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Hallstatt - Wonder Lake City of Austria

If somebody ask me my favorite destination for tourism then I will prefer to go to Hallstatt, a wonderful town of Austria. Hallstatt is basically village comes under Salzkammergut region of Austria. However, the town is famous for countless things and salt production is one of them. Culture of Hallstatt is similar to Celtic, pre-Illyrian and Proto-Celtic people of Europe. 

I personally believe every tourism place is unique and have different features. Hallstatt is beautiful and full of nature made locations. The clear and striking images available at Google and different websites are enough to state that this place is wonder and best creation of God. 

Hallstatt town is also declared as UNESCO World Heritage site because of human activity and natural landscape. The ancient history is spectacular of Hallstatt. Describing the beauty of this world tourism place is not possible in simple words so we will not waste the time of our best readers and will discuss about the tourist attractions of the town. 

Attraction of Hallstatt:
Hallstatt town is 7,000 years old and its more older than Rome. 

Hallstatt City View: View of this amazing city gives different feeling to you. Start your journey from Hallstatt bus stop and take pleasure of panoramic view of lake, mountains backdrop, green valleys and swans view in the lake. Austrian King Franz Josef brought swan to Hallstatt in 1860 and Empress Sisi came here on annual retreats.  

Funicular: Next attraction of the town is Funicular an amazing spot. Funicular is surrounded with Alpine mounts. I am a good trekker and I love to visit exiting and dangerous places for my adventure. However, Funicular is not at all trouble location, but the trekking of 3 minutes to climb 855 meters height is best experience here. 

Rudolf's Tower: Also known as Rudolfsurm is another spot for voyagers. Rudolf's Tower is having 855 meters more height than Hallstatt town. Surrounding view is best to do from Rudolf tower. Construction of this tower was done in 1282 by Duke Albrecht of Austria. 

Hallstatt Salt Mine: Also recognized as Salzwelten is the place famous as oldest salt mine. In early 19th century, the labors discovered a pick built of stag horn and that was the starting phase of this mine place. As per sources the mine is nearly 7,000 years old and that makes this place oldest mind of the world. 

Hallstatt Stroll: Frankly speaking, the Hallstatt is wonder place and the major attraction of the town is their tight timber homes. The houses are built close to each other like a single wall is used for two houses. One thing is for sure that you will not get this kind of view in the world except Hallstatt.

Braugasthof: A computer guesthouse served as the salt manufacturing office. The quick ground developed center since beginning that is also known as Market Brewery.  It is basically a restaurant famous for stack beer known as Braugasthof.

Museum: History of any place can be learnt by visiting museum and the similar rule follows with Hallstatt. This town is major source of salt production, but the power came to the city in nearly 800 to 400 BC. Since that period Hallstatt town got popularity and got trade connection with many big nations. This museum established in 2002 is having stuffs that help people to learn the 7,000 year old history of the town. 

Dirndl-To-Go: You love to click images at different locations, then reach Dirndl-To-Go. A place where you will feel like you are at World Heritage center. This is the busiest area of Hallstatt and time hours when you can click more photos are form Wednesday to Sunday between 1pm to 6pm. 

Gasthof Simony: The narrow pathway market where you can buy some amazing handmade stuffs. You will get some memorable places here so don’t forget to carry your camera. Alley's buildings are key attractions of Gasthof as they are made of bright multicolor stone. 

Market Square: One more spot for you also known as Marktplatz that is famous for early age livings. After seeing this square you will easily get the idea about the glory days of Hallstatt. Here Christmas is big festival and travelers must plan their trip on Christmas holidays. 

Talking about each space will get you bored. In short, some other knowing places to visit in Hallstatt are Gasthof Zauner, Ruth Zimmerman's Pub & Café, Gasthof Gruner Baum, Protestant Church, Stepanie Boat Ride, Catholic Church & Cemetery, Bone House and Classic View Point. 

Boat riding: the boats and yachts in lake are major attraction for travelers. The reason is surrounding of lake is full of snow peaks and greenery. You will get different experience by visiting Hallstatt. The boat ride will take you to the tiny railway station. However, you can plan your return to your home from Attnang-Puchheim stations. 

How to reach Hallstatt?
By Train: Hallstatt station is available having train line is between Salzburg and Vienna, though you have to get down at Attnang-Puchheim. From this place you have to get the train of Obertraun and Bad Ischl. Hallstatt station is closer to Bad Ischl then Obertraun. 

By Bus: Cesky Krumlov Shuttle is available in Hallstatt that is used as door-to-door transportation from Hallstatt to Salzburg, Český Krumlov and Linz. Bean Shuttle is one of the cheapest shuttle available between Cesky Krumlov and Hallstatt.