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Paris - Tourist Place of Europe

The world-famous tourist place Paris is first choice for honeymoon lovers. Paris is the well-known capital of France of Europe Continent situated on the Seine River. Paris is also known as art city of France and placed at 12th position for learning centres in arts. This world's foremost business centre is popular for cultural activities, and people are reaching throughout the world to Paris to several art activities. The headquarters of international associations like OECD, UNESCO, ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) and ESA (the European Space Agency) are established at Paris. 

Experts call Paris as one of the most liveable and greenest cities of Europe. However, Paris is also listed as the most expensive city of Europe so a tourist must have to spend more money for vacations. Paris plays the vital role of the economy centre for Europe as it produced US $759.9 billion in 2010 by producing domestic products. Countless research and development centres of Paris make it busier city of Europe. Approximately, 42 million visitors are reaching Paris every year, which makes the city the most favourite tourist spot. There are around 3800 historical memorials and four World Heritage spots of UNESCO.

Some favourable tourist places in Paris are:

The Louvre: This is the spot where visitors can enjoy the painting, sculpture, decorative items of pre-20th century. Louvre is known as the most popular tourist spot of Paris and visitors must visit this centre.

Notre Dame Cathedral: the spot of marvel gothic structural design is the next big tourist place of Paris. This most stunning cathedral of Paris is listed in top cathedrals of Europe. Special things to watch at this spot are dramatic towers, stained glass, spire and statuary. Approximately, 100 years and hard work of labour completed the structure of Cathedral Dame.  North tower climbing from the hunchback is also the best spot of Paris, which is the breathtaking place.

Eiffel Tower: Paris is known throughout the world for Eiffel Tower. It is used as a landmark of the city represents the stylish and modern Paris to the world. The tower is made of iron, though it was constructed in 1889 as the world exhibition tower by Gustave Eiffel. Countless Hollywood movies have enrolled this tower for various scenes. The festive lights at special occasions make it more beautiful, which attracts the visitors.

Musee d'Orsay: the next world tourist place added to the list is the Musee d'Orsay. Walking over the flyover from the Louvre and watching classical and contemporary art could be different experience for visitors. Orsay is the house of world's vital collection of mimic and post-impersonator paintings. The amazing air rooms on 3 floors of contemporary wonders and water lilies are special to watch in Musee d'Orsay.

The Latin Quarter and Sorbonne: The University of Sorbonne is the momentous soul of the Latin. This university was established in 1257 for teaching the few students of theology. This Europe's oldest academia is constructed with old style, which allows the people to learn about ancient times of Europe.

The Champs-Elysées and Arc de Triomphe: here the visitors can enjoy watching 164-foot arc de Triomphe specially made by Ruler Napoleon. The beautiful monuments of arch are made to honour the Napoleon’s soldiers and generals.

Centre Georges Pompidou: to learn from the Parisians culture people should reach Centre Georges Pompidou. However, tourists have to reach the neighbourhood Beau Bourg for this museum.

Sacre Coeur and Montmartre: this world tourist place is made of white stone. The scare Coeur is situated at the uppermost peak of Paris. The garish gold mix interior with theatrical terrace is special thing to watch at this spot.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery: these are the finest poetic cemeteries of Paris containing countless popular statues. Jim Morrison was the doors lead singer of Paris, and his tomb is reserved steady by fans.

Touring Seine River by boat: the most amazing event in Paris is boating in Seine River. Some big companies like Bateaux Parisians are having package of 1 or two-hour tours of River Seine.

Attaining to Paris:
By Air: the two major airbases of Paris are POIA (Paris Orly International Airport) and Charles de Gaulle's airport. Most of the international flights go through these airports such as Delta Airlines, Air France, British Airways, Air Canada, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways and Lufthansa. The frequent flights from mentioned airlines permit visitors to reach the spot with no worries. Journey between London to Paris is just 1 hour by flight so reaching London from various parts around the world is the also best route to reach Paris.

By Rail: the major 6 railway stations of Paris are directly connected with various parts throughout the country. Direct train to London and other European capitals permits the tourist to reach destination easily. 

By Road: those who love to travel through road can connect to Anglo-French tunnel, which connects the Paris to Kent in the United Kingdom.

Some amazing images of Paris Tourist Spots:



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