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Wai - Holy Town of Maharashtra

Searching best target for our readers is becoming little tough job. There are countless websites and travel sources that are sharing the common places to the visitors. That’s the reason we always search for the destination that is unique and best for holidays. Our readers should enjoy and their holidays should be memorable. Just to follow that we have got one place known as WAI a small town of Maharashtra selected as favorite tourism place for this week.

Wai is not having much spots for you but it’s amazing and having some striking ghats where you can spend your time. Many people recognize the Wai as Satara because it’s a real small town. Famous for historical events and temples built during different ruling empires. Wai is the favorite destination for nature lovers as its scenic ambience beauty.  The best part of Wai is you can enjoy some stunning nearby places like Panchgani hill station and Mahabaleshwar.

There are more than 100 ancient temples in Wai and because of that this place is also known as Dakshin Kashi (Kashi of South India). Many Bollywood blockbusters movie shootings have been shot at Wai. To easy identification you can check the locations of movie R. Rajkumar of Sahid Kapoor. Many scenes from the movies such as Dabang, BolBachan and Bajirao Mastani are performed at Wai city.

Without wasting time we will discuss about the tourism spots of Wai:
  • Wai Caves: There are 9 Buddhist caves located at Lohare town just 7 km away of Wai. Inside the cave one Chaitya hall is there that contains stupa though it is not converted to a Lord Shiva temple.
  • Dholya Ganpati Mandir: This shrine was constructed in 18th century closer to the Krishna River. The first holy place of Wai where people can take bath in Krishna River and then can enter in the temple.

  • Paga Talim: A place where Afzal Khan the ruler kept horses. He gathered the valuable information related to nearby spots such as Mahabaleshwar and surroundings forest area.
  • Govardhan Sanstha: Next place is Goshala that is a research institute. Its nearly 110 years old and answerable of successful launch of pioneer model project. This project is generating electricity from cow dung.
  • Kashi Vishweshwar Temple: As there are countless temples, among all most ancient shrine is Kashi Vishweshwar temple. The idol of Nandi and Lord Shiva are made of same stone.
  • Dhom Balakwadi dam: A reservoir and Dhom Dam constructed on the Krishna River is next place to visit. However, the Kamandalu rivers also falls in Krishna at this place.

There are countless small and big spots in Wai where you can visit and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. Some of the key spots of Wai that you can still visit are Krishna Ghat (many movies shootings are performed at this ghat), Boat riding at Dhom Dam, Wakeshwar, Bhadreshwar, Sonjai, Menawali, Palpeshwar, Panchgani , Mahabaleshwar and many more places.

Wai is less crowded place and not much known to the world travelers. This means you will get a mental peace here so don’t wait more and get your tickets to Wai. In next session we will discuss about the ways to reach Wai.

How to reach Wai?
Wai is the best city of Maharashtra, though its not having own airport. Closest airport for Wai is Lohegaon Airport connected with almost every big city of country.

BY Flight: Lohegaon Airport connected to big cities but still regular flights are not available for Lohegaon. Airport is only 66 km away from Wai. Abroad travelers can get the flight for Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport located at Mumbai city, Maharashtra. This airport is 163 km away from Wai so reaching Mumbai is best option for the travelers coming from abroad or far distance.

BY Train: There is no railway station in Wai. You have to reach Wathar the nearest railway station located at 27 km distance. Satara railway station is another big train hub you can reach to attain Wai. Satara is properly connected to big cities and it is only 37 km far from Wai.

BY Bus: Maharashtra cities are properly connected to different parts of nation through road. Frequent buses are available for Wai from state as well as different cities of India.

Istanbul - Historical City of Turkey

A place listed on the 2nd spot for world tourism. This article is about the city of Turkey known as Istanbul famous for historically and Byzantium. However, Istanbul is the city having highest population of Turkey. It is also the economic, historic and cultural center of country. It separates the two big continents Europe and Asia through the Marmara and Black Sea. Its rich historical culture is enough to attract visitors. Many Hollywood and Bollywood movie shootings are performed at various parts of Istanbul.  This wonder city is having number of places to visit and it’s hard to cover all places in this short note, though we tried to cover maximum spots of city for you.

If we go through the history of this city we will find it was renamed many times by different rulers of various dynasties. In the last city was named as Istanbul during the ruling period of Ottomans. Without waiting time we will discuss the spots for you. We don’t want you to be bored with your long debate about the city.

So here comes the list of places you can enjoy in the wonder land Istanbul:
City is having many places for travelers and to make things easy we have divided the spots in 4 categories such as Museums, Fun Eats, Experience and Sightseeing.

·         Museums
Hagia Sophia Museum: The most beautiful and spot of Istanbul educating people about the history of city. Entry is paid and you will be charged €12, though if you have tourist pass of Istanbul, then entry is free. Hagia is 1500 years old and it was served as imperial mosque ages before. Large number of people regularly visits Hagia and if you have tourist pass it will be easy for you to enter. However, if you buy the ticket at Museum, then it will take hours for you to enter this beautiful museum. Remember you cannot transfer your ticket to others and you will not be able to enter with your private guide in the museum.
o   Timings for museum are different in winter and summer. From 1st October to April 15th is considered as winter season in Istanbul. The timing of this museum during such period is 9 am to 5 pm.
o   Summer period starts from 15th April to 1st October and timing to enter museum is between 9 am to 7 pm. In both seasons last admission is 1 hour before the closing time. Museum remains closed for half day on early days of Ramadan and Sacrifice festival.

How to reach Hagia?
Hagia is located in Sultanahmet Square of city. You can avail T1 Tram Line to reach Sultanahmet. If you are staying in hotel at old-town area, then you can get the tram to Sultanahmet easily. Public transport is available in city for Hagia so no matter if you miss or not able to get Tram you can use other public transportation to reach Hagai.

Topkapi Palace Museum: The most secreted place in history because it was the primary residence of Ottoman rulers for not less than 600 years. Visit the museum and learn the royal life Ottoman rulers used to live. It is the most visited museum of Turkey. Yes! That’s fact and people who reach Turkey never miss to attain Topkapi. You can enjoy the exhibitions and several events regularly conducted at this museum. In 1924 this palace was converted to Museum, but some portion of museum is still covered and visitors are not allowed to enter. Entry to museum is paid and you will be charged €12, though condition is same for this museum as well like Hagia. If you buy tourist pass of Istanbul through authorized dealer, then your entry will be free.

o   Timing during summer is from 9 am to 6:45 pm.
o   Timing during winter season is from 9 am to 4:45 pm.

How to reach Topkapi?
Museum is closed on Tuesday every week so plan you trip accordingly. It is also closed on religious festivals so get the details of museum before planning to visit. To reach Topkapi museum follow the same route of Hagia as this museum is also located closer to Sultanahmet Square.

·         Fun Eats
Bosphorus Dinner Cruise: Do you love to spend time at Cruise, then get the tickets of Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. You can get the free admission, meals and show passes if you buy Istanbul tourist pass or else you have to pay €60. It could be a unique cruise experience for you because lots of events are conducted in Bosphorus Dinner cruise. Turkish musical performance such Katibim is best example of that. You can also enjoy some mythological play like Aşuk Maşuk, Tambourine Dance, ceremony of Henna, folk performance by Turna team and some other shows. Belly dance performed by expert is also a part of this trip. As it is the dinner cruise you are getting a chance to enjoy the delicious Turkeys food.

o   Cruise will depart at 8:30 pm and will return at 12 am isn’t that amazing? Now reaching the cruise is easy like you can register for pick-up from your hotel to curise, but you have to reserve your seat 1 day before the visit.

Hard Rock Cafe: Dhamal or full entertainment is possible at Hard Rock Cage of Istanbul. You have to pay €14 if you are not having the tourist pass of the city. If you have the pass, then you will get free admission and Bosphorus Burger along with Fries and Milkshake. Traditional taste of food at this café is major attraction for visitors. The café is located at famous Istanbul Avenue Vibe. Experts suggest this café as most fun loving and vibrant café of Istanbul.

o   Timing for Café is different on Sunday through Thursday and Friday to Saturday. From Sunday to Thursday it opens at 12 pm and closed at 12 am.
o   On Friday to Saturday café will open at 12 pm and close at 1 am.

How to reach Hard Rock Café?
Located at front of Galatasaray School next to Taksim square. M2 metro line is easily available for Galatasaray School so no worries to reach the best café.

·         Experiences in Istanbul:
Bath experience at Turkish: relax yourself with different style of Turkish bath, though gate pass will cost you €26. If you buy the tourist pass the entry will be free like other parts of Istanbul.

Show of Whirling Dervishes: Next experience that you can take in city is Dervishes show that will cost you €22 to enter. However, if you buy pass the entry will be cashless to Whirling Dervishes show.

SEA Life Aquarium of Istanbul: Next spot to experience in Istanbul is Sea Life aquarium and you have to pay €15 to enter the spot. Again if you buy the tourism pass you will get free entry to aquarium as well.

·         Top Sightseeing Acts in Istanbul:
Whichever place you plan for holidays the first thing comes into mind is the sightseeing areas because every place is unique and having different features such as climate conditions, food, hospitality, beauty of city and many more. Istanbul is serving their visitors with top sightseeing activities in the city.

Hop-on Hop-off Boat Tour: Take the pleasure of boat tour at Bosphorus at very nominal price. You just have to pay €8 as entry fee, though it’s free with tourism package. Sailing in amazing boat at Istanbul city is going to be best experience of your life. This tour is not only about the beauty of Bosphorus it is also a travel to best National Palaces with no traffic. The best feature of this boating is you can hop-off at your favorite stop, enjoy the stop and get the other boat for hop-back at same spot for next stop. It’s around two hour tour if you have not taken any hop-off.

o   Route of this boating starts from Kabataş Port. The next stop will be Besiktas, and you can enjoy Dolmabahçe Palace at this place. Some lovely parks are also available at stop such as Kucuksu Pavilion at Beylerbeyi Palace.

o   Timing for Boating:
Ø  Kabatas: Boat is available at every hour though duration is from 12:45 to 15:45.
Ø  Besiktas: Boat is available at every hour though duration is from 12:55 to 15:55
Ø  Emirgan: Boat is available at every hour though duration is from 13:35 to 16:35
Ø  Kucuksu: Boat is available at every hour though duration is from 13:50 to 16:50
Ø  Beylerbeyi: Boat is available at every hour though duration is from 14:10 to 17:10.

How to reach there?
You can get the T1 line to reach Kabatas station. Start walking towards sea-side and reach at Dentur Avrasya Port to avail your first boat.

Hop-Off Hop-On Tour on Bus: The same way like hop-off and hop-on of boating you can go for buses as well. If you will not buy the tourism pass, then you have to pay €33 to avail this offer. Magnificent view of city from the bus is best thing in Istanbul. This tour starts at Sultanahmet Square and finishes at same as well. This tour allows you to take pleasure of Istanbul’s top sights. Buses in such tour are open from the top so you are getting a complete enjoyment package. The two routes of this tour offer different vital landmarks of historical sites. First route is named as Red Route that is taking visitors to the Old City, Galata Bridge, Taksim Square and Bosphorus. Second route is known as Blue Route that is offering the visit of beautiful Golden Horn and the cultural journey of diverse civilizations in Istanbul. The package includes free Wi-Fi at bus so stays connected with your members through internet and share your bus experience immediately. Timings for this route are different according to seasons. You will get the list of timings from the tourism center or you can reach the bus office to attain such information.

How to reach Istanbul?
Flight is the easiest way to reach Istanbul. The biggest airport for Istanbul is Ataturk International.  Most of the visitors from different nations are reaching Ataturk Airport for Istanbul. The airbase is located at Yesilkoy that is on the European side of city. Airport is only 28 km away the central city. Next airport for Istanbul is Sabiha Gokcen Airport located at Kurtkoy. Food and drinks at both airports will be higher so before order please check the prices. Bus, taxi, tram and Metro or shuttle van are best mode of transport in city. Flights for Istanbul are available from Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria. You will get flights from Greece as well for Istanbul. Basically Middle East is properly connected to Istanbul from various parts.

Note: Get the local map from location stores in Istanbul. This will help you to locate the places easily and you will not get missed as well. 

Kathmandu - City of Nepal

I always dream for world tour, though selecting the best places to visit confuses me. After long research I decided to visit one of the most demanding and favorite tourist location Kathmandu. This capital city of Nepal country, Asia is turned as big attraction for abroad visitors. Yes! The visitor strength is increasing year per year in Kathmandu. In general, there are many tourism spots in the city like Lalitpur, Madhyapur Thimi, Kirtipur, Bhaktapur and many other small valley communities. The other formal names of Kathmandu are KTM and Tri-city. 

Now the key point for me to visit Kathmandu is, it is the most beautiful and peak station of Nepal. The altitude of Kathmandu is 1,400 meters from the sea level shaped in bowl design. City is bordered by four major mountains such as Nagarjun, Chandragiri, Shivapuri and Phulchoki. I know you will lose interest if I discuss more about the history or importance of the city. So no more wasting time of my readers I am going to discuss about the valuable attraction points of Kathmandu. 

Now the big surprise for my readers is there are nearly 448 tourist attractions in Kathmandu city and I am afraid that I will not be able to describe each place in this short note. However, I will present the major spots of Kathmandu so that you will not miss the valuable locations of the city.

Attraction of Kathmandu:
Boudhanath Stupa: People from Nepal are devotees to Gautam Budha and you will find the big stupa and temples of Buddha in whole Nepal. However, the impressive and most beautiful stupa per my visit is Boudhanath placed on top position by many travel experts. This imposing spot is believed as house of great sages. People also believe that last time of Gautam Buddha was spent in Kathmandu and his bones are placed in the city as well.  The believers list is longer of Buddhism in the country and visitors have to walk in the clockwise direction of stupa as a prayer part. 

Swayambhunath Temple: 2nd spot as traveler’s choice of Nepal is Swayambhunath temple. This holy spot is beautiful and surrounding is amazing as well. Mental peace and mantra sound is help the person to relax the mind. Here you will feel fresh and light mental status after few hours only. I mean if you have any mental stress or you are not comfortable with your present situation this temple place is best for you. Surrounding area is covered with valleys and greenery and that gives amazing feeling to the visitors. 

Kopan Monastery: 3rd location as per results is a monastery again a holy place famous for structural design, peace and sceneries. Kopan is listed as one of the big monasteries in the world and more than 100’s of monks and nuns are accommodated at this monastery. It is the best place for meditation and even people come to this place for stress relief and meditation courses. 

Garden of Dreams: In my opinion this is the heaven on earth, though a little crowded but best place to visit. It is the historical garden of Nepal at the middle part of the city. Because of its beauty it is named as Garden of Dreams so you can justify the importance of this place. 

Pashupatinath Temple: Nepal is counted as pure Hindu nation so you will find countless holy places in the country. One of the holy temples of Kathmandu is Pashupatinath the temple of Lord Shiva. Festivals are special time to visit this area as people celebrate the Shiva Ratri with full of excitement at this temple. 

Hanuman Dhoka Square: Next available spot is a world heritage site of Nepal known as Hanuman Dhoka Square. Large amount of monkeys are living here and temple of Lord Hanuman is special at this place. 

Welcome to My Yard: The place famous for temples, forts, ceremonies and cultural events is next spot to visit. You will find bustling lanes with some real magic at WMY. If you love shopping then WMY is top location for you in Nepal.

Basantapur Tower: A historical place famous for wonderful antiquities. The landmarks and lookouts closer to this tower are amazing. About the construction part it was built by Ruler Prithvi Narayan Shah and to reach the tower you have to attain to Kathmandu Valley.

Jaganath Temple: Lord Krishna temple is another spot for voyagers in Kathmandu also known as Jaganath shrine. This temple place is listed on 5th position by many holy travel portals as best spots of tourism in Kathmandu. The structure is old but still active and impressive site to visit. Cultural events are conducted at several intervals at Jaganath temple. Here the 17th century shrine is main to visit, over all a great site to visit. 

White Monastery: A must see spot of Kathmandu turned as best destination for the visitors. This beautiful place is offered by many travel agencies as well. White monastery is added as prime tourist destination of Kathmandu in packages of travel companies. 

Durbar Square: Here you will be able to visit monuments, shrines and animals dot. The spot is important as all Nepal Kings are crowned at this square at different intervals. 

There are countless other places to visit in Kathmandu like Pullahari Monastery, Basantapur, Budhanilkantha, The Crematoria, Thamel, Dakshinkali Temple, Kaiser Library, Kashthamandap, Buddha Nilkantha Temple, Kumari Chowk, Nagarjun Forest Reserve, Vajrayogini Temple, Babar Mahal Revisted, Bhimsen Tower, National Botanical Gardens, Sankhu Village, National Museum, Maru Ganesh Shrine, Degu Taleju Temple and many more. The list is longer and not possible to describe each place here. That will bore our readers so I have mentioned the important spots of Kathmandu in this short note. 

Climate Conditions:
Average temperature of city is from 20 - 28 degree Celsius throughout the year, though night becomes chill due to surroundings. Temperature in night is recorded as 2 degree the lowest in Kathmandu. If we go through records and information from the experts Kathmandu is the warm zone of Nepal.

How to reach Kathmandu?
By Air: Kathmandu International Airport is properly connected to many big nations because people reach this wonder place regularly specially for honeymoon. It is the only international air hub in Nepal positioned at 5.5 km distance from the city. Flights from Delhi, Qatar, Bangladesh, UAE and Bangkok are available in good quantity. Other abroad cities that are connecting Kathmandu through air are Sharjah, Chengdu, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, Paro, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Kolkata, Seoul, Karachi and many more.

Domestic Flights: internal flights are available throughout the Nepal so if you are in the country then also you are getting chance to visit Kathmandu faster by getting the domestic air flights. You can even plan to other cities from Kathmandu if you have enough holidays. Commercial flights are accessible from/to Bhadrapur, Bharatpur, Bhairawa, Biratnagar, Janakpur, Dhangarhi, Nepalganj, Simara, Pokhara, and Tumling Tar. 

You will be surprised to know that there is no railway station in Kathmandu. However, you will get the private taxi and buses as transport mode in Kathmandu. 

By Bus: Nepal state transport is providing buses for travelers and that is the cheapest mode as well, but local people travel in buses so you might face the difficulty and full rush in the bus while traveling. Its better to hire the private prepaid taxi instead of state buses. Road conditions of Nepal are not perfect so taxi is again best option to travel in Nepal. Indian cities are having direct buses for Nepal so if you are reaching India then get to Patna, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Kolkata or Lucknow to get direct bus for Kathmandu.

Important facts about Kathmandu:
City is cute and best to reach but you need to be careful when you are walking in the street. Nepal is not a developed nation and localities are having less income sources. If the taxi people asks for more tip or extra rent then don’t pay him as there is no tipping culture in Nepal. Water is a concern that need to be taken care and you should boil or either use the branded drinking water canes. Water infection is common in the city so be careful and use the boil or filter water only. Carry the map with you of Kathmandu when you are going for sightseeing so that you will be getting complete idea about the particular place.

Gulmarg - Indian Hill Station

“धरती पर कहीं स्वर्ग है तो वो कश्मीर है।“ This is the famous dialog that people say about Indian state Jammu and Kashmir. However, Kashmir’s maximum part is covered with high hills and snow. Our todays target for voyagers is Gulmarg that is one of the finest natural beauty spots of India. Gulmarg is the all-time favorite, though winter is chilled season and not easy for people to visit at such a period. It is the hill station popular for skiing event. If you have made your mind to reach this place, then you have to start your journey from Baramula (another hill station of Kashmir).

Gulmarg is located on LOC that separates the Pakistan from India. The view of Himalaya range is clear from this town. You must view the amazing pictures of this place before justifying that if the place is best to visit or not. The scenery, snow covered mounts, green valleys and twisted roads on hills are major attraction of this place.

Climate: the important factor that needs attention while planning for Gulmarg visit. If you want to enjoy the greenery and the rose valleys then you can visit the town from April to October. Snow fall and the snow-covered peaks are visible from November to February. Maximum temperature of Gulmarg is recorded around 33 degrees celsius, and average minimum temperature is -4 degree Celsius. You will be surprised the town got the lowest temperature of -38 degree few years back. It becomes really difficult for voyagers to stay in winter season.

If you go through historical evidence, the city is named after Goddess Parvati. Here the Gauri (Parvati) + Marg (Meadow) turns into Gulmarg. Literature meaning for this word is Meadow of Mata Parvati. Lord Shiva’s temple is located in the middle of Meadow. In an ancient period, Gulmarg was the prime location for Hindu rulers.

Gulmarg is absolutely reachable from Srinagar. If you are coming from abroad cities, then you can easily get the flights for Srinagar International Airport. Srinagar is the capital of Kashmir, and it is another tourist destination of India. The distance between Srinagar and Gulmarg is just 2 hours. Private taxi and buses are available from the outer area of Srinagar station. Tangmarg is the town comes between the journey of Srinagar and Gulmarg.

Nature lovers always look at the places that are full of beauty, scenery and stupendous valleys. Gulmarg is the Indian tourist place having amazing spots made by nature itself.

An attraction of Gulmarg:
Gondola: Initial place of Gulmarg is Gondola that is the breathtaking place famous for Cable Car and skiing event. Gondola is just 1 km away from city bus stand. Lift ride of Gondola separates it into two segments. One starts from Gulmarg to Kongdoor and other from Kongdoor to Apherwat. The average height of this lift is 2690 meters to 3090 meters.

Snow Events: If you are the sports lover and want to enjoy the skiing events, afterwards reach Gulmarg. This city is also having snowboarding events that make it special destination then other locations of India. In winter, the whole area gets covered with thick white sheet of snow. The natural slopes Gulmarg hills are perfect for skiing beginners. You can also enjoy the paragliding and some other sky events in this place as well.

Alpather Lake: Reach the next-best tourist place of Gulmarg established at the only gap of 13 km. It is the lake famous for serene and stunning view. Its shape is triangular placed perfectly with the picturesque surroundings of snowcapped peaks. The estates and gardens near the lake add charm to the beauty this place. Lake water gets a freeze in winter, though in summer you can enjoy watching floating ice pieces with flowing crystal-clear water.

Baba Reshi Temple: Constructed in 1480 dedicated to Muslim Saint Reshi Baba. Baba was the imperative person during the ruling period of Monarch Zain Ul Abidin. The structural design of the temple is similar to structure of Mughals and Persian architecture.

St Mary's Church: An important place of worship located in the shepherd's valley of Gulmarg. This church was constructed by the British East India Company around 150 years back.

Maharani Temple: Constructed in 1915 also known as Mohineshwar Shivalaya. The idol of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati is amazingly structured. Mohini Bai Sisodia was the constructor of this temple. It was built under the ruling of Maharaja Hari Singh of J&K.

Golf Club: Do you like to pay golf on high hills? Golf Club of Gulmarg was founded by British Government in 1911. The splendid green golf grounds are the best part to view in the club.

Travel options for Gulmarg:
By Air: Closest domestic and international airport for Gulmarg is Srinagar located at only 56 km distance. Flights for Srinagar are available from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and many other cities of India.

By Train: Jammu Tavi railway station is the big rail hub to reach Gulmarg. It is located at distance of 290 km from Gulmarg.

By Bus: Srinagar is the capital having beautiful roads with greenery. If you really want to enjoy the Gulmarg, then go by road. Direct buses are available for Gulmarg from Srinagar, Sonmarg and many nearest towns of Jammu and Kashmir.

Xian - City of China

To refresh self, I believe tour to best location is the finest method. Whole world is having top destinations to visit. Are you the same like me as I always visit diverse places of best cities? My blog is the example of my visits and experiments that I do by visiting places. This time I have not visited the location, but I have gathered details and feel proud to say that this place is wonderful and must-visit  destination.

My  favorite location is Xian City of north-west China. Xian is like living historical place throughout the world. This ancient city is the birthplace of Chinese's civilization located closer to River Basin. Xian has big reputation as tourism spot for global visitors. City is housing the 3,000 years-old  history of dynasties of China. Few best attractions of Xian are mentioned in this short note. Once you go through the details you can plan your trip of Xian.

Xian Attraction Spots:
Terra Cotta Warriors: Xian is having countless attractions, though the first place, you can visit is Terra Cotta warriors and horse's museum. This is the best archaeological mine of Qin that is built between 221 BC to 206 BC. You can see the 1477,000 clay soldiers, chariots, horses and weapons like a battle field. This field is designed according to Kin Qin Huang of China. It is basically a site park also known as Huang's Mausoleum Park built closer to a tomb of Qin.

Wall Watchtower: China and its tradition are always special. The place we are discussing is decorated with a channel and around City Wall garden. This largest military defensive wall is well maintained constructed in early period of Ming Dynasty somewhere around 1368 to 1644. However, the wall is renovated in last few years.

Wild Goose Pagoda: A place established in Qujiang area in south-east of Xian is our next target to visit. Wild Goose pagoda is located within the area of Da Ci’en Temple compound. This spot was constructed in 652 at the ruling period of Emperor Gaozong. Last Buddhist visited this place after India.

Inside City: There are few more impressive spots in order to visit inside the city. These places are Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Muslim Quarter, Great Mosque, Shaanxi History Museum, Botanical Garden, Forest of Stone Steles Museum, Daming Palace Site, Daxingshan Temple, Ancient Cultural Street of Shuyuanmen, Defu Lane, Guangren Lama Temple, Green Dragon Temple, Qujiang Pool Park, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi Song & Dance Theater, Tang Paradise, Xian Museum, Tang Dynasty Palace, Temple of the Eight Immortals, Cool Cave Site Park and Qujiang Ocean Park.

Bell Tower: A big landmark to reach Xian's tourist spots is Bell's tower famous for prosperous commercial street stretch,

Shaanxi History Museum: Learn history of the city by visiting Shaanxi museum positioned at the corner from the city.

West Side of Xian: Xian surrounding is full of tourist places. If you go in West, you will find Famen Temple, Scenic Area, Yangling Mausoleum of Han Dynasty, Qianling Mausoleum, Great Buddha Temple, Sanyuan City God Temple, Maoling Mausoleum, Taibai Mountain, Xianyang Museum, Tomb of Huo Qubing and Zhaoling Mausoleum.

Southern Side of Xian: South direction of Xian is having Chongyang Taoist Temple, Guanzhong Folk Art Museum, Cuihua Mountain, Heihe National Forest Park, Huxian Peasant Painting, Lou Guan Tai Forest Park, Qinling Zoological Park, Straw Hut Temple, South Wutai Mountain, Taiping National Forest Park, Western Zhou Chariot Burial Pit, Temple of Flourishing Teaching, Xiangji Temple, Zhongnan Mountains and Zhuque National Forest Park.

Northern Side of Xian: Hancheng Farmers' Caves, Sima Qian Temple, Confucius Temple and Dang Village.

Xian is the wonderful world tourist place having every possible reason to visit. I think it is a kind of place where we can learn about the tradition, the ancient empire and rituals of China if we visit the Xian.

How to reach Xian?

Xian is having local transportation for each tourist spot of city. The shuttle buses and taxis are available from outer of Xian Airport. Line 2 is having a direct train for Xian Railway Station from Airport. Many big cities are having flights for Xian such as Baoji City, Hanzhong, Weinan, Tongchuan, Lintong, Yanliang, Yan’an, Hancheing and many more. 

10 Wonder Hill Stations of India

India is the land of religion, hill station, beaches and many more attractions. When the talk is about India’s beauty, then there are unbelievable attractions that are worth watching.

Hey, I feel there are very few people who are not Nature Lovers. What is your opinion about this concept?

If you love nature and adventure. Then you must definitely make an effort to visit these 10 amusing places for at least once in your lifetime.

Let’s start our tour of the beautiful and non-familiar hill stations of India:

Kangojodi: This is a hill station that is located at only distance of 496 km from Delhi. There pine trees all around. There is greenery all around. Just imagine, you are there for a holiday with your dear ones. Away from stress and worries. You can sense freshness all around you. This is a place away from pollution and dust. The specialty of this place is:
  • A hub of scarce species.
  • Awesome water falls.
  • Nature’s charm like hills and valleys.
  • No road's only green paths.
  • An impeccable holiday spot.

Tirthan Valley of Kullu District: This is considered to be the amazing destination of the Himalayas. Here, you will not find many hotels, but there are cottages that will give you an adverse feeling. Imagine sitting in the surroundings of rivers, music and fire to prevent you from the rough climate. Here, the temperature is down the freezing point in the winter season that is from (October-January). If you love fishing, then this is a right place all fish hunters. Rafting is the water event that you can enjoy in Tirthan Valley. Overnight camping and river crossing are another two event that you can take pleasure of. Kullu is the nearest big station to reach Tirthan located at only distance of 50 km.

Churwadhar: One of the beautiful hill stations popular for a season visit is Churwadhar. April to October is the best period to reach Churwadhar. Another big hill station of India that is famous for world voyagers is Shimla that is just 90 km away from Churwadhar. Stay in this calm place and release all your mental pressure. The view of valleys and hills from the top is enough to make the moment memorable. Guest houses are available for accommodation. A Personal vehicle is a better option for visiting the valleys as there are countless natural beauty spots that you can miss if you go through local transport.

Tawang: Tawang is one of the top hill's stations turned as demanding destination located in Arunachal Pradesh State, India. The state is having many tourism places, but to protect them the local administration is not allowing voyagers to reach many towns. Tawang is one place that is famous because of several reasons. Experts suggest this place as hidden gem of India. A key attraction of Tawang:
  • Monastery of Tawang is the world famous. The structure of this monastery is more than 400 years old. It is listed as one of the biggest Buddhist centers around the world.
  • Splendid valley near the town: The lakes and valleys of Tawang are another reason that voyagers are attracting towards this place. We can say the town is not known to many people, and that’s why its beauty is still remained the same as it was in the ancient period.
  • Shonga-Tser Lake: Created by nature after a big earthquake is the next place to visit in Tawang.

Pelling: peaceful snow-covered peak of Gangtok region is enough to take your breath away. Pelling is North-East hill station having charming beauty. The tallest peak of India and 2nd highest peak of world “Kanchenjunga” is visible to Pelling mounts. Trekking is the finest event of the place, though you have to start from Yuksom to have a close view of Kanchenjunga views. The town is holding several best spots like Pemayangtse Monastery, Kaluk, Dubdi Monastery, Rock Garden, Khecheopalri lake, KNP, Singshore Bridge and some more. 

RoopKund Lake: One of the most exciting places of India is a skeleton pond also known as Roopkund Lake. It is the mysterious pond and reaching there is really difficult. This cool place is all times covered with snow, and that is the reason you can still watch the skeletons of people tried to reach there. The place is having religious values of Indians as they believe Lord Shiva lives here. According to sources, approximately 600 skeletons are present on the lake. The average temperature of this place is below 0 degrees so surviving at such a cool place is difficult. You will get difficulty to reach Roopkund Lake, though there are travel agencies and trekking, companies that are taking the voyagers to Roopkund. If you have been breathing problem, then its better not to go such a hill station. The route to the skeleton pond is tough and going to a group is preferred instead of alone visits.

Kausani: Uttarakhand state of India is full of the best hill stations. Our next destination is a town of Uttarakhand known as Kausani. This is a small hill town having limited attractions. The father of the nation Mr. Mahatma Gandhi named this place as Switzerland of India. Images express more than words so view the best pictures of Kausani to learn why this town is so special. Key spots of this wonder destination area:
  • Baijnath Temple: Shrine of Lord Shiva, located at 20 km distance from Kausani is one attraction point. From here you can enjoy 1 km straight trek towards Rudradhari (another hill station).
  • Gandhi Ashram (also known as Anashakti Ashram): Bapu spent his memorable time at Kausani and wrote, “Anashakti Yog” book. Ashram is located on the peak of Kausani hills.
  • Rudradhari Waterfall: This natural attraction is having some amazing caves as well. The place is having linked in mythological stories, so we can say Kausani is the religious town.
  • Lakshmi Ashram: Furthermore, known as Sarla Ashram founded by Catherine Hillman a disciple of Bapu Mahatma Gandhi.

Malana: A station of hills also known as Little Greece is our next destination. Malana is a unique, and fewer popular tourist place famous for valley and natural scenery. Approximately 100 houses are there in Malana hills. Their major source of income is farming, and Malana cream is extremely planted throughout the area. However, this cream is nothing but a kind of drug known as Charas. People of Malana are not following the constitution of India. Malana is always a place of discussion as the local people think the town as an independent city. Their reaction towards Indians is not good, but they are not harming the voyagers. This could be a best trip of your life if you visit the Malana town. The reason behind such a feeling is they believe they are ancestors of the great Emperor Alexander.
  • Green Valley: Don’t forget to attain to Green Valley of Malana. It is the memorable spot, and the couple will enjoy more at this destination.
  • Jamula temple: After enjoying the Green Valley you can take the blessings of Jamul Rishi by visiting Jamula temple.

Sandakphu: India is having many best locations where travelers can enjoy various events. Trekking paradise, Sandakphu is a place having colorful scenery everywhere. Winter is a dangerous season of the place as the whole area gets covered in thick snow. The town is located at good altitude of 3636 meters from the sea level. It is established in Darjeeling region, which means travelers are getting one of the top places to visit on their vacations. You will be surprised when you come to know that Sandakphu is a home of poisonous plants. The peak of this hill station is having an aconite plant that is listed in most dangerous plants around the world. Singalila range is best trekking location within the town.

Zanskar Valley: A place that is full of adventure, danger spots and most freezing climates are Zanskar Valley. The nature made spots will definitely attract the voyagers to Zanskar. This valley town is located close to the Kargil border of Kashmir State. Abroad voyagers love Zanskar because there are countless dangerous trekking points that give the thrill of his or her life. Attaining spots of the town are:
  • Padum: Green town of Zanskar region having attractive valley and dense forest.
  • River and Valley: Cool water of river with high pressure and deep green valleys is prime attractions of Zanskar town.
  • Drang-Drung Glacier: The beautiful glacier is closer to Suru Valley and Panzila watershed is the key attraction of this glacier.

Whichever hill station you go in India you will see the tea and coffee plantation in such areas. Most of the hill areas are earning revenues through tea or coffee business. You can easily visit the farms of such a plantation.

Indian destinations are appreciated by the abroad tourist. Not only hill stations, there are many other places to visit in India like religious spots, jungle and land areas that are special in their own category.

Jalore - City of Rajasthan, India

There are countless places to visit in India, though people are not aware of maximum places. The reason is these secret destinations are not described or explored to global users. Today we are going to describe an Indian tourist place named as Jalor that is the important city of Rajasthan. This city is also identified as Jalore.

Geography: Jalore city is located closer to River Sukri. However, River Luni is also another closer holy river that people can visit. One of the big cities of Rajasthan Jodhpur is just 140 km away from Jalore. The development ratio of city is less so we can say its undeveloped city of India, though people from Rajasthan state are famous for their hospitality and traditional welcome.

Background of city: The ancient name of city was Jabalipura named after the saint visited city in such period. Jalore fort is popular among world travelers and because of fort it was identified to global users as Songir or Suvarngiri. Some people call the city as Golden Mount. City is having rich heritage values, but if we discuss about the historical background you will get bored. Now we will describe about few impressive tourist places of Jalore.

Top attractions of Jalore:
Topkhana: A spot located in the central part of city is first destination for travelers. The spot is known as Topkhana famous for Sanskrit school and temple of Raja Bhoj. Ruler Bhoj was famous for constructing schools in Ajmer, Dhar and Jalore city.

Jalore Fort: Rajasthan is full of forts and monuments and Jalore Fort is one of them. This fort is constructed under supervision of Paramaras in 10th century. This fort is having another name known as Golden Mount. It is the most secure castles in the country placed on the top of hill.

Sundha Mata Temple: do you love to visit holy places then attain to Sundha Mata temple of Goddess Chamunda Devi. Temple is at top of Sundha Mountain of Aravalli Ranges. Altitude of temple is 1220 meters from the sea level. The distance is little concern for the voyagers as travelers have to go for 105 km distance to reach the spot.

Neelkanth Mahadev: A village houses best temple of Neelkanth Mahadev is next place to visit. This shrine is positioned at the entry point of the village. Entry pillars are major attraction of the temple.

Jagnath Mahadev: One more temple of Jalore is Jagnath Mahadev built by Rudal Devi. Renovation of temple is done several times

There are many more spots where you can visit like Mosque of Malik Shah, Sire Mandir Temple, Lohanagarh of Jaswantpura, Fort of Kot Kasta, Fort of Bhadrajun, Jain temple at Bakra Road, Jahaz Temple at Mandwala, Jain Pilgrim Bhandavpur, Bawan Jinalaya Temple, Kirti Stambh, Nandishwar Deep Tirth and Sevada's Pataleshwar. Each destination is unique designed with best structural designs.

How to reach Jalore?
Jalore is turned as known city these days and many big cities are having direct trains and bus for Jalore. If you are coming from Delhi then you have to cover the distance of 658 kms. Reaching Jalore is possible from Jaipur (399 km away) and Ujjain (516 km far) as well.
By Air: Jaipur International airport is closest air hub to reach Jalore. You will get the private taxi from outer part of the airport. Jaipur city is properly connected to almost every city of India. You can get the flight from Delhi, Bangalore and many big cities for Jaipur.
By Train: Jalore railway station is available for you. This station is having direct trains from Ujjain, Jaipur, Jodhpur and many other cities. However you have to plan your trip in advance because nowadays people are reaching to Jalore in more strength.
By Road: Rajasthan Transport is having buses for Jalore from Jaipur, Jabalpur, Bikaner, Delhi, Mumbai and some more cities.
Reach this famous city and make your holidays memorable. Don’t forget to capture the moments in your camera. Happy journey, keep safe and spend more time at this peaceful place.


Omkareshwar is the sacred Indian tourist place famous for Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva. Omkareshwar is named as 12 honored Jyotirlinga of God Shiva. This shrine is placed on an island known as Mandhata (also recognized as Shivapuri). The flowing River Narmada is having huge holy values for Hindus. If you view the island from sky you will find the shape of island as ॐ (Om) symbol. Omkareshwar and Amareshwar are two mostly visited temples of this place.

Omkareshwar is the place where Lord Shiva and many other Hindu gods visited several time. Vindhya hills in North, Satpura forest in South and River Narmada in West are making this place most impressive for voyagers. In ancient period this tourist place of India was full of alligators and fish.

Attraction in Omkareshwar
Countless places are available here for voyagers but few of them are special. Some of the key destinations of Omkareshwar are described below:

Omkareshwar Temple: A shrine of Lord Shiva is first place to visit. This most popular holy spots is positioned on Mandhata Island. This shrine is linked in 12 Jyotirlinga of the world located at different places.

Kajal Rani Cave: Another famous spot for voyagers is cave of Kajal Rani. This cave is placed at only gap of 9 km from main temple Omkareshwar. This main tourist spot is offering amazing view of long stretched surrounding lands with greenery everywhere.

Siddhanath Temple: Next spot to visit is Siddhanath Temple of Lord Shiva. The structural design of this shrine is special as it is made of Brahmin style. Wow, you have to reach plateau to attain the temple. The huge podium with decorated carvings and wall painting makes this temple special then others.

Shri Omkar Mandhata Temple: You will be surprised there are countless holy places in Omkareshwar. Our next holy place is Omkar Mandhata Temple that is one of the 12 Jyothirlinga’s in India. This shrine is placed at the meeting point of River Narmada and Kaveri. The structural design is similar to Nagara style. This shrine of Lord Shiva is special destination and voyagers must reach the spot at occasion of Shiva Ratri the Indian festival.

Kedareshwar Temple: one more holy spot is Kedareshwar positioned close to Shri Omkar shrine. This ancient temple was constructed in 11th era A.D.

Sri Govinda Bhagavatpada Cave: Do you love adventurous places then visit cave of Govinda Bhagavatpada that is linked to Sankaracharya the famous Saint of India. As per sources this place is major spot of Sankaracharya where he learned the Govind Bhagwatpad grantha.

Mamleshwar temple: Once you visit the Omkareshwar destination you must visit and take blessings of Lord Shiva at Mamleshwar temple. Move towards opposite bank of River Narmada to reach the temple.

24 Avatars: Next is 24 Avatars holy place positioned at Omkareshwar City. It is the group of Jain and Hindu temples with unique structural design. However, city faced the damages done by the Muslim ruler Mahmud Ghazni in 11th century as he demolished countless Hindu temples during his ruling period.

There are many more temples and shrines in Omkareshwar so you need to plan your trip for longer than one week so that you can take blessings of many Hindu gods at same place. Some of the key temples of this destination are Satmatrika Temples, Ranmukteshwar temple, Gauri Somanth temple, Fanase Ghat and Peshawar Ghat.

Attaining to Omkareshwar:
As it is an island so reaching there through steamboats is good option. Devotees can reach the place through different ways. There are two connecting bridges on Narmada River which allow the visitors to reach the Omkareshwar temple.

By Air: The nearest Airport to Omkareshwar is Indore which is 77 km away from this island and the next airport is Ujjain which is situated at 133 km distant.

By Rail: Closest Railway Station is Omkareshwar Road which is 12 km from the city.

By Road: This holy place is connected with major cities and towns of Madhya Pradesh. Though, there are frequent bus services from Indore, Ujjain, Khandwa and Omkareshwar Road.

Gaumukh - INDIA

Our prime world tourist place for today is Gaumukh. A place located in Uttarakhand State, India is turned as favorite destination for abroad travelers. Gaumukh is basically located under Uttarkashi region popular for Gangotri Glacier finishing point. River Bhagirathi is also originated from this area. Gaumukh is completely natural beauty spot having countless breathtaking spots. It lies closer to Tapovan meadow. 

This spiritual place of Hindu pilgrimage is visited by lots of local devotees who want to take bath in River Ganga. 

Gangotri is the town positioned closer to Gaumukh. The distance is just 18 km from Gangotri to Gaumukh. If you are adventure lover then you will get the chance of trek in Gaumukh. Moving clouds and now peaks are best view of area. 

A major attraction spot of Gaumukh is:
Meru Peak: First place in tourist attraction is Meru Peak that is the mountain lies in Garhwal region. People can view Himalaya ranges from this peak. Meru lies among Shivling and Thalay Sagar, though route is challenging so be careful if you are planning to visit the peak. 

Valuable information about Gaumukh (also known as Gomukh):
Reach Gangotri to attain Gaumukh. Frequent buses are available from Rishikesh and some other parts of Uttarakhand for Gaumukh. Distance between Rishikesh and Gangotri is just 299 Kms. Gangotri is important destination and the last station to reach Gaumukh through Haridwar by road.

Best time to attain to Gaumukh: It’s a hill area covered with snow all time. Summer is the best period for Gaumukh and you can reach the spot between April – June. Autumn is also suitable period starts from September ends in October. 

Summer is the best period to enjoy this hill area. Winter is completely avoided because temperature goes below 0 degree at such time. The average temperature of Gaumukh is 10 to 15°C in Summer and -5 to 10° C in Winter. 

Travel Tip: Carry one umbrella at least or get a raincoat because Gaumukh is unexpected place of weather. Sudden outpours can put you in trouble if you don’t have raincoat or umbrella. Hire the guide to know more about this best place of India. 

Attaining to Gaumukh
You can start your trip to Gaumukh through Delhi, Mysore, Ooty and some other big spots of India. 

By Train: Closest and end point to reach destination is Gangotri placed at 18 km distance. This nearest journey point itself is the big holiday spot of India. Closest big railway station for Gangotri is Haridwar located at 230 km distance. Trains for Haridwar are available from Delhi, Allahabad, Dehradun and lots of other big cities. 

By Air: Air Base for Gaumukh is Jolly Grant located in Dehradun City. Distance is only 229 km from Gangotri to Dehradun. It’s a domestic airport connected to almost every major city of India. You can get the flights from DelhiBangaloreChennai and many other big Indian cities. Reach this best world tourist place to make your holidays memorable. 

By Bus: State transport is available for destination and road is the finest mode of transport in Uttarakhand state. Maximum areas are hill stations so road is the topmost method of communication. Gangotri town is connected through road from Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Yamunotri and Tehri Garhwal


Kuwait is turned as one of the best tourism location for world visitors. It’s a state of Arab nation located at north east side of Arabian Peninsula. Kuwait is sharing the border with Iraq in north. Southern part is bordered with Saudi Arabia. The word Kuwait means fortress. Its land area is around 17,820 square kms and average population is 2.6 million. The data is present according to survey conducted in 2012.

During the 18th to 19th centuries the state was most successful business center. However, in later ages the state lost distance business counters due to internal political issues. 

Kuwait state was ruled by UK (United Kingdom) but got independence in 1961. Oil wells are the major source of trade in Kuwait, though more than 770 oil wells were set to flames by Iraq army. That was the major ecological and monetary loss for the whole state. Its infrastructure was completely damaged in World War I so the state was in position to rebuild after complete loss. However, after exactly 12 years state saw one more massive overseas military incidence. The state was served as springboard for U.S. campaign. Things went wrong but state again got the development and today it is turned as one of the best tourist attraction for voyagers from the globe. Some major attraction spots of Kuwait are mentioned below:

Aqua Park: A park comes in top of the list started in 1995. It is the water park spread in huge area in Gulf region. Total area covered for park is around 60,000 sq mts. The park is positioned on Gulf Street close to towers of Kuwait. It’s a unlimited fun place for whole family so voyages must not miss the park. 

Cinemas: Theater in Kuwait is a kind of surprise but there are Cinemas in the state represent exclusive modern art features of structural design of early 20th century. Here different movies from diverse nations are played for local people. 

Dhow Harbor: A famous port that is available for visitors in Kuwait. Dhow Harbor is famous for housing old sailing vessels of Arab country. Voyagers can enjoy pearl diving and fishing at some corner of the harbor. A must watch thing of this harbor is a ship known as Fateh El-Kheir. 

Dickson House: A house of 1st British supporting agent is next place to visit in Kuwait. Its construction was done in 1870 and the reason was business prospects. It was basically a reason to enter Kuwaiti for trading and the Dick Sons of British Empire were moved to this place in 1929. Now this house is open for the travelers and lots of old memories are stored in the house for visitors to learn about the history of Kuwait. 

Doha Village: A rural community that constructed the major part of dhows and fishing is special thing to attain. Once you reach Doha village you will feel the living standard of rural people use to live before independence. You must view the boats and dhows manufacturing unit located in Doha village. 

Entertainment City: Do you like to spend time at entertainment places like Disneyland then reach the Entertainment City of Kuwait. Its basically planned City positioned at 20 kms distance from Kuwait. This city is providing complete fun to each member visit the place. Its open for all days except Saturday and Monday. These two days are dedicated to women only. For entry you have to buy ticket costing 3.500 K.D for each. Family can walk in from Sunday-Wednesday. Timings for summer are between 5:00 pm-1:00 am, and for winter season it opens at 3:00 pm and closes at 11:00 pm. Timing for Thursday and Friday are different. You can reach from 10:00am to 10:00pm on these two days.

Failaka Heritage Village: A small town established similar like other Kuwaiti villages. In Heritage Village visitors will get the comfortable houses to stay, though houses are constructed in same old fashion of Kuwait. People who love enjoying camel or Arabian horses riding can visit this place. Barbecues under moonlight are another special event of this place. 

Failaka Island: A wonderful Island known as Failaka is next place to visit. This gorgeous historical island is attracting lots of voyagers from the world. It is basically a combine mixture of ancient and modern society of Kuwait. Failaka island is full of cultural landmarks of diverse ages. KPT (Kuwait Public Transport) Company is running ferry everyday from Failaka Island to Ras Salmiya and vice versa. 

Green Island: Reach another spot of Kuwait known as Green Island. Kuwait is basically a desert country but once you reach Green Island you will get surprise after seeing colorful and green land areas. The colorful plantation and shrubs everywhere makes this place special destination for visitors in Kuwait. 

Ice Skating Rink: Founded in 1980 famous for skating events. This Rink is spread in 8398 sq mts and it is the first landscape of Gulf region. The rink is divided in two parts in which one area is occupied for Olympic events and other part is having accommodation for around 1600 viewers. This part also includes changing room, first aid and skating equipment store. 

Al-Khiran Resort: A best place of Kuwait popular for luxurious restaurants, swimming pool, tennis court, volleyball, football ground and basketball court. There is a yacht club in the resort so overall there is everything for family entertainment. 

Kuwait Towers: The state is having its identity because of best towers. The amazing view of city from the tower could be memorable moment for you. These towers were awarded with Aga Khan Award in 1980 for best structural design. 

Kuwait Zoo: Zoological park is always fun loving place and Kuwait zoo was established 10 years before. You can find the animals gathered from different countries to this zoo. It is positioned at Omariya that comes on Airport Road. The Zoo is closed on Saturday only. Timing is 8:00 to 12:00 in morning and 4:00 to 8:00 in evening. 

Al-Messilah Beach: Wonderful spot that is listed in biggest beaches of state Kuwait. It is extended with 350 meters towards Messila coast. Colored sand and blue sea is special view of the beach. 

Musical Fountain: A fountain that runs on music is special item these days. You can enjoy the musical fountain and the garden in Kuwait. There are around 220 fountains with 3 leveled pools. Musical fountain of Kuwait are listed on fourth position in the world. 

National Museum: Learn history of Kuwait by visiting National Museum. Thousands of ancient items are in display in the museum such as fossils, Islamic artifacts, bones, potteries tools and flint. Located at Arabian Gulf Street towards Seif Palace. 

Some more impressive places to visit in Kuwait are Ras Al-Ardh Club, Sadu House, The Scientific Center, Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park, Al-Sha'ab Sea Club, Swimming Pool Complex, Tareq Rajab Museum, and Touristic Garden. 

Attaining to Kuwait 
By Air: Some private airlines from different nations are having flights for Kuwait. Frequent flights from USA, UK, Australia, India and Gulf countries are available for Kuwait. People coming from Gulf nations can get the flights for Kuwait from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Riyadh and Muscat. KIA (Kuwait International Airport) is only 16 kms away from central part of city. 

By Road: Get connected to Kuwait by road but don’t forget to get all travel documents along with you. You should carry the proper driving license if you are crossing the borders. People coming from Egypt or Saudi Arabia cities can get the international bus service offered for Kuwait state.


India is full of glorious places, though some of the destinations are amazing and people around the world are reaching such spots at various occasions. Sikkim is one of the fantasy destinations of India popular for scenic beauty. The residents of Sikkim are known as Lepchas. This paradise of India is 2nd smallest state of India nestled in Himalaya ranges. Amazing hill ranges including Khangchendzonga are located in Sikkim state. 

Visiting Sikkim will allow voyagers to enjoy rich culture, bio-diversity and striking scenery. Adventurous sports and festivals are also best thing in state Sikkim. You can imagine the beauty of state by watching some impressive and interesting images on various search engines. 

This tiny state of India is spread in four different regions such as West Sikkim, South Sikkim, North Sikkim and East Sikkim. Specialties about the regions of Sikkim are mentioned below:

West Sikkim: Geyzing is the famous spot in west region. It is full of lush landscape and striking scenery that is full of charming ponds and stunning waterfalls. Enjoying trekking in this area can make you happy as maximum part of west Sikkim is complete with adventures spots. 

East Sikkim: Most populated region of state is Gangtok located in this area. This capital is famous attraction for travelers having impressive Lake Tsomgo (also known as Changu) and Lake Menmecho. 

South Sikkim: This region is smallest area of Sikkim offering striking view of high hills. 

North Sikkim: North Sikkim is most impressive place having best scenic areas and people from around the world are reaching north Sikkim for their vacations. 

Attraction in Sikkim:
Gangtok: Capital city of Sikkim is first place to visit. Gangtok is the historical and cultural place of India having charming spots with striking homes on the hills. Gangtok is popular for traditional custom and modern living. This beautiful metropolis is having all amenities which mean travelers can enjoy the nature with modern facilities. 

Yuksom: Next location for voyagers is Yuksom popular for historical values of state. According to records of Sikkim the divine ruler was sacred in 1641 by 3 lamas. You can get the evidence of establishment of Sikkim tradition in Norbugang Chorten. 

Tsomgo Lake: A natural spot located at just 1 km distance is another tourist spot. This lake is in oval shape and local people consider it for holy values. Reach Tsomgo between May-August to enjoy the festival season. You can see the rare flora such as primulas, blue poppies, iris and yellow poppies. It get freeze in winter season and you can enjoy the skiing at lake but be careful as the temperature gets really low in winters.

Nathula Pass: World famous route between amazing hills is best place to visit. Nathula Pass is located at altitude of 14,200 feet. However, the pass is closer to India China border. This pass connects the Sikkim state to Tibet (region of China). Covered peaks, roaring waterfalls and zigzag roads give different feeling to travelers. Even the simple roads of Nathula pass are impressive as they are covered with trees from both sides. Voyagers have to get the permit to travel from this route as it connects two international borders. 

Pelling: Next place is Pelling preferred as best destination located at altitude of 6800 feet. View the world's 3rd uppermost peak Mount Kanchendzonga is possible from this spot. Some more attractions of Pelling are Pemayangtse Monastery, Sanga Choeling and Khecheopalri Lake. 

Rumtek Monastery: A monastery turned as favorite attractions for visitors of Sikkim. Enjoy the art work of 16th Gyalwa in this monastery. 

Do-Drul Chorten: Constructed by the leader of Nyingma from Tibetan Buddhism community in 1945. It is considered as best Stupa of Sikkim having 108 wheels for prayer. 

JNBG (Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden): Beauty of state is their greenery areas and amazing gardens. JNBG is one of them founded in 1987. This garden is closer to Rumtek Monastery and FDSG (Forest Department of the Sikkim Government) is handing the management part. 

There are many other areas to visit in Sikkim, though each part cannot be described in the article. You can get the guide of the state and learn more interesting places to visit during your holidays. 

Nearest tourist attraction of Sikkim:
Darjeeling: One of the darling places of India having countless tourist attractions. It is the most demanding summer holiday spot popular for toy train. Famous Darjeeling tea farming makes it special location for nature lovers. 

Siliguri: Another big and best tourist attraction close to Sikkim is Siliguri. Superb landscape, snow views and capped peaks are best thing to see. 

Two other best and nearest spots from Sikkim are Kalimpong and Mirik. 

Attaining to Sikkim:
By Road: As Sikkim state is full of hills the easiest way to reach parts of state is road. NH (National Highway) 31 is directly connected to Sikkim allowing voyagers to cross Siliguri and Gangtok cities. Route to Gangtok is linked through Kolkata as well. The distance between Kolkata and Gangtok is just 721 km. However, Darjeeling is only 139 kms away from Gangtok. Kalimpong is also easy reachable from Gangtok city. 

By Rail: Closest railhead for Sikkim is New Jalpaiguri located at 117 km distance from Gangtok. Trains from Kolkata are available in good frequency for New Jalpaiguri. Next station Siliguri connected to some big stations of India. 

By Air: Domestic airport Bagdogra is having flights from SiliguriGangtok and some more cities. However, big international airport Kolkata is serving both national and international flights at good frequency. Flights from New Delhi, ChennaiMumbaiBangalore and big cities are available for Kolkata.


Pondicherry is the well-known Union Territory of India, which is officially spelled as Puducherry. This small territory is comprised with four coastal region's Pondicherry, Mahé, Karaikal and Yanam. This most famous Indian tourist place is situated in Southern area.

Tourist can enjoy this coast-hugging city with royal structures, churches, sculptures and methodical planned city. The big channel National geography has described the Pondicherry as the glowing highlighted city of sub continental destination. This weekend destination can be attained easily from the closest cities like Bangalore and Chennai. Few key holiday spots in Pondicherry are Beaches, Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Monuments, Statue, Museums, Botanical Garden, Ousteri Wetland, National Park, Bharathi Park, Hindu Temples, Churches, Mosques,

Beaches: the top most four key beaches of Pondicherry are famous for tourism. The beaches known are Promenade beach, Serinity beach, Paradise beach and Auroville beach.

Promenade beach: this big beach is popular in Pondicherry, which is 1.5 km longer. Walking on the beach is amazing experience mainly the people who are new to beaches. Several landmarks in front of the sea are special things to visit like War Memorial, the Heritage Town hall, the Statue of Joan of Arc, the Mahatma Gandhi Statue, the Old Light House, Dupleix statue, the Old Customs House and many more.

Paradise beach: next popular beach is paradise that is just eight km away from Pondicherry. Tourist can stay in Chunnambar Resort and take pleasure of the amazing view of sea from the points. Though visitors have to use the boat to reach this beach, which is again a best feature for a tourist.

Auroville beach: beach situated at 12 km distance from the city is having shallow waters with tiny waves. Here tourist can enjoy the swimming in the open sea.

Serenity beach: users have to travel for 10 minutes to attain the beach.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram: this well known wealthy ashram was constructed in 1926 by Sri Aurobindo Ghose. He was the freedom fighter, philosopher, poet and yogi. This ashram is open for public between 8 am to 12 pm. Though it is closed from 2 pm and reopens till 6 pm. However, visitors should know that children below three years are banned to enter the ashram. Photography is permitted, but visitors should take the permission from the authorities.

Auroville: this experimental township is positioned eight km away from the Pondicherry city. Founder of Auroville was Mirra Richard, and year was 1968. Visitors can reach Matri Temple situated in the middle of city.

Statuettes and memorials:
Mahatma Gandhi's sculpture: the Statue of Mahatma Gandhi is four-meter longer surrounded by 8 granite poles. However, tourist has to travel for 70 km distance from Pondicherry.

Joseph Francois's statue is positioned in the beach road. Joseph was an essential part of the colonial past of Pondicherry. Joseph was the superintendent of Pondicherry from 1742 to 1754.

French war monument: The Memorial or monument of French war reminds us about the brave soldiers of Pondicherry. Constructed period of French war memorial was 1971.

Park's monument: the white building constructed at the time of Napoleon III rule in Pondicherry is special spot for a tourist. This monument is located in middle part of Bharathi park.

Museum: Pondicherry Museum is available with statues and sculptures constructed in Roman style. The rare bronzes and sculptures made of stone are provided by the Pallava and Chola dynasties.

Bharathidasan Museum: the former residence of the Pondicherry poet Bharathidasan is spot added to tourist list if Pondicherry.

Jawahar Toy Museum: the museum positioned near to the old lighthouse is special spot. This museum is open for six days in week and Monday is the holiday. The huge collection of the Indian toys in the museum is best thing.

Botanical Garden: park located at the south side of the New Local Bus Stand is another tourist spot. The access gate of the park is constructed in French architecture style. This French designed park was constructed in 1826 with some flower beds, pruned trees and stony lined paths. Tourist can take pleasure of the musical fountain of the recreational area, but that is active in the weekends only with 2 shows every evening.

Ousteri Wetland: the popular Lake of Pondicherry is situated at the north side. This lake is only 10 km away from the city. The land area of wetland is approximately 390 ha and countless marine species are available with ample of bird in sanctuary.

Bharathi Park: This Government garden is positioned in the green part of the Pondicherry Town. Watching the finest government architecture such as Lt. Governor's Palace, Government Hospital, parliamentary legislature, private club, Ashram and the old Hotel Qualité is good thing to watch near the park.

Hindu Temples: Sri Manakula Vinayagar, Varadaraja Perumal Temple, and Kanniga Parameswari Temple are shrine places where local and tourist both are reaching to take blessings.

Mosques: Meeran mosque, Kuthbha, and Kuthba Mosque are some more key spots of Pondicherry.

Attaining Pondicherry
By Air: The closest airhead to reach Pondicherry is ChennaiChennai international airport is just 135 km distant. The direct flight to Chennai through the world is best way to reach Pondicherry (the best Indian tourist place). Direct taxies from airport to Pondicherry are also available.

By Train: Villupuram railway station is the closest big railway station. Trains from MaduraiTiruchirappalli/Trichy, and Chennai are available to reach Villupuram. Direct trains from Bhubaneswar, HowrahMangalore, Yesvantpur Jn are available at intervals.

By Bus: state and private buses from Thanjaur, Chidamabaram, Tiruchirappalli/Trichyand Coimbatore are available. Tourist might get the private buses from MaduraiChennai and Bangalore to reach Pondicherry.


Are you looking for the best tourist place of the world? Think about Bangkok that is turned as most demanding city in the world these days. Bangkok is a capital city of Thailand known for huge population and attractive tourist destinations. The land area of Bangkok is around 1,568.7 sq kms. 

People from Thailand and abroad nations are regularly reaching to Bangkok for their holidays. The reason behind such demand is the city is holding best attraction points. Every tourist place is having limited areas for people but in Bangkok there are countless things to do like you can enjoy the 10 floating markets, you can take pleasure by visiting Grand Palace of the city or you can go for 17 rooftop bars. If you are planning to visit this city for 1 or 2 weeks then you won’t be able to enjoy whole city in such short period. Minimum 3 weeks are required to visit the maximum places of Bangkok. Some key destinations are described in this short note so that you can plan your trip accordingly. 

The best 10 must do places of Bangkok: 
Wat Arun temple: a holy place that is known as Wat Arun is first place to start. 

Wat Prakeaw and Grand Palace: most important spots of Bangkok are Grand palace and Wat Prakeaw of Old city. Construction of this palace was done in 1782. Royal family of Thai king spends their 150 years in Grand Palace. Visitors can enter and learn the tradition of Thailand as the palace is having countless unique collection of ancient period. 

Bangkok Floating Market: enjoy the shopping on water as there are many floating markets in Bangkok. 

Bangkok Chinatown: a colorful place of Bangkok is next spot for voyagers. This place is known as Chinatown a most enjoyable area crowded with the small stalls. If you visit the place at the time of Chinese New Year you will be surprised by watching events conducted by local people. Vegetarian Festival is also the special moment in Bangkok Chinatown. 

Wat Pho: it’s an old city area in Bangkok popular for customary Thai massage. The harbors of Wat Pho are full of attractive collection of wall paintings, messages and statues.  

River: the most exciting river spots such as Chao Phraya, Waterways Chao Phraya and Waterways are other best destinations of Bangkok city. Each river site is having charming scenery, lush green gardens and scenic areas. 

Chatuchak Weekend Market: it’s a wholesale market but traders are also buying stuffs from it. You can do shopping from this area if you need something memorable item. On weekends around 200,000 people are visiting to this market for various reasons. 

Khao San Road in Bangkok: a point or the collision center of Bangkok is next spot for visitors. Where the East greets and Khao San Road meets is the best spot for visitors. 

Soi Cowboy: a place that was named after the hat-wearing cowboy of Africa-America region. He was the person to open the first bar in this area in early phase of 1970. 

Jim Thompson’s House: last but not least spot for tourist is Jim Thompson’s house. Thai silk and dying art are main factors for visitors in this house. 

Many other spots of Bangkok are:
Floating Markets: Damnoen Saduak market, Amphawa market, Talin Chan market, Khlong Lat Mayom market, and Bang Nam Pheung market are best places to purchase products. 

If you like to visit unusual things than best 10 sights of Bangkok will fulfill your desire. The 10 unusual spots are Ploenchit, Erawan Museum, Robot Building Sathorn, David Beckham Temple, Forensic Museum Riverside, Bangkok Elephant, and Dragon Tower at Wat Samphran, Bangrak Fire Station, and Bangkok Giant Swing. 

Best 17 Rooftop bars: Vertigo at Banyan Tree Moon Bar, Park Society at Sofitel, Sky Bar, 360 rooftop bar, Octave Rooftop Bar, Cloud 47 Rooftop Bar, Red Sky at Centara, Balco Bar, Long Table Restaurant, Distil Rooftop Bar, Bluesky - Centara Grand, Above Eleven, Zense Siam, L'appart, Scarlett Wine Bar, Speakeasy, and Baiyoke Sky Hotel. 

Bangkok is full of unlimited spots for travelers and you can easily enjoy each place by spending more than a week of your holidays. 

Best 10 things that you can do in Bangkok Chinatown are Bank of Hell, Get Lost Down, Visit the Crocs, Eat Street, Largest Gold Buddha Statue, Panoramic View of Chinatown, Grand China Princess, Thieves Market, Chinese Medicine store, Old Siam food Plaza and buying Gold at Yaowarat. 

Among all tourist places some are most demanding and people are reaching these spots frequently:
The Grand Palace: a must see place of Bangkok is Grand Palace. The dazzling and stunning Grand Palace of the city is certainly most popular landmark. 

Jim Thompson House: a museum known as Thompson house is the best example of Thai structural design and art. 

Wat Phra Kaew: it’s a holy place and famous for Buddha shrine. It is one of the important temples of Thailand. 

Wat Arun: one more holy spot known as shrine of Dawn is next tourist place of Bangkok. River Chao Phraya side is best place in this spot. 

Attaining Bangkok:
By Air: Bangkok airport is properly linked to big cities of Thailand. It is also having the international airport so that abroad visitors can also attain to city with no worries. The 2 airports of the city such as Suvarnabhumi Airport (25 km) and Don Mueang Airport (24 km) are available for travelers. Suvarnabhumi Airport is basically used for domestic airlines where the other airport is connected to different nations. 

By Train: train network in Thailand is properly managed by the administration. Trains to Cambodia, Malaysia, and Laos are available from Bangkok. Major railway station of Bangkok city is Hua Lamphong. Thornburi Station of Bangkok is majorly used for nearby stations so travelers are getting good chance to enjoy the local areas of the city as well. 

By Bus: road connectivity of the city is also properly managed. If you have planned to hire a car or taxi from nearby places of Bangkok city then you are definitely going to enjoy the journey. State buses are available from different areas of Thailand such as Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi and Ko Samui. Bangkok is having 3 key bus terminals such as NBT (Northern Bus Terminal), EBT (Eastern Bus Terminal) and SBT (Southern Bus Terminal).


Beijing turned as the first choice for travelers of Chinese tourist locations. This capital city of Republic China is become the most demanding cities of the world. As per 2010 survey the average population of city was 19612368.

In the list of biggest Chinese city Beijing comes in 2nd place. Shanghai is the first city of China which is the big and popular tourism place. Beijing is well-known for cultural, political and educational destination of China. NH (National Highway), railway, expressway, and top-speed rail hub of Beijing is world famous. The BCIA (Beijing Capital International Airport) is 2nd crowded and busiest airbase of the world. Travelers can attain to Beijing easily as the airport is linked to almost every nation and their big metro cities.

From past 7 centuries Beijing is the capital of China. The lavish citadels, shrines, backyards, parks, mausoleums, walls, entry points and sculpture treasures have made the Beijing the biggest tourist and cultural center of China.

Beijing is the ancient city having various sightseeing destinations. On average around 140 million tourists from Chinese cities and 4.4 million visitors from abroad are reaching to Beijing every year.

Tourist destinations of Beijing:
Forbidden City: also known as the Imperial Palace is first spot for tourist. Starting the journey of Beijing tourist locations from the Forbidden City will be best. This palace is having 9,000 rooms and the land area covered by the palace is 250+ acres. The construction period of Forbidden palace was from 1406 to 1420. Timely the palace was renovated due to several burned down incidents. The structural design is similar to 18th century makes. The big area of palace allows visitors to walk longer so wearing the comfortable shoes is best for tourist. Hiring a guide is essential to learn the history of palace. Tired visitors can use Starbucks to have some coffee to recharge them. People reaching from abroad or not known to English or Chinese language can take the multi language guide recorder on rent available at Divine Prowess Gate and Meridian Gate, though after finish tourist can return the recorder at respected gate. Attaining to Forbidden City is possible from Jingshan Front Street and timing is from 9 am to 17 pm. Fee for entrance is RMB 60 and buses of 1, 4, 5, 20, 57, 2, 22, 10, 54, 802, and 120 are available from various parts of the city.

Tiananmen Square: the top most location of Beijing is Tiananmen Square lying in a center part of the city. Massive parades and good crowd is special thing to watch in this square. This square is famous as the Chairman Mao publicized Republic of China in 1949. The area is circled by Heaven Peace Gate in north, Great Hall in west and Museum in east. In south direction Chairman Mao's Mausoleum is located. Attaining to the square is possible through bus number 1, 4, 2, 5, 10, 20, 57, 52, 22, 54, 802, and 120. Getting down at Zhongshan Park stop will be best to reach the square. Next stop could be Tian-An-Men from where tourist can use subway. Travelers can reach anytime and there is no fee to enter. People looking for Great Hall should get the ticket of RMB 15 to enter, though Chairman Mao's Mausoleum is free of charge. NMC (National Museum of China) cost RMB 15 and its open for whole day.

Great Wall at Juyongguan, Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai: the mentioned wall areas are next tourist spots of Beijing. Visitors must not miss the climbing of the wall which could be the best experience of life. The 8 parts of the Wall makes it longer to 600 kms so tourist should plan the visit first before reaching the spot. The 8 parts are Juyongguan, Badaling, Huanghuacheng, Mutianyu, Jiankou, Gubeikou, Simatai and Jinshanling. Great Wall of China is world famous having entry point at Beijing. The area of such Wall in Beijing is properly maintained ruins dating from the Dynasty of Ming. Wearing strong footwear is beneficial for walking on the wall. People attaining the Beijing in hot weather must carry sunglasses, sun block and water. However, in winter they should get the hat and winter coat as the blowing cold air could make trouble for the visitors. Journey to Great Wall require entry fees of RMB40 during winter season and RMB 45 during hot weather. Opening hours of Wall are from 06:40 am to 18:30 pm. Bus no. 919 is available to reach the spot. Front gate is situated at Qianmen, second gate is at Beijing Railway Station, third gate is at East Bridge and 4 gate starts from Beijing Zoo. The fee for entry is RMB 45 from Juyongguan Great Wall. To reach Juyongguan tourist can get the bus number 1 ends at Qianmen. The entry fee could be around RMB35 and opening hours are from 07:30 am to 17:30 pm.

Summer Palace: also known as Yiheyuan is next tourist spot of Beijing. This palace is having amazing parks and beauty spots spread in 10 square miles area. Old pavilions, temples, buildings, bridges and Kunming Lake are best spots of the palace. The architecture of Summer Palace represents the Chinese garden arts. Because of beauty the palace is identified as Royal Garden Museum of China. The area is entirely preserved with best sceneries and large structures. The best part of palace is it is added into the list of world cultural heritage spots of China. Attaining there is possible by bus no 726, 718, 826, 331, 332 and 737. The palace is situated at Yiheyuan Road comes in Haidian District. Opening hours are between 6:30 am to 20:30 pm. The entry fee is RMB 40 in low season RMB 50 in peak season.

Temple of Heaven: also recognized as Tiantan is another spot for tourist in Beijing. This shrine is located at the southern part of the Beijing City. The temple is popular in whole China for largest sacrificial location. Its name suggests the value of spot for local people as they say this is the only place of Heaven on the earth. Visitors can watch the students doing kung fu and Taiji practice at early morning. People also play the music and sing songs at this temple. The unique oldest trees of Beijing are inside the temple area which is must view spot for visitors. Bus no. 20, 6, and 39 are available from Tianqiao of Chongwen region. Temple opens at 6:00 am and closed at 21:00 pm. The fee to enter the premises is only RMB 35.

Ming Tombs: here travelers can watch the 13 tombs of Ming Dynasty, though the distance of tombs from the city is only 50 kms. The tombs are managed by the ethnic Hans. However, only 2 tombs are open for public known as Changling Tomb and Dingling Tomb. Changling Tomb was renovated and opened for public in 1958. Dingling tomb is deep and visitors have to go through burial chamber. Tourist having heart or knee problem should not enter the tomb. The buses available for Ming tombs are 2, 1, 3, 5, and 4. Fee for the Changling Tomb is around RMB 30 to RMB 45 and for Dingling Tomb average fees is from RMB 40 to RMB 60. Opening hours for the tomb are from 08:30 am to 18:00 pm.

Hutong Pedi cab: this place is also identified as Shichahai Area where tourist can enjoy the man-driving Pedi cab. The bars, restaurants, and inns are beautifully structured inside the Hutong Pedi cab area. From the top floor of Bell Tower visitors get view the eye-catching bird view of surrounding area. Pipe Tobacco lane is the best thing of Hutong. Attaining to Pedi cab is possible from two different areas one is Shichahai located in north direction of Beihai Park and other is Dazhalan located in south direction of Tiananmen Square. Hiring rickshaw in cab could cost from RMB 50 to 100.

Lama Temple: the shrine also known as Yonghegong is next world tourist spot of Beijing. This most recurrent religious place is famous in Beijing. The Lama temple is having 5 main halls and plenty of galleries. Beijing history is having value for this temple as it was offered to the prince of China. Later the prince offered the temple to Buddhists. Reaching temple is possible from number 13, Imperial College Street of Dongcheng region. From college tourist can go through subway or they can hire bus number 62, 116, 13 and special two numbered bus. Timing for temple is morning 9 to evening 16:30. The average fee for Lama Temple entrance is RMB 20.

Beihai Park: next entertaining spot of Beijing is Beihai Park also known as Winter Palace. The emperors of China were using the park as winter palace. The Beihai garden is located in the north-west direction of Forbidden City. Travelers must not miss the two major spots in the park. One is park itself and other is round city. Hiring the rowboat in round city could make the holidays memorable. Tourist must go for Round City, Jade Flower Island, White Pagoda, Nine-Dragon Wall, Iron Screen, Wanfo Lou Tower and some more spots. Beijing's biggest lake is located inside the park which is also the good spot for picnic. The park is reachable from Wen Jin road located in north-west direction of Forbidden City. Timing for the park is from 09:00 am to 16:30 pm. Park is having entry from three gates located in south, east and north side of the park.

Beijing Capital Museum: every special place is incomplete without visiting the museum. The capital museum of Beijing is big spot having great collection of the city. Museum is open for public, though travelers have to reach Fuxingmenwai Dajie to attain the museum. The huge five-storey building of museum is accessible with countless collection. Learning past of old Beijing is possible only by visiting capital museum. Tourist should free their time for minimum 5 hours as the museum is big. The entry cost is around 30 yuan per person. Timing should be checked for such location as it is open from 09:00 am to 16:30 pm. Museum is closed on Monday and address is Fuxingmenwai Dajie.

Attaining to Beijing:
By Rail: Beijing railway station is the big station of china having frequent trains from almost every part of the China. Accommodation at outside the station is available for the travelers who are completely unknown to the city. Available trains are having all luxurious facilities so that is also the best part of Beijing.

By Air: the airport of Beijing is one of the biggest airhead of China. The only 26 kms distance of airport from the Beijing city allow visitors to attain the location easily. The top most part of Beijing Airport is, its having international as well as domestic airports linked to numerous local and abroad cities. Some more airbases of Beijing are Xijiao airport, Nanyuan airport, Liangxiang airport and Badaling airport. Flights from London, New York and many big cities of the world are available directly for Beijing.

By Road: the big road transport of China allows travelers to attain the city easily from almost every corner of the nation. Luxury and comfortable buses are accessible which is reasonable in cost. 


Hampi - India

A very well-known village Hampi of northern Karnataka state, India is turning as the first choice for spiritual people. This place is situated within the ruins of Vijayanagara. However, still its having religious importance because there are ample of temples surrounding the village. 

It becomes known because of destruction done by the district administration in July 2011. Many great parts of this village were destroyed by such management.

The name of this village is copied from Pampa that is the other name of Tunga Bhadra River. Hampi name is an anglicized form of the Kannada Hampe.

The past story of Village: Hampi is known with the chronological Kishkindha, According to Ramayana this place was the major spot during Vanara (monkey) Kingdom.

Hampi Village is one of the center areas of the Vijayanagara Empire between 1336 to 1565. It was at last laid siege to by the Muslim Deccan Union. People who have affection or want to learn hindu religion should visit this place as the big and huge architecture will help them to learn about the ancient hindu custom.

This small village is located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. The good distance of 353 kms from Bangalore and 74 km from Bellary could be the finest way to attain this place. Hosapete is the nearest railway station situated at 13 kms distant. Visitors must reach the place at the time of annual Vijayanagar Festivals which is organized by the Government of Karnataka. The fiesta is placed in November, and tourist can enjoy the event for complete 3 days.

Hampi is also a valuable place due to the availability of numerous mineral deposits such as iron-ore, manganese, etc. Removing such mineral is going on from many years. However, the increased demand of iron-ore in the international market developed the more popularity of this village. Because of this reason, this world heritage site at Hampi and the Tungabhadra Dam is now under danger.

Visiting places near Hampi
Vitthala temple is the one famous holy place containing musical pillars. The pillars are constructed according to Sargam, and the music comes from them is totally different than any other instrument.

Thungabhadra River: Viewing the big flowing water river is good spot. People will definitely like to spend some time at this river.


There are ample of other spots to visit like Achyutaraya Temple/Tiruvengalanatha Temple, The Kings’ balance, Akka Tangi Gudda, Anjeyanadri Hill, Anegondi, Aqueducts and Canals, Badava Linga, Uddana Veerabhadra temple, Chandramauleshwar Temple, The Underground Temple, Tungabhadra River, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, Virupaksha Temple, Vittala temple, Yeduru Basavanna, Archaeological Museum at Kamalapura, Zenana enclosure, Yantrodharaka Anjaneya temple, Virupapura, Madhavan Palace with 1,000,000 + pillars, Sasivekalu Ganesha, Elephant stables and Lotus temple.

Some of the known temples of Hampi:

This village has numerous prominent Hindu temples, some of which are yet lively places of adoration. Virupaksha Temple also known as Pampapathi temple is a Shiva shrine located in the main Bazaar. This shrine is old and it has the 160-foot high tower at entry.

Hazara Rama Temple: Actually, this is a ruined temple compound which is properly known for complex frescos from Hindu Mythologies. The thousands of carvings & messages on the wall will help the visitors to learn the story of Ramayana.

Krishna Temple: This is also a temple turned complex, and its restoration work is yet going on.

Vittala Temple: This most famous temple complex is among the ruins of Hampi. Floodlights have been configured in the complex which offers light in the evening.

Few Interesting Pictures of Hampi

Drass - Kashmir (India)

Indian tourist places are always famous especially when we talk about the hill stations. Drass Valley is known as worlds second coolest place located in Kashmir, India. Drass sector is having so many values for India as the fight between India and Pakistan was held at this place. Thinking about the beauty of this valley, it is the kind of wonder land having ice all surroundings. The stunning view of White Mountains from the Drass hill is different experience for visitors.
However, some bad things happened in past so tourist are not coming to Drass at that frequent. Checking the present conditions everything is cool and calm maintained by the Indian army. Drass is most beautiful hill station of India connected to Tibet, China in diverse side.  

Drass is the small town known as flat and open area but the surrounding of the Drass is completely hill areas covered with ice. The wide river in Drass is the source of drinking water for the local. Reaching Drass in summer is best option as every corner is completely green, though the winter could be little trouble as the river itself get covered with snow in season. The recorded lowest temperature of Drass was -40 degree Celsius. Snowfall could be great feeling for the visitors in winter season.

The town was named after the Dras river flows from the Valley created by the Machoi glacier. Reaching Drass allow visitors to take pleasure of Kargil which is just 60 kms away located in Srinagar State, India.

Nature lovers can enjoy trekking and many other events at Drass conducted by local administration. Mostly the 3-day trek events are conducted in Suru valley close to Drass sector. Visitors can enjoy watching others for trekking. The stunning upland villages and green sprinkled fields on two sides of the Drass Valley are amazing. Amarnath is another close location to Drass that means tourist can enjoy plenty of tourist and religious spots once they reach to Drass.

Major Spots of Drass:

Zoji La: Zoji La pass is the first attraction in Drass. Here tourist can watch the Himalaya hills towards Ladakh. Autumn is the risky period in Zoji La else other all monsoons are quite comfortable and best to visit.

Puga Valley: another tourist destination in this beautiful Indian tourist place is the Puga Valley. This valley is world-famous for producing hot water springs even in coolest weather. Bath of hot water at this valley is diverse experience for visitors. People are coming to Puga Valley specially to take hot spring bath between coolest temperatures. People having rheumatism or any skin diseases must take bath in this valley to get rid of all types of skin problems.

Trekking: the high hills allow adventures people to take pleasure of trekking. The 3-day trek in Suru valley is special thing for viewers as well as participants.

Attaining to Drass:
By Road: reaching Drass is only possible through road. Local buses from Srinagar towards Kargil are touching the Drass land area. Tourist will get the buses from the Kargil in the early morning and reach the Drass. Road journey from Srinagar is also good option as the clean roads allow tourist to drive comfortably. Srinagar is linked properly via Air as the international airport of Srinagar allows diverse flights around the world.

Accommodation in Drass: Countless hotels and loadings are available in Drass through booking in advance is preferred. Furnished rooms and suites are easily accessible so booking can be done according to requirement. Tourist can contact the regional office of Kargil to have suites or room of their choice.

If you are planning to go through diverse routes like Ladakh travelling towards Srinagar then you must carry the TRC (Tourist Registration Certificate) from Tourist Registration Centre located in Drass.

Closest other cities for tourism are Kargil located at 60 kms distance and Srinagar at good distance of 147 kms.


Tokyo is the demanding tourist destination of the world and people are reaching Tokyo at regular intervals. This city of Japan is the capital and biggest urban city on earth. Japanese Imperial Family is living in Tokyo from long ages. The major islands of the city are Honshu and Ogasawara Islands. This Japanese city was established in 1943.

Tokyo is also the 47th Japan's prefectures with multiple towns and villages in the west side. Earlier the name of the Tokyo city was Edo. Since lots of years Edo was the political center till 1603. However, Tokugawa Ieyasu set up his feudal rule in the city. Slowly Tokyo (old name EDO) started gaining popularity because of natural beauty as well as city development. Meiji Re-establishment in 1868 was the period when the emperor of Japan changed the name of EDO to Tokyo and stated the city as capital of Japan. However, Kanto Earthquake in 1923 destroyed maximum land areas of the city.

At present Tokyo is turned as preferred place for honeymoon lovers, though there are countless spots where tourist can visit and make their moment special. Maximum visitors are enjoying shopping, cultural entertainment and food of the city. The monuments and museums of the city are capable to teach the history of Tokyo to the world.

Attraction in Tokyo:
Tsukiji Fish Market: the largest wholesale souk of Tokyo is famous for fruits, fish and vegetables. Tokyo is largest meat producing city having countless markets and shops in Tsukiji Fish Market. This market is registered in several world record books for supplying over 2,000 tons of sea products every day.

Akihabara: also known as Akiba is the region in central Tokyo. People love to buy Japanese electronic products at very affordable prices can reach Akihabara market. The market is growing everyday as new shops are getting opened all the time. Japan is world-known to its electronic technology and Akihabara is the place where all kind of electronic goods are available.

Koishikawa Korakuen: this is Tokyo's oldest gardens popular for greenery and natural beauty and was built between 1600 to 1867. This park was named after the poem heartening a ruler to take pleasure of sweet flowers and cool air.

Tokyo Imperial Palace: this Palace is situated in the Edo Castle. Here tourist can enjoy large park surrounded with moats and enormous stone walls. Tourist can also watch the large plaza located in front of the Palace. Some other things to view are Nijubashi, two bridges and some ground area. The bridge made of stone is known as Meganebashi, though it looks like glass material.

Hama Rikyu: This large and attractive garden located in central Tokyo is next spot for visitors. Tourist can view the Tokyo Bay, seawater ponds, and the teahouse at this spot. It is kind of island having astonishing beauty of nature.

Imperial Palace East Gardens: these east Gardens are open for the public. Edo Castle is also most enjoyable place for visitors reaching to these gardens. Honmaru and ninomaru are two major circles that tourist can enjoy in the mentioned gardens.

Shibuya: the next added list for visitors is Shibuya which is 23 city region of Tokyo. Shibuya is demanding shopping center where tourist can entertainment themselves while shopping. The road shows and events conducted in this area are popular. This center of youth fashion is the origin Japan's fashion industry.

Shinjuku: next is Shinjuku known for large entertainment and business area of Tokyo. The station of Shinjuku is world's active railway station and around 2 million travelers are using the station each day.

Harajuku: this is the Japan's most adolescent cultural place offers shopping and historic sight views. Trendy shops, used clothes stores, fashion boutiques, crepe places and food outlets are available at this place.

Meiji Shrine: this holy place is dedicated to the sacred spirits of Ruler Meiji. The shrine is located beside the JR Yamanote Harajuku Station. Emperor Meiji was having big role in modernization of Japan especially for Tokyo City.

Shinjuku Gyoen: this is Tokyo's main popular park situated just at walking distance from Shinjuku Station. The spacious turfs by walking paths and panorama view at Shinjuku Gyoen are special thing for visitors. This park is also the Tokyo’s botanical garden popular for stunning flowers and trees.

Yoyogi Koen: another park of Tokyo is Yoyogi Koen having wide lawns, lakes and jungle areas. The best place for jogging, outdoor activities and picnicking is Yoyogi Koen Park.

Tokyo Skytree: the tower of television broadcasting is next tourist spot of Tokyo. This tower is known as centerpiece of the city which is located nearby the Asakusa tourist place. The average height of tower is 634 meters which is the largest height of any Japan building.

Asakusa: this place is popular as holy location as the Buddhist temple is located in Sensoji, Asakusa. To reach the shrine visitors have to attain Nakamise.

The countless tourist spots of Tokyo are available where tourist can reach like Tokyo Solamachi, Sensoji Temple, Ueno Park, Rikugien Garden, Odaiba, Institute for Nature, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disneyland, Ghibli Museum, Sanja Matsuri, Tokyo Motor Show, Tokyo Anime Fair, Tokyo Game Show, Sanno Matsuri,Tokyo Marathon, and Ceatec Japan.

Some nearby spots of Tokyo city are Nikko, Kamakura, Fuji Five Lakes, Hakone, Yokohama, Kusatsu Onsen, Izu Peninsula, Naritasan Temple, Minakami, Kawagoe, Ikaho Onsen, and Kawasaki.

Attaining to Tokyo:
By Air: the big international airport of Tokyo is properly linked to the world’s other airports. Countless flights from different nations are regularly reaching Tokyo so the most convenient method to attain the city is airline. Flights from Europe, North America, Asia and other destinations are having flights for Tokyo. Narita International airport of Japan is just 80 kms from the city. Some more big international airports of Japan are Kyushu, Osaka and Sapporo close to Tokyo as well.

By Rail: The Japan is famous for fastest rails in the world that means the railway station facility is finest as well. Railway system of Japan is perhaps top in the world. The fastest train ‘Shinkansen’, bullet trains and regular trains from diverse stations are available in Japan to reach different parts of the country. Train to Tokyo is available from almost every corner of the Japan.

By Bus: renting a car is best way to enjoy the clean and maintained roads of Japan. Local bus service is excellent in Japan so tourist will not face any problem with the transportation in the city or even country.


India is turned as the favourite destination for a tourist these days. The reason behind is popularity of tourist destinations as many big websites are created with countless information on numerous spots. Kanyakumari is the place having religious background and some astonishing natural spots for vacations. Southern India is unique with ample of religious and historical places covered with the Indian Ocean. Kanyakumari is the place where three different seas are getting united.
This beach city is named on goddess Amman Kanyakumari, which is the reason that people have religious faith in this place. The exuberant view such as sunrise and sunset is special thing to watch in Kanyakumari. The big beaches allow an unlimited tourist to enjoy the waves of sea and beautiful beaches. The sands at such beaches are unique with multicolor. With enormous tourist reaching this spot every year makes it a different Indian tourist place, particularly for such people love nature. Kanyakumari is also famous because it is the end location of India where the India ends their land limit. The next land destination after Kanyakumari is Sri Lanka and because of such a thing Kanyakumari is having lots of importance for Indians.
A tourist attraction at Kanyakumari:
Kanyakumari Shrine: the shrine where worship of Goddess Durga is performed is Kanyakumari temple. This shrine place is fanatical to Goddess Parvati.

Lady of Ransom Church: the next attraction spot of Kanyakumari is ransom church. This church was assembled in the 15th century so its architectural design is special to watch.

Rock Memorial: Swami Vivekananda memorial is also exclusive spot for a tourist in Kanyakumari. This is the location where Swami ji took long time for meditation. This memorial is constructed in 1970 on the rock in the sea. The big statue of Tamil writer Thiruvallur is also special thing to watch in this memorial. 

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial: another spot in Kanyakumari is Gandhi Memorial, which provides the immense civilizing significance. Mahatma Gandhi toured to Kanyakumari in 1925 and spends his valuable time at this place. Constructed period of this commemorative plaque is 1952.

Government Museum: positioned on the Gandhi Road, government museum was constructed in 1991. Here tourist can view sculptures, paintings and portals of early period.

Vattakottai Fort: a fort known as Vattakottai was constructed by Captain Lannoy on sea board. The motive for structure was to provide shelter to Dutch people.
Padmanabha Puram Palace: a well-known palace of Kanyakumari is located close to Thuckalay. Thuckalay is the small town of near Kanyakumari spread in just 4 kms. The hills of Veli are natural spot for a tourist where the greenery and enjoyable view are available.

Kanyakumari is the small town who can effortlessly be covered in less time so tourist can enjoy the spots multiple times. Spending moment of life could be amazing at this place. Some more destinations available are Lord Datta Temple, Suchindram, Panchappathi, Nagercoil, Udayagiri Fort, Mathur Hanging Trough, Wax museum, Chitharal Jain Monuments, Thirunandikkara temple, Thengapattinam Beach, Olakaruvi waterfalls, Keeriparai, Kodhayar, Pechiparai Reservoir, Thiruparrapu Falls, Muttom, Sanguthurai Beach and Mukkudal reservoir. These all spots are special and available for tourist all time.
Attainment to Kanyakumari:
By Air: closest airbase to Kanyakumari is Trivandrum which is properly connected with International Airport. It is just 87 km away from the city Kanyakumari. Trivandrum is also linked with major cities through domestic airlines.

By Train: Kanyakumari is the junction which means the big rail network is available to reach this place. Trivandrum Central is another big station allied to almost every part of India.

By Bus: countless private and government bus services are accessible from Kanyakumari to various other big cities of India. TNRTC (Tamil Nadu Road Transport Corporation) buses are available to reach Kanyakumari with no worries.

Interesting Pictures of Kanyakumari


Kashmir is a well-known north western region of the India. However, until mid-19th century Kashmir was denoted as the valley between the Great hills of Himalayas and the Pir Panjal Hills. Though, it is changed as the larger area which includes the Indian controlled state of Jammu and Kashmir. Somepart of Kashmir is administered by Pakistani and China.
Kashmir is turned as the vital center of Hinduism and Buddhism. As per record's Shah Mir was the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir came into notice in 1349. He was the ruler who inaugurated the Swati dynasty or Salatin-i-Kashmir. After his rule, another the next five centuries were ruled by Muslim rulers. These five centuries include the Mughals, who came into action from 1526 to 1751. The last ruler group of Muslims in Kashmir was Afghan Durrani Empire, and their period was from 1747 to 1820. The Sikhs came into action in 1846, and the first Sikh ruler was Ranjit Singh.

Kashmir is the ancient Sanskrit word which means land of Kashyap Rishi. According to Hindu Granthas, Kashyap Rishi was Saraswat Brahmin. He was one of the Saptarshis, who played the vital role in founding and formalizing prehistoric Vedic Religion. Later other honourable Kashmiri Pandits named this valley as Kashmir.

Kashmir is always an outstanding experience and people are visiting this beautiful place every year. Experts say this place is heavenly blessed with lots of attractive spots. The main part of visiting Kashmir is it is open for complete year and visitors can enjoy any season at this place. The sheer nature and beauty containing snow, which gives the feeling of silver mountains is amazing. The huge variety of flora and fauna made this place heaven on earth. People who love nature or want to make their honeymoon special should visit Kashmir. The adventure seekers will also get lots of things in this valley as the big hills and flowing water allow them for trekking and rafting events. The majestic mountains, salubrious climate, romantic rivers, valleys with fully covered snow and amazingly designed Mughal gardens are best places to visit in Kashmir.

There are plenty of attractive places where visitors can enjoy and make their moment memorable. This hill station is having huge snow that means people can enjoy skiing and some other activities. 

Tourist Attractions in Kashmir:
Sonmarg: this is the spot having astonishing flower carpeted field, which is covered with beautiful glaciers, snowfields, miniature plateaus, islets and pines. Sonmarg is just 80 kms distant from Srinagar. This place added into the list of highest hill ranges of the world. The sparkling effects and amazing view of the valley from Sonmarg could be diverse experience for visitors. The adventures journey of the valley is also special.
Gulmarg: this world is made after combination of Gul and marg words. The meaning of both words is meadow of a flower. The green slopes and famous beautiful view of nature at Gulmarg are special. It is situated at Baramula district of J&K. The magical meadows with hill resort and snow clad peaks can give the feeling of heaven. Lots of Bollywood movies being made on Kashmir and many big projects are also made on such a beautiful place.
Pahalgam: this is another tourist attraction spot where people can enjoy the natural beauty. The Sheshnag Lake and Lidder River at Pahalgam are best areas to visit.

Srinagar: this is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir State of India. Srinagar is added into the list of most absorbing and fascinating cities of the world. The place is having lots of sacred pilgrimages, aromatic Mughal and beautiful lakes with lots of astonishing gardens. Dal and Wular Lake at Srinagar are special and people can enjoy the houseboats and many other things.
Houseboats: kasti, houseboats and small boats are famous for Kashmir. The beautiful lake with houseboats allows the people to live on water. The houseboats are available for different types, and the services provided such boats are also different. However, charges are varying according to boat and features offered by the boat owners. Many boats are even more luxurious then five-star hotels so visitors can select the houseboat according to their choice. 

Reach Kashmir through different ways:
By Air:
The airport to reach Kashmir is Srinagar. This airport is properly connected with Delhi and many states and cities of India. The frequent flight to Delhi through Jammu is also possible as various airlines are offering the flights from Kashmir to Delhi and other cities.

By Rail: 
Srinagar is the major station to reach Kashmir. The well-known train through out the country is Jammu Tawi and it is available from almost every city and state of India. Advance booking of ticket is available with this train and visitors can enjoy the journey with wonderful nature views throughout the journey. During the holidays or season visit, visitors will get some additional trains as well to reach Kashmir.

By Road: 
Kashmir is well-linked through roads as well. NH1A is connecting Srinagar to Jammu. The roads are clear and properly managed by BRO. The several sharp inclines and hairpin bends could be little dangerous but the journey through road is more excited and adventurous. The roads are maintained by the BRO (Border Roads Organization). Their responsibilities include cleaning the road of any obstructions caused due to natural causes like landslides or heavy snowfall. The world-known Jawahar Tunnel is one which connects Jammu to Kashmir Valley through Pir Panjal range. 
Vaishno Devi - Kashmir, India
Temple is the world-famous holy place for Hindus. This temple is devoted to Maa Shakti, situated in the mounts of Jammu & Kashmir. Vaishno Devi Mata is also recognized as Mata Rani & Vaishnavi. Vaishno Mata is the Mother Goddess of Hindus.
Katra is the nearest town of this temple and the only spot to reach Vaishno Mata Temple. Katra is in the district Reasi in the well-known state of India Jammu& Kashmir. This temple is one of the mainly respected places of adoration in India. This place of pilgrimage is situated at altitude of 5200 feet. The distance between Katra and Temple is around 14 kilometers. Roughly, 8 million devotees are reaching to this temple each year. This temple is the 2nd most visited spiritual place in India, after Tirupati in South India. Maintenance of the temple is done by Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board. Indian railway has a link between Udhampur and Katra, which is being constructed to provide comfort to the visitors and pilgrimage. Closest airport to Katra is Jammu Airport, and visitors will get very high frequency of flights. Many domestic and international airlines are offering services to Jammu Airport.
As per Hindu epic, Mata Vaishno Devi was born in the south India in the residence of Ratnakar Sagar. Before the birth of child, Ratnakar swears one day that he will not interfere in the desire of child. The nick name of Ma Vaishno Devi was Trikuta. Afterward she was called as Vaishnavi as she took birth from Lord Vishnu's family. At the age of 9, she wanted her parents’ permission for doing reparation on the seaside. Vaishnavi prayed to Rama, who was the form of Lord Vishnu. Lord Rama gave the name Vaishnavi to Trikuta and assured her that Lord Rama will take rebirth in Kaliyuga and marry her as Kalki.

Meanwhile, Lord Rama asked Vaishnavi to contemplate in the cavern established in the Trikuta Range of hills, located in North India. Rama gave Trikuta a bow and darts, monkey’s army and lion as her shield. Mata Vaishnavi determined to perceive 'Navratra' for the success of Lord Rama in opposition to Ravan.

Shree Dhar was the keen devotee of Mata Vaishno Devi, and he was residing in a town known as Hansali, which is just 2 kms distant from Katra.

Mata Vaishno temple is situated between big hills of Katra, and the Bhairav temple is another pleased holy spot for Hindus. History behind the Bhairav temple is Mata Vaishno forgive him for his bad works and granted the freedom from the series of rebirth. She grants him a benefit that every devotee had to visit Bhairav Nath's temple situated on the higher hills of Katra.

The way to the temple is vertical and entails extended walk climbing. Otherwise horses and palanquins are available too. From a last couple of years the Helicopter service is also started as a part of journey to the temple.

 Places to visit near Vaishno Devi Temple:

Banganga: This is the holy river known as Ganga. The chilled water of the river comes across the big hills allows pilgrims to take bath and move further.

Geeta Mandir: The next temple for a devotee is Geeta Mandir.
Charan Paduka: Charan Paduka means foot signs, and devotees can watch the signs of foot of Mata Vaishno in this temple.

Adhkuwari: this is the holy place again near to Katra, and visitors can visit the goddess temples at this place. This is also the beginning point of Mata Vaishno Devi Journey. Visitors can have food items at this spot and can enjoy the beautiful nature view. Lots of facilities such as medical aid, drinking water, free accommodation, blankets and many other services are available at Adhkuwari.

Sanjhichhat: visitors will see lots of natural views from different spots, and Sanjhichhat is one of them. This is the spot from where people can hire the helicopter to reach the temple without difficulties. The beautifully designed spot is the attractive place for visitors.
Ample of bhawan are developed near Mata Vaishno Devi's temple so devotees can take a rest in these bhawan before continuing the journey.
Lots of facilities are provided to the devotees by the concerned board of Mata Vaishno temple. So tourist can enjoy the natural beauty, as well as they can get blessings of Mata by visiting the temple.


By Air: closest airport to Vaishno devi is Jammu, which located at just 50 km distance from Katra. Jammu is properly linked with lots of major airports of India such as Delhi, Srinagar and Ladhakh. Frequent flights of various domestic and international companies are available to reach Jammu.

By Train: closest station is Jammu and proper trains are available from various parts of the country. A direct train from Trivandrum is biggest route which connects the Jammu through numerous states of country.

By Bus: The JKSRTC (Jammu & Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation) buses are available for tourist to reach Jammu from where they can easily reach through taxi or other sources to Katra. Deluxe buses are also available for devotees to reach Katra and start their journey. 

Few Interesting Photos of Vaishno Devi Mata


Colombo is one of the biggest cities of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is well-known country having beautiful tourist spots. Colombo city is situated towards the west coast of capital Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte. Colombo is also referred as the capital city of Sri Lanka, though Sri Jayewardenepura is the satellite metropolitan of Sri Lanka. Colombo is the busiest city of the nation having vibrant life.  The colonial buildings at the Colombo are special things to watch. The average population of Colombo is around 752,993. Earlier this city was also known as the political capital of country.

This largest harbor city of Sri Lanka is having East-West sea sides known for different commerce trading’s managed from more than 2,000 years. The country was ceded to British Government and Colombo was declared as capital during such period, though the nation became independent in 1948.

The countless tourism spots of Colombo allow people to make their holidays memorable. People are reaching to this world tourist place throughout the year from different corners of the world. However, few big tourism destinations are described in this small note.
Tourist Spots at Colombo
The Colombo Fort: this fort is popular in Colombo originally made during the Dutch and Portuguese period. Today it is almost converted commercial center where many major offices are opened. Tourist can enjoy several tourist spots inside the fort area like big hotels, shops, banks, airline offices, post office, travel agents, immigration office and cafes.

Pettah: the next tourist spot is Pettah which is just neighboring to Fort. The slight paved avenues covered with street stalls and shops offers most bizarre bargains with unbelievable series of items. The clothes with bright print could be best shopping at this place. Colombo is famous for various clothes varieties such as children wear, warm clothes and many more. Shopping at this place could be dissimilar experience for the visitors. Any kind of special item purchase is possible at Pettah and tourist can buy items to gift friends or relatives by getting amazing items at very affordable prices because huge bargain is allowed in this market.

Galle Face Green: this is the sea site having amazing view of big waves. This path towards the sea is approximately one km long. Galle face green spot is popular since British era. However, the spot was used as horse racing track till 1859 by British government. Nowadays this spot is turned as favorite tourist destination for local and outsiders.

Slave Island: the island named as slaves is famous for night quarters parties and events. Currently the spot is enclosed by the remnants of the past Beira Pond. Here tourist can visit the office buildings, stores and hotels.

Mount Lavinia: the well-known beach of Colombo is Mount Lavinia which is only 12 kms distance from the city. This well-known beach is serving Governor's House constructed in 1805.

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara: devotes of Buddhist must visit Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara where they can take blessings of Buddha at Buddhist temple. Experts believe Buddha teach the lessons of peace to public near around 2000 ages ago. The brilliant statuette of a resting Buddha is special must visit spot of Colombo. Here travelers can enjoy yearly religious parade conducted in every January.

Dehiwala Zoo: the good 11 acres place with variety of animals is another tourist spot for visitors in Colombo. The best wildlife collection of the world makes is special destination for visitors. The best elephant show is must view thing at this zoo which is not common and not conducted anywhere else in the world.

National Museum: the grand royal building includes the National Museum of Colombo. Travelers will learn about the culture of Sri Lanka by visiting this spot.  The palm leaf, rock monuments, collection of books, bronze brassware and weapons collection is most demanding things of this tourist destination.

The Viharamahadevi Park: next tourist spot added to Colombo list is Viharamahadevi Park situated nearby the National Museum. Viharamahadevi is the biggest national park of Colombo. Here, the famous flowering trees, fountains and water channels are special things to watch.

Wolvendaal Church: the oldest church of Colombo is Wolvendaal. The tiles of floor are made of tombstones brought from the Dutch. The church was constructed in 1813 when the special tiles brought to Colombo from Dutch.

Hindu Temples: the best part of Colombo is Hindu temples known as Kovils. The temples of the Hindu Lord Ganesh, Old Kathiresan and New Kathiresan in Colombo are some more religious spots of the city. Tourist can visit these temples to take blessings for their bright future. Some more shrines in Colombo are the Sri Muthumariamman temple and Shiva Subramanian Swami located on Slave Island.

Attaining to Colombo:
By Air: the airport of Colombo allows visitors to reach easily. Domestic flights of Sri Lankan airlines permit the tourist to attain the city easily. The big international airport of Sri Lanka is situated at Katunayake city located near to Negombo. Flights from various parts of the world are reaching this airport. Tourist from Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, Australia, Japan, China, Middle East, Pakistan and India are available in large amount to reach the beautiful island country. Some big airlines having flights to Sri Lanka are Etihad, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates.

By Train: direct trains from BIA (Bandaranaike International Airport) to Colombo are available, though the ticket of single side could be around Rupees 500 (Indian Currency) each person. The important notice for tourist is the train runs one time a day so tourist must book the seat in advance as well as reach the station on time.

By Bus: The SLTB (Sri Lanka Transport Board) is the state-owned bus service. The buses to reach Colombo require some investigation. The maximum people are using bus transport to attain various parts of the country. Tourist must take the dictionary of Sinhalese to English if they don’t want any difficulty to understand the local language of Sri Lanka.

By Boat: Passenger ship from India is also the best to reach Sri Lanka. Comparing the nation with other big countries it is smaller in area and having limited sources to reach diverse places. The ferry from Tuticorin is most demanding and best sailing way to enter the country.