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Istanbul - Historical City of Turkey

A place listed on the 2nd spot for world tourism. This article is about the city of Turkey known as Istanbul famous for historically and Byzantium. However, Istanbul is the city having highest population of Turkey. It is also the economic, historic and cultural center of country. It separates the two big continents Europe and Asia through the Marmara and Black Sea. Its rich historical culture is enough to attract visitors. Many Hollywood and Bollywood movie shootings are performed at various parts of Istanbul.  This wonder city is having number of places to visit and it’s hard to cover all places in this short note, though we tried to cover maximum spots of city for you.

If we go through the history of this city we will find it was renamed many times by different rulers of various dynasties. In the last city was named as Istanbul during the ruling period of Ottomans. Without waiting time we will discuss the spots for you. We don’t want you to be bored with your long debate about the city.

So here comes the list of places you can enjoy in the wonder land Istanbul:
City is having many places for travelers and to make things easy we have divided the spots in 4 categories such as Museums, Fun Eats, Experience and Sightseeing.

·         Museums
Hagia Sophia Museum: The most beautiful and spot of Istanbul educating people about the history of city. Entry is paid and you will be charged €12, though if you have tourist pass of Istanbul, then entry is free. Hagia is 1500 years old and it was served as imperial mosque ages before. Large number of people regularly visits Hagia and if you have tourist pass it will be easy for you to enter. However, if you buy the ticket at Museum, then it will take hours for you to enter this beautiful museum. Remember you cannot transfer your ticket to others and you will not be able to enter with your private guide in the museum.
o   Timings for museum are different in winter and summer. From 1st October to April 15th is considered as winter season in Istanbul. The timing of this museum during such period is 9 am to 5 pm.
o   Summer period starts from 15th April to 1st October and timing to enter museum is between 9 am to 7 pm. In both seasons last admission is 1 hour before the closing time. Museum remains closed for half day on early days of Ramadan and Sacrifice festival.

How to reach Hagia?
Hagia is located in Sultanahmet Square of city. You can avail T1 Tram Line to reach Sultanahmet. If you are staying in hotel at old-town area, then you can get the tram to Sultanahmet easily. Public transport is available in city for Hagia so no matter if you miss or not able to get Tram you can use other public transportation to reach Hagai.

Topkapi Palace Museum: The most secreted place in history because it was the primary residence of Ottoman rulers for not less than 600 years. Visit the museum and learn the royal life Ottoman rulers used to live. It is the most visited museum of Turkey. Yes! That’s fact and people who reach Turkey never miss to attain Topkapi. You can enjoy the exhibitions and several events regularly conducted at this museum. In 1924 this palace was converted to Museum, but some portion of museum is still covered and visitors are not allowed to enter. Entry to museum is paid and you will be charged €12, though condition is same for this museum as well like Hagia. If you buy tourist pass of Istanbul through authorized dealer, then your entry will be free.

o   Timing during summer is from 9 am to 6:45 pm.
o   Timing during winter season is from 9 am to 4:45 pm.

How to reach Topkapi?
Museum is closed on Tuesday every week so plan you trip accordingly. It is also closed on religious festivals so get the details of museum before planning to visit. To reach Topkapi museum follow the same route of Hagia as this museum is also located closer to Sultanahmet Square.

·         Fun Eats
Bosphorus Dinner Cruise: Do you love to spend time at Cruise, then get the tickets of Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. You can get the free admission, meals and show passes if you buy Istanbul tourist pass or else you have to pay €60. It could be a unique cruise experience for you because lots of events are conducted in Bosphorus Dinner cruise. Turkish musical performance such Katibim is best example of that. You can also enjoy some mythological play like Aşuk Maşuk, Tambourine Dance, ceremony of Henna, folk performance by Turna team and some other shows. Belly dance performed by expert is also a part of this trip. As it is the dinner cruise you are getting a chance to enjoy the delicious Turkeys food.

o   Cruise will depart at 8:30 pm and will return at 12 am isn’t that amazing? Now reaching the cruise is easy like you can register for pick-up from your hotel to curise, but you have to reserve your seat 1 day before the visit.

Hard Rock Cafe: Dhamal or full entertainment is possible at Hard Rock Cage of Istanbul. You have to pay €14 if you are not having the tourist pass of the city. If you have the pass, then you will get free admission and Bosphorus Burger along with Fries and Milkshake. Traditional taste of food at this café is major attraction for visitors. The café is located at famous Istanbul Avenue Vibe. Experts suggest this café as most fun loving and vibrant café of Istanbul.

o   Timing for Café is different on Sunday through Thursday and Friday to Saturday. From Sunday to Thursday it opens at 12 pm and closed at 12 am.
o   On Friday to Saturday café will open at 12 pm and close at 1 am.

How to reach Hard Rock Café?
Located at front of Galatasaray School next to Taksim square. M2 metro line is easily available for Galatasaray School so no worries to reach the best café.

·         Experiences in Istanbul:
Bath experience at Turkish: relax yourself with different style of Turkish bath, though gate pass will cost you €26. If you buy the tourist pass the entry will be free like other parts of Istanbul.

Show of Whirling Dervishes: Next experience that you can take in city is Dervishes show that will cost you €22 to enter. However, if you buy pass the entry will be cashless to Whirling Dervishes show.

SEA Life Aquarium of Istanbul: Next spot to experience in Istanbul is Sea Life aquarium and you have to pay €15 to enter the spot. Again if you buy the tourism pass you will get free entry to aquarium as well.

·         Top Sightseeing Acts in Istanbul:
Whichever place you plan for holidays the first thing comes into mind is the sightseeing areas because every place is unique and having different features such as climate conditions, food, hospitality, beauty of city and many more. Istanbul is serving their visitors with top sightseeing activities in the city.

Hop-on Hop-off Boat Tour: Take the pleasure of boat tour at Bosphorus at very nominal price. You just have to pay €8 as entry fee, though it’s free with tourism package. Sailing in amazing boat at Istanbul city is going to be best experience of your life. This tour is not only about the beauty of Bosphorus it is also a travel to best National Palaces with no traffic. The best feature of this boating is you can hop-off at your favorite stop, enjoy the stop and get the other boat for hop-back at same spot for next stop. It’s around two hour tour if you have not taken any hop-off.

o   Route of this boating starts from Kabataş Port. The next stop will be Besiktas, and you can enjoy Dolmabahçe Palace at this place. Some lovely parks are also available at stop such as Kucuksu Pavilion at Beylerbeyi Palace.

o   Timing for Boating:
Ø  Kabatas: Boat is available at every hour though duration is from 12:45 to 15:45.
Ø  Besiktas: Boat is available at every hour though duration is from 12:55 to 15:55
Ø  Emirgan: Boat is available at every hour though duration is from 13:35 to 16:35
Ø  Kucuksu: Boat is available at every hour though duration is from 13:50 to 16:50
Ø  Beylerbeyi: Boat is available at every hour though duration is from 14:10 to 17:10.

How to reach there?
You can get the T1 line to reach Kabatas station. Start walking towards sea-side and reach at Dentur Avrasya Port to avail your first boat.

Hop-Off Hop-On Tour on Bus: The same way like hop-off and hop-on of boating you can go for buses as well. If you will not buy the tourism pass, then you have to pay €33 to avail this offer. Magnificent view of city from the bus is best thing in Istanbul. This tour starts at Sultanahmet Square and finishes at same as well. This tour allows you to take pleasure of Istanbul’s top sights. Buses in such tour are open from the top so you are getting a complete enjoyment package. The two routes of this tour offer different vital landmarks of historical sites. First route is named as Red Route that is taking visitors to the Old City, Galata Bridge, Taksim Square and Bosphorus. Second route is known as Blue Route that is offering the visit of beautiful Golden Horn and the cultural journey of diverse civilizations in Istanbul. The package includes free Wi-Fi at bus so stays connected with your members through internet and share your bus experience immediately. Timings for this route are different according to seasons. You will get the list of timings from the tourism center or you can reach the bus office to attain such information.

How to reach Istanbul?
Flight is the easiest way to reach Istanbul. The biggest airport for Istanbul is Ataturk International.  Most of the visitors from different nations are reaching Ataturk Airport for Istanbul. The airbase is located at Yesilkoy that is on the European side of city. Airport is only 28 km away the central city. Next airport for Istanbul is Sabiha Gokcen Airport located at Kurtkoy. Food and drinks at both airports will be higher so before order please check the prices. Bus, taxi, tram and Metro or shuttle van are best mode of transport in city. Flights for Istanbul are available from Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria. You will get flights from Greece as well for Istanbul. Basically Middle East is properly connected to Istanbul from various parts.

Note: Get the local map from location stores in Istanbul. This will help you to locate the places easily and you will not get missed as well.