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Cinque Terre - Uneven Land City of Italy

Cinque Terre is the world tourism spot getting huge popularity because of natural beauty. This Italian city is famous as an uneven land structured city. Yes! If you go through the images available on different sources you will come to know the importance for tourist of this metropolis. Our world tourist target of the day is Cinque Terre. However, you have to reach the coastal line of the Italian Riviera so that you can enjoy the spot properly located at Liguria district. If we talk about the attraction of the city, then five villages known as Monterosso al Mare, Corniglia, Vernazza, Riomaggiore and Manarola are major locations for the traveler. We will discuss about these cities in this note later.

Now, if you look at the images you will find it is planned city on hills, though the hillsides are included in the Cinque Terre National Park. Because of its uniqueness and charming beauty the city is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Over the ages, resident’s started constructing their houses carefully. They built terraces on the vertical landscape just next to the cliffs towards the sea. To reach this amazing destination you can try by road, train and boat available at frequent level. However, you cannot reach the town with own car, but you can hire the taxi in the city to enjoy surrounding places. The Cinque Terre city is one of the most popular world tourist cities and Italy is getting popular with the global travelers because of this city.

However, the place is quite unusual because of torrential rains that caused floods and landslides at regular intervals. The major impact on city occur of floods on October 25, 2011. Monterosso al Mare and Vernazza were extensive effected due to floods in the region of Cinque Terre. This city is so beautiful and tourism is becoming another big source of income for the residents.

Vernazza: Cinque Terre is the big region of Italy has several important villages under it. Vernazza is one of them popular for natural bath areas. The impressive cliff and tranquil seaside are another specialty of the city. Earlier this city served the nation as a valuable port for big commercial ships. Travelers will find mysterious alleys, beautifully colored houses and striking views of surrounding at this wonder world tourism place. Summertime is the best period to visit for tourism at this place.

Manarola: Next important attraction of the Cinque Terre region is Manarola. Again famous for natural bathe and amazing picnic spots. It is the vicinity of Riomaggiore Municipality, though it is still the oldest city of Italy. Residents of this town migrated from other villages of Terre. Ruled by Carpena Empire and Fieschi Family till 1276. Here travelers will find different kind of houses as most of them are grouped on the rocky hills.

Riomaggiore: Next tourism spot of the Cinque Terre city is Riomaggiore located a few km distance from Montenero. Located between 2 craggy mounts which slopes into the sea. If we go through the land area the city is divided in two parts. First is North and other is South linked by an underpass to reach another. The longest railway tunnel is placed between the diversion parts of the city. As per records this city was founded by Greek refugees in the 7th century. Different feudal families ruled the city like Turcotti, Ripalta, families of Cerico, and Fieschi. We know that complete Cinque Terre city is famous for colored and different styled houses. However, unique and amazing designed homes of Riomaggiore are top, then other cities of Terre. The romantic footpath starts Via dell’Amore (also a part of Blue Path). This path ends at Manarola so if you reach this place means you will attain to Manarola. Few other impressive spots of this city are St John Baptist Church, chapels and Oratory, Riomaggiore Castle, and entry point of Via dell'Amore.

Monterosso: Another important spot of this world tourist place spread over 2 inlets. Aurora Tower located closer to Bruanco River is a key attraction of this city. You will find the historical core in Monterosso. It is also famous for the largest beach of the Cinque Terre city just closer to the railway station. If we evaluate the best railway stations of the world located closer to sea than Monterosso comes first in the list. Nearly 2000 residents live in Monterosso and major sources of income for these residents is tourism. You will find Giovanni Battista Church, Capuchin Monastery, Oratories, Castle, towers, walls and Giant.

Corniglia: Attractive locations are limited in Cinque Terre, but each city is best for tourism. Corniglia is city reachable through train, though you have to take 382 stairs. However, bus service is available as well to reach Corniglia. Average cost of ticket to destination is 1.50 Euro. Places to visit in the city are St. Peter Church, Oratory of the St Catherine Flagellants, Genovese fortifications Remains, Spiaggione big beach and nudist beach known as Guvano.

The Blue Path: Most fabulous and recognized path known to the world. You must not miss this place if you are visiting the Cinque Terre. This path is 12 km long connecting the Prevo to Vernazza. The itinerary of path is 8 kilometers long linked to Via dell'Amore. The actual name of blue path is Sentiero Azzurro and it takes nearly five hours to complete the cross path.

The High Path: Another valuable location of the city that is one of the most difficult paths. Only serious hiker is allowed to reach this location due to dangerous paths. It is the trekking area beyond Cinque Terre National Park links two towns Levanto and Portovenere. The surrounding area is wonderful in this city so stay for some more time in the village if you want to make the moment memorable.

The few other important locations to visit in Cinque Terre are Sanctuaries path, Eat Street and Beach square. You can stay for a longer time at Terre town, though you need to go for advance booking of hotels as the accommodation could be a small problem in the city because of the heavy crowd reaching the town throughout the year.

How to reach Cinque Terre?
By Air:
The nearest airport for destination is Pisa. However, another airport available for Terre is Genova. You can also plan for Firenze airport that is connected to many big cities of the world. Once you reach Genova you can get the train for Milan that is just 2 hours distance from the destination.

By Rail: Cinque Terre is having countless villages under it and these villages are properly linked to each other through train. Some of the stations are having only local trains so be sure before getting your train to the destination. Frequent trains are available from Genova, though La Spezia is having good amount of trains as well.

By Road: Get the route of La Spezia if you really want to enjoy the journey through road. Get the route of Litoranea from La Spezia as the complete route is full of natural beauty and deep valleys.

Overall Cinque Terre is the most wonderful place to visit on holidays. So prepare a plan and reach your dream place to make holidays memorable.