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Easter Island

Easter Island is the Polynesian island located in the Pacific Ocean Southeastern area. This is the special world tourist place of Chile came into light in 1888. This special Island is world-known for 887 surviving epic statues known as Moai. These statues are developed by the people of Rapanui. This world heritage spot is protected and located inside the RNNP (Rapa Nui National Park). UNESCO referred this place as world heritage site and people from diverse nations are reaching this island every year.
Experts call this Island as most distant occupied island of the world. The island was named as "Easter” by the island's initial visitor from European Country Dutch. Mr. Jacob Roggeveen reaches this spot very firstly in 1722. Spanish administration named this place as “Isla de Pascua” which means Easter Island.

This world's most lonely populated island is very special for people who love peace. The biggest tourist destination close to Easter Island is Pitcairn Island. However, tourist has to travel around 2,075 kms to attain Pitcairn Island.

Talking about Easter Island's location it is almost same like Caldera, Chile. This island is situated between Lebu and Lota in the region of BiobĂ­o Region.
The triangular shape of Easter Island makes it special then other tourist destinations of world. Visitors can enjoy three freshwater lakes such as Rano Raraku, Rano Kau and Rano Aroi close to Terevaka. This Island got popularity because of volcanic pressures. There are three main non-existing merged volcanoes in Easter Island known as Terevaka (with altitude of 507 meters), Poike and Rano Kau.

Climate and weather: experts prefer this spot as varied temp spot where the minimum temperatures recorded in the month of July and August were 18 °C, though the maximum temp in the month of February was recorded with 28 °C. The figure presented by experts about this states that people can reach to Easter islands in any season. However, summer is the hottest season when people might think to this location.

Things to do in Easter Island:
Stone work: The people of Rapa Nui had a Stone Age society which is made of numerous dissimilar types of stone. Basalt is identified as hard and thick stone utilized for Toki. This stone work is performed with volcanic glass to shape sharp to the structure.

Statues (Moai): the next spot for visitors in Easter Island is Moai. The big and hard stone statues carved in this island are nearly 1100 to 1680 CE old. The world-known creation of Moai brought this island in front of the people.

Caves: the Motu Nui is full of caves, though the whole island is having several caves created by nature at different intervals. Some of the caves are having historical values for the Easter Island and few caves are featured in legends presented by Rapa Nui.

Some other tourist attractions are wood carving, skeletal statuette, and atypical tubby statuette.

Language could be a little problem for people from Asian county so taking dictionary along with them will help them to understand the Polynesian language of Easter Island.

Attaining to Easter Island:
Getting there is possible through flight available from Chile, Santiago and Papeete. LAN airlines are having flights from diverse places to Easter Island. The ticket is little costly but service is appropriate. Some companies are having cheaper airline service for bulk customers so people prepared to visit Easter Island can refer these companies. The tour package, accommodation, dinner and many other services are offered by few companies. Mataveri Airport is the big destination for visitors to reach Easter Island. People reaching to this island must watch the local culture.