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Dublin one of the best world tourist places is our next target. We will discuss in short about the history of Dublin and their major attraction spots. You are going to get the beneficial information if you are planning your trip to any of the world tourist destination.

Introduction: Dublin word means city of the obstacle ford. Some people recognize this place as Duibhlinn. This capital city of Ireland is turning as most demanding attraction for voyagers especially from Middle East. Some people believe the Dublin means black pool. This amazing city is located under the region of Leinster that is close to midpoint of east coast Ireland. In early ages the city was principal town of Norman invasion. Expansion of city was started from middle of 17th century. Dublin was the 2nd biggest city of British Empire. Overall the city is having countless tourist attractions where travelers can spend their valuable time. Some major destinations of Dublin are described under:

Guinness Store House: The best but little expensive place is on the top spot of attraction of Dublin. To enter the house you have to buy tickets of approx €13.50-$19 for adult. However, this is the must visit place of Dublin structured shape of giant pint glass. There are 7 floors in the building and each floor is made of different style. You can easily view how the Guinness is completed. Attain to top floor first because that is the most fun loving floor of house popular for Gravity Bar.

Kilmainham Gaol: It’s a museum popular for historical buffs of Dublin. You can learn history of Ireland once you visit this place. Collection from the 1916 Easter rising is major thing to watch in museum. To reach Kilmainham Gaol you have to travel for 15-minute distance from the central part of Dublin city. You need more time to see each corner of Goal.

Trinity College Dublin: A topmost place of city is available for you known as Trinity College. This place if famous for Book of Kells and Long Room is also special spot of the place. Purpose of creation of this big room was to inspire people about Star Wars Episode “Attack of the Clones.”  Establishment of college was done by Queen Elizabeth of England in 1592.

Phoenix Park: One of the biggest parks of Europe is Phoenix that is two times bigger than central park of New York. Phoenix Park is a part of President Aras Uachtarain home and also linked to the Dublin’s zoo.

National Gallery of Ireland: You might know that Dublin is most expansive city of Europe, but still the place is worth for price because it is properly maintained with latest technology and the city is featured with best attraction spots. If you are entering to the national gallery or museum then it’s free of cost. Yes this place is absolutely free to enter and it holds the collection of more than 2500 paintings. There are around 10,000 different forms of work done in the museum.

Leinster House: another spot for voyagers in Dublin popular as home of Irish assembly. This magnificent building is complete with historical stories and entry is again free in this house. However, booking need to be done in advance because limited people are allowed to enter the house.

Croke Park: A headquarters of sporting body of Ireland is next place for voyagers. GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) is the in charge of Gaelic football. Croke Park is the one of the largest stadiums of Europe popular for Irish cultural events.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral: The largest church of Ireland is our next destination. St. Patrick church is closer to city center founded in 12th era. This historical place is popular for Jonathan Swift who was the author of famous novel Gulliver’s Travels. He was the dean of this church between 1713-45.

Dublin Castle: a fort or a castle popular for Ireland’s British rule is another spot for voyagers. Chester Beatty Library is first location of castle to visit housing some finest stuffs of Eastern art. No charge is to be given for admission in the castle and voyagers can attain to police museum as well in the castle.

Christ Church Cathedral: A small walk from St. Patrick’s church and you will reach to Christ Church cathedral. One of the oldest buildings of Dublin is available for you. Some exhibitions are conducted in this place at various occasions. For events you have to pay a fee of €6 that is equal to $ 8.47.

Attaining to Dublin:
By Road: Some private companies are offering bus service for Dublin City. However, transport is a little concern in the town. Firms that are popular for bus servicers in Dublin are Dublin Bus and Principal one. Their fare is differing based on the distance so we can say they are not flat in prices.

By Air: Dublin is holding International Airport and around 18,000,000 travelers are using the air services of Dublin every year. According to statics Dublin airport is listed in one of the busiest air bases in Ireland. Experts list this airport on 5th position for fastest growing air hubs of Europe. Ryan Air and Aer Lingus are two big airlines having frequent flights from several nations for Dublin.

By Sea: The seaport of Dublin is also the major source of transport. This largest seaport is popular for high-capacity ferries that mean number of people can use the ferry as transport.