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Rome (also known as Roma) is the excited world tourist place. It is placed on 39th position for tourism in the world and approximately 4 million people are reaching this spot every year. The busy life of Rome makes it all time available cities for travellers. Here the visitors can enjoy some stunning ruins and structural designs of different ages. This amazing metropolis is having vital importance in Italian history. Travelling to all spots in one day is impossible in Rome so visitors should plan their trip before deciding the Rome visit. Spending minimum 5 days in this city could allow visitors to enjoy each spot properly. The countless squares have churches, statues, museums, monuments and ruins that require more time to visit.

Some spots are most demanding tourist places of Rome so visitors should not miss them. Rome's tourist spots are very attractive and because of that, lots of Hollywood and bollywood movies have placed these spots in their movies. The Vatican and St. Peter Museum are elite spots of Rome. Other known places are Sistine Chapel, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona; the Spanish Steps, the Colisseum, and the Roman Forum. Tourist can enjoy the Rome traditional food, music and dance at various restaurants, pubs, shops, and hotels.

Roma is most demanding vacation spot on earth. Experts say every person should visit Rome once in their lives. The moments will become memorable in Rome due to amazing tourist spots. Its architectural designs make it different than other world tourist places.

Some stunning spots of Rome:

The Pantheon: this ancient building is the best secured memorial of Rome. It was reconstructed by the Ruler Hadrian in 120 ADs. The striking interior of the building with beautiful dome is perfect spot for visitors. The architecture of Pantheon is simple but very affecting. Here tourist can watch the Raphael's tomb and Vittorio Emanuele II tombs, which are amazingly designed and well maintained by the local government.

Spanish steps also known as “Scalinata di Trinita dei Monti”: Spanish Embassy identified the place as Spanish steps located in a piazza. Summer's season is the best time to visit these steps as the decoration of steps is done with rows of flowers in two different parts. The steps end to stunning church “Trinita dei Monti” situated on the top of the steps. At the starting point of steps, old boat fountain is constructed (known as “Fontana della Barcaccia” in Spanish language).

Trevi Fountain (Fontana Di Trevi): the amazingly designed fountain Trevi is the next tourist spot of Rome. Tourist who has visited “La Dolce Vita” will easily identify this tourist place easily. It lies in the square of “Via del Tritone” and designer is Nicola Silva. This fountain is having some religious feelings in Rome's people. This spot is mostly crowded as people really enjoy visiting this spot. Visitors will find people from different nations at this spot so watching different people at the stunning spot could be different experience. 

St. Peter Basilica (also known as Basilica di San Pietro): This is the most impressive church of the world with immense dimensions. The huge and imposing structure of church makes it different than world's other churches. This is really the oldest church as it was restructured in 17th century by Michelangelo and Bramante. Michelangelo's pieta near the entrance of church is amazing.

St. Peter's Square (identified as Piazza San Pietro): This superb piazza was planned by Bernini and was ended with construction in 1667. This square can hold around 400.000 people at a time. Its ellipse shape on every side with a curve pair of quadruple arcades and saints statues give different feeling to watch. In the centre of square people can enjoy the obelisk brought in AD 37 from Alexandria. The two striking fountains are so special too.

Colosseum (also known as Colosseo): this memorial was begun in 70 ADs by ruler Vespasian, though inauguration was done in 80 ADs. Watching show of the gladiator battles which took place in the stadium is a famous form of entertainment here.

Roman Forum known as Foro Romano: it was the heart of the Republic Roma and was filled with shrines and citadels. Here tourist must watch Septimius Severus arch, which still stands. People want to learn about Rome's history must visit this place.

Venezia Piazzale: Venezia square is the huge, and the busiest piazza where people from different streets meet. Watching huge monument of Vittorio Emanuele II is special at this spot.

Del Popolo Piazza: this is another stunning square of Rome that effects of the 2 most known churches of Rome. This square was formed in 1538 by Latino Giovenale Manetti. It was constructed for the Pope Paul 3rd. Four small fountains and a statue of the lion are very attractive placed in the middle. 

Trajan's column also recognized as Colonna Di Traiano: learning Romanian national pleasure is possible by visiting Colonna Di Traiano. This world-famous monument is must watch spot of Rome. The construction of this memorial was done for armed operations and campaigns in Dacia (renamed to Romania).

Navona Piazza: Navona square or piazza was constructed by 1st century of Domitian. Lots of carnivals are celebrated at this square specially 17-century, historic festivals and open-air sports were conducted at this place. This tourist attraction is famous for Italian cafes and Roman restaurants.

Bridge of Angels and Castel Sant' Angelo: This is the citadel stand at the entry point of Vatican. It was constructed by Hadrian as a grave for his family. The grave was ended in 139, and many popular rulers were buried at this place. However, it was converted into the castle by the 6th century. 

Campo Dei Fiori: This piazza is the home to popular sunrise market. Visitors can enjoy watching vendors by filling the stalls in Roman style. This market is kind of wholesale from where local traders get fruits, vegetables, spices, cheese, flowers and many other daily consuming products. Here the sculpture of Giordano Bruno is special to watch located in the centre of piazza.

Bocca della Verita also known as Mouth of Truth: this place is situated within the area of church of 12th century known as Santa Maria.

Lots of other spots in Rome are available for a tourist. Visitors can hire the guide to learn more about the Rome and amazing tourist spots of the city.

Language: Italian language is little difficult to understand especially for a tourist from Asian nations. People should gather the Italian dictionary before reaching to Rome as that will help the visitors to understand the language.

Attaining to Rome:
By Air: Ciampino and Fiumicino are two properly connected airports to reach Rome. Both are situated on outskirts, but experts refer them as the most convenient air heads to reach Rome. Some other known air heads to reach Rome are Leonardo Da Vinci Airport at Fiumicino and G.B. Pastine Airport at Ciampino. Flights are available with every 30-minute interval to reach Rome. 
By Rail: the closest railway station is Termini central properly linked to almost all rails from Italy and other cities. Getting Eurostar trains from northern Italy is the best source to reach this place. Trains are departing from Venice and Milan's stations to Termini.

By Bus: tourist buses from major cities of Italy are reaching Rome so frequently. The neat and maintained roads of Italy allow visitors to travel smoothly by watching amazing natural beauty during the way.
By Car: hiring the car or travelling by owns a car is also the best method to reach Rome. Motorway A1 is directly reaching to Rome, though some tollgate will come to reach the city.