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Skaftafell is the wonderful island of Europe continent having countless tourist spots. The natural beauty of this place makes is very special then other world tourist places. This island is the conservation area in southeast Iceland, Europe. It is the mansion farm, and the national park created by nature.
This Iceland is mostly covered with ice so natural beauty, and the greenery with ice covered is special thing to watch at this place. Here the accommodation is available but visitors must book the room in advance because sometime the tourist face problem to get the booking in the hotel.
This secret place of tourism is having numerous natural spots. After seeing the images everybody would love to visit this place specially those who are nature lovers. The glaciers of the island are beautiful so enjoying at this place is definitely going to make the moment memorable. Here tourist can try for precious natural pearls found at various spots. Experts call this island as pearl's country. 
Some of the key spots are mentioned in this short note. There are two major spots where a tourist can visit. These spots are Atlantsflug and Lac "Polaire." Both destinations are special and really enjoyable locations. The best part is both locations are inside the Skaftafell National Park. The climate of the place is really cool but comparing to other ice lands it’s quite affordable. Visitors must take their warm clothes while reaching to this amazing place.

Here tourist can enjoy the hiking and many sport events. Tourists are definitely going to love this place because of wonderful spots and ice beaches. Some other things to watch at Skaftafell Island are ice-burgs, and Senderismo junto glacier. Spending time close to Morsá glacial river is also special thing in Skaftafell.

Attaining to Skaftafell:
The nearest town to reach Skaftafell is Kirkjubæjarklaustur located just 69 kms away. Reaching Reykjavík is the also better way to attain to Skaftafell. Tourists have to travel for 203 miles from Raykjavik to Skaftafell.

By road is the easiest way to reach this world tourist place. Approximately, 4 hours time is required to reach Skaftafell from Reykjavík. Booking the bus at Vatnajökull Voyager is the best way to reach this place without any worries. Booking the seat in bus should be done in advance, and the bus will take approximately 4 ½ hours to cover the distance.