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Kathmandu - Impressive City of Nepal

I always dream for world tour, though selecting the best places to visit confuses me. After long research I decided to visit one of the most demanding and favorite tourist location Kathmandu. This capital city of Nepal country, Asia is turned as big attraction for abroad visitors. Yes! The visitor strength is increasing year per year in Kathmandu. In general, there are many tourism spots in the city like Lalitpur, Madhyapur Thimi, Kirtipur, Bhaktapur and many other small valley communities. The other formal names of Kathmandu are KTM and Tri-city. 

Now the key point for me to visit Kathmandu is, it is the most beautiful and peak station of Nepal. The altitude of Kathmandu is 1,400 meters from the sea level shaped in bowl design. City is bordered by four major mountains such as Nagarjun, Chandragiri, Shivapuri and Phulchoki. I know you will lose interest if I discuss more about the history or importance of the city. So no more wasting time of my readers I am going to discuss about the valuable attraction points of Kathmandu. 

Now the big surprise for my readers is there are nearly 448 tourist attractions in Kathmandu city and I am afraid that I will not be able to describe each place in this short note. However, I will present the major spots of Kathmandu so that you will not miss the valuable locations of the city.

Attraction of Kathmandu:
Boudhanath Stupa: People from Nepal are devotees to Gautam Budha and you will find the big stupa and temples of Buddha in whole Nepal. However, the impressive and most beautiful stupa per my visit is Boudhanath placed on top position by many travel experts. This imposing spot is believed as house of great sages. People also believe that last time of Gautam Buddha was spent in Kathmandu and his bones are placed in the city as well.  The believers list is longer of Buddhism in the country and visitors have to walk in the clockwise direction of stupa as a prayer part. 

Swayambhunath Temple: 2nd spot as traveler’s choice of Nepal is Swayambhunath temple. This holy spot is beautiful and surrounding is amazing as well. Mental peace and mantra sound is help the person to relax the mind. Here you will feel fresh and light mental status after few hours only. I mean if you have any mental stress or you are not comfortable with your present situation this temple place is best for you. Surrounding area is covered with valleys and greenery and that gives amazing feeling to the visitors. 

Kopan Monastery: 3rd location as per results is a monastery again a holy place famous for structural design, peace and sceneries. Kopan is listed as one of the big monasteries in the world and more than 100’s of monks and nuns are accommodated at this monastery. It is the best place for meditation and even people come to this place for stress relief and meditation courses. 

Garden of Dreams: In my opinion this is the heaven on earth, though a little crowded but best place to visit. It is the historical garden of Nepal at the middle part of the city. Because of its beauty it is named as Garden of Dreams so you can justify the importance of this place. 

Pashupatinath Temple: Nepal is counted as pure Hindu nation so you will find countless holy places in the country. One of the holy temples of Kathmandu is Pashupatinath the temple of Lord Shiva. Festivals are special time to visit this area as people celebrate the Shiva Ratri with full of excitement at this temple. 

Hanuman Dhoka Square: Next available spot is a world heritage site of Nepal known as Hanuman Dhoka Square. Large amount of monkeys are living here and temple of Lord Hanuman is special at this place. 

Welcome to My Yard: The place famous for temples, forts, ceremonies and cultural events is next spot to visit. You will find bustling lanes with some real magic at WMY. If you love shopping then WMY is top location for you in Nepal.

Basantapur Tower: A historical place famous for wonderful antiquities. The landmarks and lookouts closer to this tower are amazing. About the construction part it was built by Ruler Prithvi Narayan Shah and to reach the tower you have to attain to Kathmandu Valley.

Jaganath Temple: Lord Krishna temple is another spot for voyagers in Kathmandu also known as Jaganath shrine. This temple place is listed on 5th position by many holy travel portals as best spots of tourism in Kathmandu. The structure is old but still active and impressive site to visit. Cultural events are conducted at several intervals at Jaganath temple. Here the 17th century shrine is main to visit, over all a great site to visit. 

White Monastery: A must see spot of Kathmandu turned as best destination for the visitors. This beautiful place is offered by many travel agencies as well. White monastery is added as prime tourist destination of Kathmandu in packages of travel companies. 

Durbar Square: Here you will be able to visit monuments, shrines and animals dot. The spot is important as all Nepal Kings are crowned at this square at different intervals. 

There are countless other places to visit in Kathmandu like Pullahari Monastery, Basantapur, Budhanilkantha, The Crematoria, Thamel, Dakshinkali Temple, Kaiser Library, Kashthamandap, Buddha Nilkantha Temple, Kumari Chowk, Nagarjun Forest Reserve, Vajrayogini Temple, Babar Mahal Revisted, Bhimsen Tower, National Botanical Gardens, Sankhu Village, National Museum, Maru Ganesh Shrine, Degu Taleju Temple and many more. The list is longer and not possible to describe each place here. That will bore our readers so I have mentioned the important spots of Kathmandu in this short note. 

Climate Conditions:
Average temperature of city is from 20 - 28 degree Celsius throughout the year, though night becomes chill due to surroundings. Temperature in night is recorded as 2 degree the lowest in Kathmandu. If we go through records and information from the experts Kathmandu is the warm zone of Nepal.

How to reach Kathmandu?
By Air: Kathmandu International Airport is properly connected to many big nations because people reach this wonder place regularly specially for honeymoon. It is the only international air hub in Nepal positioned at 5.5 km distance from the city. Flights from Delhi, Qatar, Bangladesh, UAE and Bangkok are available in good quantity. Other abroad cities that are connecting Kathmandu through air are Sharjah, Chengdu, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, Paro, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Kolkata, Seoul, Karachi and many more.

Domestic Flights: internal flights are available throughout the Nepal so if you are in the country then also you are getting chance to visit Kathmandu faster by getting the domestic air flights. You can even plan to other cities from Kathmandu if you have enough holidays. Commercial flights are accessible from/to Bhadrapur, Bharatpur, Bhairawa, Biratnagar, Janakpur, Dhangarhi, Nepalganj, Simara, Pokhara, and Tumling Tar. 

You will be surprised to know that there is no railway station in Kathmandu. However, you will get the private taxi and buses as transport mode in Kathmandu. 

By Bus: Nepal state transport is providing buses for travelers and that is the cheapest mode as well, but local people travel in buses so you might face the difficulty and full rush in the bus while traveling. Its better to hire the private prepaid taxi instead of state buses. Road conditions of Nepal are not perfect so taxi is again best option to travel in Nepal. Indian cities are having direct buses for Nepal so if you are reaching India then get to Patna, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Kolkata or Lucknow to get direct bus for Kathmandu.

Important facts about Kathmandu:
City is cute and best to reach but you need to be careful when you are walking in the street. Nepal is not a developed nation and localities are having less income sources. If the taxi people asks for more tip or extra rent then don’t pay him as there is no tipping culture in Nepal. Water is a concern that need to be taken care and you should boil or either use the branded drinking water canes. Water infection is common in the city so be careful and use the boil or filter water only. Carry the map with you of Kathmandu when you are going for sightseeing so that you will be getting complete idea about the particular place.