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Xian - City of China

To refresh self, I believe tour to best location is the finest method. Whole world is having top destinations to visit. Are you the same like me as I always visit diverse places of best cities? My blog is the example of my visits and experiments that I do by visiting places. This time I have not visited the location, but I have gathered details and feel proud to say that this place is wonderful and must-visit  destination.

My  favorite location is Xian City of north-west China. Xian is like living historical place throughout the world. This ancient city is the birthplace of Chinese's civilization located closer to River Basin. Xian has big reputation as tourism spot for global visitors. City is housing the 3,000 years-old  history of dynasties of China. Few best attractions of Xian are mentioned in this short note. Once you go through the details you can plan your trip of Xian.

Xian Attraction Spots:
Terra Cotta Warriors: Xian is having countless attractions, though the first place, you can visit is Terra Cotta warriors and horse's museum. This is the best archaeological mine of Qin that is built between 221 BC to 206 BC. You can see the 1477,000 clay soldiers, chariots, horses and weapons like a battle field. This field is designed according to Kin Qin Huang of China. It is basically a site park also known as Huang's Mausoleum Park built closer to a tomb of Qin.

Wall Watchtower: China and its tradition are always special. The place we are discussing is decorated with a channel and around City Wall garden. This largest military defensive wall is well maintained constructed in early period of Ming Dynasty somewhere around 1368 to 1644. However, the wall is renovated in last few years.

Wild Goose Pagoda: A place established in Qujiang area in south-east of Xian is our next target to visit. Wild Goose pagoda is located within the area of Da Ci’en Temple compound. This spot was constructed in 652 at the ruling period of Emperor Gaozong. Last Buddhist visited this place after India.

Inside City: There are few more impressive spots in order to visit inside the city. These places are Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Muslim Quarter, Great Mosque, Shaanxi History Museum, Botanical Garden, Forest of Stone Steles Museum, Daming Palace Site, Daxingshan Temple, Ancient Cultural Street of Shuyuanmen, Defu Lane, Guangren Lama Temple, Green Dragon Temple, Qujiang Pool Park, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi Song & Dance Theater, Tang Paradise, Xian Museum, Tang Dynasty Palace, Temple of the Eight Immortals, Cool Cave Site Park and Qujiang Ocean Park.

Bell Tower: A big landmark to reach Xian's tourist spots is Bell's tower famous for prosperous commercial street stretch,

Shaanxi History Museum: Learn history of the city by visiting Shaanxi museum positioned at the corner from the city.

West Side of Xian: Xian surrounding is full of tourist places. If you go in West, you will find Famen Temple, Scenic Area, Yangling Mausoleum of Han Dynasty, Qianling Mausoleum, Great Buddha Temple, Sanyuan City God Temple, Maoling Mausoleum, Taibai Mountain, Xianyang Museum, Tomb of Huo Qubing and Zhaoling Mausoleum.

Southern Side of Xian: South direction of Xian is having Chongyang Taoist Temple, Guanzhong Folk Art Museum, Cuihua Mountain, Heihe National Forest Park, Huxian Peasant Painting, Lou Guan Tai Forest Park, Qinling Zoological Park, Straw Hut Temple, South Wutai Mountain, Taiping National Forest Park, Western Zhou Chariot Burial Pit, Temple of Flourishing Teaching, Xiangji Temple, Zhongnan Mountains and Zhuque National Forest Park.

Northern Side of Xian: Hancheng Farmers' Caves, Sima Qian Temple, Confucius Temple and Dang Village.

Xian is the wonderful world tourist place having every possible reason to visit. I think it is a kind of place where we can learn about the tradition, the ancient empire and rituals of China if we visit the Xian.

How to reach Xian?

Xian is having local transportation for each tourist spot of city. The shuttle buses and taxis are available from outer of Xian Airport. Line 2 is having a direct train for Xian Railway Station from Airport. Many big cities are having flights for Xian such as Baoji City, Hanzhong, Weinan, Tongchuan, Lintong, Yanliang, Yan’an, Hancheing and many more.