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Vancouver – The Amaze of North America

Canada is one of the well-known and glamorous countries of North America. It comprises of 3 zones and 10 provinces. This scenic nation is situated in the northern region of the continent. The city is spread from Pacific to Atlantic, and towards the north it covers the Arctic Ocean.

If you are nature lover then for sure you cannot miss visiting Canada. There are many unbelievable tourist attracting spots. However, let us talk about the top rated city of Canada which is called Vancouver.

Vancouver:  This city of Canada was selected for the 2010 Olympic sports of winter. There are many sports events that keep take place in this town. Natives of Vancouver spend their holidays by surfing at beaches, skiing on mountains and have a family time at Stanley Park.  If you are sports lover then you should not miss this place of the Globe.

Apart, from this there are many other attractions like museums and outside market place. The places that are not to be missed are listed below:

Stanley Park: One entire day will also be less, once you start determining this place.  This Park is spread over in thousand acres of land. If you want to make your trip more enjoyable, you should prefer walking, jogging or cycling like the natives of the city. Once you cover fourteen miles you will see a huge water fall. This scene will make you feel refreshing. The route starts from the convention center and ends at Kitsilano Beach Park.

Granville Island: This is the neighborhood of Vancouver. This city has its own popularity, it is also known as a small town. There are many restaurants, where you can grab the food of your choice. This mini town has amazing theatres and galleries as well. However, the main loved place of visitors is the local market of the Granville Island. You can get a good opportunity of grabbing the local arts. If the weather temperature is friendly then you can get a chance to sit by water side and relish your snacks and baked products from the food counters.

Other gazing views of the town are Queen Elizabeth Park, Kitsilano beach, Spanish bank beaches, Vandusen botanical garden, yale town, grouse mountain, British Columbia University, Anthropology museum, Vancouver Marine science center and Capilano suspension Bridge.

You can reach Vancouver from all International big terminals. There are flights from all famous countries of the Globe. Once you reach Vancouver, to make your travel relaxed you can hire a tour guide. There are many agencies you provide you a complete tour package such as site seeing, accommodation and travelling facilities.  Talking about the entire beauty and modesty of Vancouver is not possible in this little article.

How to reach Vancouver?
By Air: International Airport Vancouver is available for visitors to reach the destination easily. YVR is the code of airport located closer to southern part of Vancouver City. If we compare the big airports of Canada this is the 2nd busiest air hub for travelers. Flights from Western Canada are available in large quantity. Though some other cities and nations having direct flights for Vancouver are British Columbia, U.S.A, Asia and several to Europe cities. Star Alliance is the key airlines for air buses for the city.

By Road: City holds good road service and travelers can hire the car or can go for city buses to reach their favorite destination. Canada is the beautiful country and its cities are properly maintained by the administration. Highway 1 is best example of the clean and smooth routes of the city. This highway connects the Vancouver to Tran’s cities. If people are hiring the car then they must carry the route map that will be convenient method for you to reach the attraction spots of the city. Special buses are available from the tourism department in Vancouver for voyagers. Reach Pacific Central Station to avail the bus services.

By Rail: Railway is the cheapest mode of transport in the city and the best part is routes to all parts of the city is full of scenery so voyagers will definitely enjoy the train journey in the city. Canadian and Toronto cities are perfectly connected to Vancouver city.

By Boat: People who love to attain the islands or having special attraction of boat rides or ferry rides can enjoy such in Vancouver.

Overall there are countless methods to reach the city from various parts of the country. Abroad visitors can plan their trip and book the transport mode to take pleasure of this wonder city in proper manner. Advance booking is preferred who are reaching the city for the first time as city is getting more and more voyagers every year.