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Kuwait is turned as one of the best tourism location for world visitors. It’s a state of Arab nation located at north east side of Arabian Peninsula. Kuwait is sharing the border with Iraq in north. Southern part is bordered with Saudi Arabia. The word Kuwait means fortress. Its land area is around 17,820 square kms and average population is 2.6 million. The data is present according to survey conducted in 2012.

During the 18th to 19th centuries the state was most successful business center. However, in later ages the state lost distance business counters due to internal political issues. 

Kuwait state was ruled by UK (United Kingdom) but got independence in 1961. Oil wells are the major source of trade in Kuwait, though more than 770 oil wells were set to flames by Iraq army. That was the major ecological and monetary loss for the whole state. Its infrastructure was completely damaged in World War I so the state was in position to rebuild after complete loss. However, after exactly 12 years state saw one more massive overseas military incidence. The state was served as springboard for U.S. campaign. Things went wrong but state again got the development and today it is turned as one of the best tourist attraction for voyagers from the globe. Some major attraction spots of Kuwait are mentioned below:

Aqua Park: A park comes in top of the list started in 1995. It is the water park spread in huge area in Gulf region. Total area covered for park is around 60,000 sq mts. The park is positioned on Gulf Street close to towers of Kuwait. It’s a unlimited fun place for whole family so voyages must not miss the park. 

Cinemas: Theater in Kuwait is a kind of surprise but there are Cinemas in the state represent exclusive modern art features of structural design of early 20th century. Here different movies from diverse nations are played for local people. 

Dhow Harbor: A famous port that is available for visitors in Kuwait. Dhow Harbor is famous for housing old sailing vessels of Arab country. Voyagers can enjoy pearl diving and fishing at some corner of the harbor. A must watch thing of this harbor is a ship known as Fateh El-Kheir. 

Dickson House: A house of 1st British supporting agent is next place to visit in Kuwait. Its construction was done in 1870 and the reason was business prospects. It was basically a reason to enter Kuwaiti for trading and the Dick Sons of British Empire were moved to this place in 1929. Now this house is open for the travelers and lots of old memories are stored in the house for visitors to learn about the history of Kuwait. 

Doha Village: A rural community that constructed the major part of dhows and fishing is special thing to attain. Once you reach Doha village you will feel the living standard of rural people use to live before independence. You must view the boats and dhows manufacturing unit located in Doha village. 

Entertainment City: Do you like to spend time at entertainment places like Disneyland then reach the Entertainment City of Kuwait. Its basically planned City positioned at 20 kms distance from Kuwait. This city is providing complete fun to each member visit the place. Its open for all days except Saturday and Monday. These two days are dedicated to women only. For entry you have to buy ticket costing 3.500 K.D for each. Family can walk in from Sunday-Wednesday. Timings for summer are between 5:00 pm-1:00 am, and for winter season it opens at 3:00 pm and closes at 11:00 pm. Timing for Thursday and Friday are different. You can reach from 10:00am to 10:00pm on these two days.

Failaka Heritage Village: A small town established similar like other Kuwaiti villages. In Heritage Village visitors will get the comfortable houses to stay, though houses are constructed in same old fashion of Kuwait. People who love enjoying camel or Arabian horses riding can visit this place. Barbecues under moonlight are another special event of this place. 

Failaka Island: A wonderful Island known as Failaka is next place to visit. This gorgeous historical island is attracting lots of voyagers from the world. It is basically a combine mixture of ancient and modern society of Kuwait. Failaka island is full of cultural landmarks of diverse ages. KPT (Kuwait Public Transport) Company is running ferry everyday from Failaka Island to Ras Salmiya and vice versa. 

Green Island: Reach another spot of Kuwait known as Green Island. Kuwait is basically a desert country but once you reach Green Island you will get surprise after seeing colorful and green land areas. The colorful plantation and shrubs everywhere makes this place special destination for visitors in Kuwait. 

Ice Skating Rink: Founded in 1980 famous for skating events. This Rink is spread in 8398 sq mts and it is the first landscape of Gulf region. The rink is divided in two parts in which one area is occupied for Olympic events and other part is having accommodation for around 1600 viewers. This part also includes changing room, first aid and skating equipment store. 

Al-Khiran Resort: A best place of Kuwait popular for luxurious restaurants, swimming pool, tennis court, volleyball, football ground and basketball court. There is a yacht club in the resort so overall there is everything for family entertainment. 

Kuwait Towers: The state is having its identity because of best towers. The amazing view of city from the tower could be memorable moment for you. These towers were awarded with Aga Khan Award in 1980 for best structural design. 

Kuwait Zoo: Zoological park is always fun loving place and Kuwait zoo was established 10 years before. You can find the animals gathered from different countries to this zoo. It is positioned at Omariya that comes on Airport Road. The Zoo is closed on Saturday only. Timing is 8:00 to 12:00 in morning and 4:00 to 8:00 in evening. 

Al-Messilah Beach: Wonderful spot that is listed in biggest beaches of state Kuwait. It is extended with 350 meters towards Messila coast. Colored sand and blue sea is special view of the beach. 

Musical Fountain: A fountain that runs on music is special item these days. You can enjoy the musical fountain and the garden in Kuwait. There are around 220 fountains with 3 leveled pools. Musical fountain of Kuwait are listed on fourth position in the world. 

National Museum: Learn history of Kuwait by visiting National Museum. Thousands of ancient items are in display in the museum such as fossils, Islamic artifacts, bones, potteries tools and flint. Located at Arabian Gulf Street towards Seif Palace. 

Some more impressive places to visit in Kuwait are Ras Al-Ardh Club, Sadu House, The Scientific Center, Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park, Al-Sha'ab Sea Club, Swimming Pool Complex, Tareq Rajab Museum, and Touristic Garden. 

Attaining to Kuwait 
By Air: Some private airlines from different nations are having flights for Kuwait. Frequent flights from USA, UK, Australia, India and Gulf countries are available for Kuwait. People coming from Gulf nations can get the flights for Kuwait from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Riyadh and Muscat. KIA (Kuwait International Airport) is only 16 kms away from central part of city. 

By Road: Get connected to Kuwait by road but don’t forget to get all travel documents along with you. You should carry the proper driving license if you are crossing the borders. People coming from Egypt or Saudi Arabia cities can get the international bus service offered for Kuwait state.