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Venice is Italy’s best tourist destination having lots of stunning and wonderful romantic spots. The list of various attractions in Venice makes it more favorite destination for travelers. This small city is traffic free having winding canals to walk. The outstanding structured churches and tourist places in Venice are special to visit.

Approximately land 117 bodies are connected through 400+ bridges through 150 canals in the whole city. The major inland waterway is main street road allow visitors to cross from the middle part of the city. Venice is the city of Italy having 117 small islands, which makes it special watery tourist destination of the world. Venice is also popular for natural beauty and architecture designs with artworks. Because of such reason Venice is listed in World Heritage Tourist destinations.

As per survey the population of Venice in 2009 was around 270,098. However, the population of Venice is increased every year.

Favorite tourist destinations of Venice:
Loads of holiday destinations in Venice allow visitors to enjoy the every moment of their trip. The stunning museums, though the walk on canals in Venice is the best thing to do.

Saint Mark's Piazza: - this square is world famous recognized as San Marco too. This main square is surrounded by stylish cafes and shopping malls. Walking through Venice canals could be dissimilar experience for traveler’s scenery and people. Tourist must know that they have to pay to sit on the outdoor table. Listening to live music in the evening is another best experience of Venice. However, taking photos is absolutely free so taking camera is of course a beneficial deal. 

Saint Mark's Basilica: - this is another wonder place for tourist. Here they can visit to church combination of east and west architecture designs. 
Palace of Doge: - this very impressive edifice of Venice is properly maintained and one of the finest tourist place of Venice. This fortress was linked to prisons through famous Sighs Bridge. 
Grand Canal: - this is the canal having all types of boating facilities so visitors can take pleasure of boating in Venice. 
Bridge of Rialto (also known as Ponte di Rialto): - this is the major bridge of Venice used to cross over the Grand Canal. This bridge is older than 400 years so tourist must not miss this spot. Next to this spot there is Rialto Market which is best place to buy stuff in Venice. The little shops with food market is diverse feeling so visitor should go to such spot as well. 
Galleria dell' Accademia: - people who want to learn about the culture of Italy should visit this Academia. This best art museum is having 24 rooms in 3 buildings. Travelers must reach the spot early to keep self protected from huge crowd reach every day. 
Venice's Islands: - once you reach the Venice, you should not miss the islands of Venice. The local tourist firms are having packages for one or more island visits in one or two day trip. Experts say 2 most beautiful islands of Venice are Murano and Burano as both islands are amazing tourist spots.

Attaining to Venice:
By Air: The closest and best airport to reach Venice is Marco Polo Airport. It is close to Mestre city where tourist will get the local city buses to reach Venice. Some more known airports to reach Venice are Treviso and San Nicolo.

By Boat: Venice is watery city so reaching the spot through boat is another best transport method. Alilaguna water boats are available at affordable cost so tourist can enjoy the boating while traveling to their favorite world tourist spot. Boat from Murano is also available for Venice city. The best part of Venice is tourist will get the water bus from Mestre city that means people have the option to get boat from the place near to airport.

By train: the closest big railway station to reach Venice is Mestre. From this spot tourist can hire water taxis or buses to attain the destination.