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Gulmarg - Indian Hill Station

“धरती पर कहीं स्वर्ग है तो वो कश्मीर है।“ This is the famous dialog that people say about Indian state Jammu and Kashmir. However, Kashmir’s maximum part is covered with high hills and snow. Our todays target for voyagers is Gulmarg that is one of the finest natural beauty spots of India. Gulmarg is the all-time favorite, though winter is chilled season and not easy for people to visit at such a period. It is the hill station popular for skiing event. If you have made your mind to reach this place, then you have to start your journey from Baramula (another hill station of Kashmir).

Gulmarg is located on LOC that separates the Pakistan from India. The view of Himalaya range is clear from this town. You must view the amazing pictures of this place before justifying that if the place is best to visit or not. The scenery, snow covered mounts, green valleys and twisted roads on hills are major attraction of this place.

Climate: the important factor that needs attention while planning for Gulmarg visit. If you want to enjoy the greenery and the rose valleys then you can visit the town from April to October. Snow fall and the snow-covered peaks are visible from November to February. Maximum temperature of Gulmarg is recorded around 33 degrees celsius, and average minimum temperature is -4 degree Celsius. You will be surprised the town got the lowest temperature of -38 degree few years back. It becomes really difficult for voyagers to stay in winter season.

If you go through historical evidence, the city is named after Goddess Parvati. Here the Gauri (Parvati) + Marg (Meadow) turns into Gulmarg. Literature meaning for this word is Meadow of Mata Parvati. Lord Shiva’s temple is located in the middle of Meadow. In an ancient period, Gulmarg was the prime location for Hindu rulers.

Gulmarg is absolutely reachable from Srinagar. If you are coming from abroad cities, then you can easily get the flights for Srinagar International Airport. Srinagar is the capital of Kashmir, and it is another tourist destination of India. The distance between Srinagar and Gulmarg is just 2 hours. Private taxi and buses are available from the outer area of Srinagar station. Tangmarg is the town comes between the journey of Srinagar and Gulmarg.
Nature lovers always look at the places that are full of beauty, scenery and stupendous valleys. Gulmarg is the Indian tourist place having amazing spots made by nature itself.

An attraction of Gulmarg:
Gondola: Initial place of Gulmarg is Gondola that is the breathtaking place famous for Cable Car and skiing event. Gondola is just 1 km away from city bus stand. Lift ride of Gondola separates it into two segments. One starts from Gulmarg to Kongdoor and other from Kongdoor to Apherwat. The average height of this lift is 2690 meters to 3090 meters.

Snow Events: If you are the sports lover and want to enjoy the skiing events, afterwards reach Gulmarg. This city is also having snowboarding events that make it special destination then other locations of India. In winter, the whole area gets covered with thick white sheet of snow. The natural slopes Gulmarg hills are perfect for skiing beginners. You can also enjoy the paragliding and some other sky events in this place as well.

Alpather Lake: Reach the next-best tourist place of Gulmarg established at the only gap of 13 km. It is the lake famous for serene and stunning view. Its shape is triangular placed perfectly with the picturesque surroundings of snowcapped peaks. The estates and gardens near the lake add charm to the beauty this place. Lake water gets a freeze in winter, though in summer you can enjoy watching floating ice pieces with flowing crystal-clear water.

Baba Reshi Temple: Constructed in 1480 dedicated to Muslim Saint Reshi Baba. Baba was the imperative person during the ruling period of Monarch Zain Ul Abidin. The structural design of the temple is similar to structure of Mughals and Persian architecture.

St Mary's Church: An important place of worship located in the shepherd's valley of Gulmarg. This church was constructed by the British East India Company around 150 years back.

Maharani Temple: Constructed in 1915 also known as Mohineshwar Shivalaya. The idol of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati is amazingly structured. Mohini Bai Sisodia was the constructor of this temple. It was built under the ruling of Maharaja Hari Singh of J&K.

Golf Club: Do you like to pay golf on high hills? Golf Club of Gulmarg was founded by British Government in 1911. The splendid green golf grounds are the best part to view in the club.

Travel options for Gulmarg:
By Air: Closest domestic and international airport for Gulmarg is Srinagar located at only 56 km distance. Flights for Srinagar are available from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and many other cities of India.

By Train: Jammu Tavi railway station is the big rail hub to reach Gulmarg. It is located at distance of 290 km from Gulmarg.

By Bus: Srinagar is the capital having beautiful roads with greenery. If you really want to enjoy the Gulmarg, then go by road. Direct buses are available for Gulmarg from Srinagar, Sonmarg and many nearest towns of Jammu and Kashmir.