurier.

National Art Gallery: spending time at the National Gallery could be another best thing in Ottawa. This best art gallery is the important destination of North America.

Views of Ottawa: the spot from where tourist can watch the complete city is Nepean point. The fantastic vision of Ottawa and the river is possible from this point. The vision of Parliament hill is also amazing from Nepean point.

Rideau Canal - Skating in winter: tourist reaching to Ottawa in should reach Rideau Canal as there are countless fun spots for visitors.

Ottawa and area Parks: nature lovers can attain to Major's Hill Park of Ottawa. Many professional people have given the compliment about this park.

Ottawa Locks: this best holiday spot of Ottawa is favorite destination for local people. Here tourist will get the experience of watching the shrieking water by standing oldest rocks of Canada.

Inside the Parliament Buildings: people enjoy reading should attain to library situated at Parliament. Here the tourist will get view of strong British effects. The outstanding interior of library makes it more special destination and must visit location of Ottawa.

General city Information Center: confused people can contact to TIC (Tourist Information center) for the city related information. This could be great help for new visitors of the city as they will attain the tourist spots information as well as importance of location. Travelers have to reach to Wellington Street to get general city info.

Few other known and best tourist spots of Ottawa are Sparks Street, Notre Dame Cathedral Churches, Rideau River, Canadian Tulip Festival, Winterlude, Hotel Chateau Laurier, Rideau Hall, Haunted Walks, National War Memorial, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Supreme Court of Canada, and National Arts Centre.