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World is full of various locations where travelers can visit to make their vacations memorable. France is the nation of Western Europe becomes the initial country where every person wants to visit. The countryside is bordered from Belgium in north, Germany and Luxembourg in north-east, Switzerland in east, Spain in west, and Italy in south-east. In south direction of France the Mediterranean Sea is located. In west direction the nation is having long Atlantic Ocean coast.

France is always the world's mainly admired tourist target for many years. The strength of voyagers is increasing every year as 81.9 million people visited diverse cities of France in 2007 particularly for tourism. Some France cities are admired for greatest treasures such as Paris, Brittany, the Atlantic beaches, the French Riviera, French Alps, Loire Valley and Normandy. Wine and cheese of France are world famous gastronomy, though the history, fashion and culture are also dissimilar then other countries in the world.

Top cities of France where travelers can plan holidays are Paris (City of Light), Bordeaux (city of wine), Bourges (popular for canals, gardens and the cathedral church), Lille (northern city recognized for handsome city center and lively artistic life), Lyon (second big city), Marseille (3rd city with harbor and seashore), Nantes (Greenest City), Strasbourg (historical city), and Toulouse (Pink City).

Few other spots of France are Camargue (largest rivers of Europe “deltas and wetlands”), Corsica (origin of Napoleon), Disneyland Paris, French Alps (hill spots), French Riviera (for resorts, golf and yachts), Loire Valley, Luberon, Mont Saint Michel, and Verdon Gorge (river canyon and picnic spot). The nation is having ample of world tourist places and voyagers can refer the online guide about France to attain these spots.

Few necessities that require entering France are mentioned below:
EEA, EU and citizens of Swiss can produce their passport if their visa is expired. Non-EU citizens from New Zealand and Australia can also stay in France by showing their valid passport. However, the stay permission is given by the government administrators.

People from different nations have to get visa and valid passport to enter France. South African people must carry their passport all the time and it should be valid for at least 3 months prior to visa expire. This mandatory condition is required to granting visa by Schengen.

Countless tourist destinations of France allow visitors to make holidays special. Few best spots are watching Mont Saint from Normandy, Yachts at Honfleur, and many more.

France and its lively cities are accepted for top tourist locations. Not only known but many unexplored regions are also having unique spots for tourist in France. Attaining in festival season is also best period for visitors in France.

Monaco Grand Prix: Sports lovers can plan of visit during the Grand pix sport event conducted in France.

Few spots are Eiffel Tower (Paris), French Alps (Rhone), Annual Film festival (Cannes), Thorens Glières' Castle, Wine Tours (Burgundy), and Paris Museum Tour.

Carnivals: attaining to France and not watching the carnivals is not good for visitors. Some big fests of France are Dunkerque Carnivals, Nativity in Paris, CIFF (Cannes International Film Festival) and the BDC (Bastille Day Celebrations).

Culture and Art Festivals: The INF (International Film Festival), JUAT (Jazz under the Apple Trees in Normandy), SSMF (Summer Solstice and Musical Festivals), and IFT (International Festival of Theatre) are few big cultural programs.

France is also popular for not having border controls among countries of Europe. Except Romania, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Ireland and UK, France is not having particular LOC.

Attain France:
By Air: Paris is the Big City of France connected to every major country. The key IA (International Airport) is Roissy allow outsiders to enter France from abroad. CDG (Charles de Gaulle) is the main hub of Air France. Air France is the company managing intercontinental airlines of France. Terminal 2 is used by AF along with SkyTeam Alliance which manages the flights of Delta Air Lines, Dutch, Alitalia, Aeromexico, and Korean Air. Rest abroad airlines are using Terminal 1 of AF. The 3rd terminal is utilized for contract bases flights. Reaching airport in CDG prior to 1 hour of flight is beneficial for voyagers. Domestic flights are accessible to travel from one city to other in France. Many domestic flights are using Orly as first airport and Paris as 2nd airport. For transferring inside CDG travelers can utilize free bus service connected to every terminal of CDG. These buses are attaining to rail station, parking places and hotels of the airport. Airport of Orly and CDG are linked through local train so reaching air hubs is not difficult in France. Few low-cost air services are accessible for people care for budget. Volare and Ryanair are two cheapest air services of France having flights for various cities. However, maximum flights of both airlines reach Beauvais airport located at 80 kms distance from Paris.

By Boat: watching beautiful nation from water is dissimilar experience. France is reached by sea services from England and many other European countries:
1.       P&O ferryboat: the ship and boats are available from Dover to Calais.
2.       My Ferry: passenger boats are available from Dover to Calais.
3.       DFDS Seaways: cargo and traveler ships are accessible from Dover to Dunkerque.
4.       LD Lines: firm is having cargo and passenger boats from the Portsmouth to Le Havre.

By Train: Railway Company of France is SNCF offer direct service of train from maximum European nations to France. Tickets of train can be bought openly in the US from Rail Europe firm.