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If you are planning for Italy the best world tourist place, but not sure about the attraction points of the nation then this short note will guide you about the various places you can visit. Italy is the country of Southern Europe also known as Italian. This is the birth place of western culture like Greece. Countless destinations of Italy list the places in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Everybody knows that this country is full of art and monuments so you are definitely going to enjoy the spot. 

You are also getting the worldwide delicious cuisine with full western looks in Italy. Luxury cars and bikes are major attraction of this wonderful destination. You can also enjoy the cultural activities, beautiful coast, lakes and hill ranges here. Experts recognize this country as Bel Paese which means the Striking Country.

Once you reach here you can attain to 2 mini-states such as Vatican City and San Marino. When we go through visitors list of last year, it proves that Italy is the most demanding country of the world. Some best tourist ends are mentioned below to assist you for vacations: 

Rome: a wonderful city and the capital of Italy is first tourist attraction. Rome is famous destination having countless places like Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, Spanish steps, St. Peter Basilica, St. Peter's Square, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Venezia Piazzale, Del Popolo Piazza, Trajan's column, Navona Piazza, Bridge of Angels and Castel, Campo Dei Fiori, and Bocca della Verita. 

Venice (The David Florence Florence): a city for lovers is next tourist attraction in Italy. Venice is well-known place especially for couples. Most exciting place of Venice is St. Mark’s Square. Here you can enjoy the canals in Venice, though it’s a posh city but visitors are definitely going to enjoy it. 

Pisa: A wonderful city with countless monuments is available for the visitors. It’s a place having popular tombstones and Arno River is flowing from this city. Pisa comes under Tuscany State, central Italy. The leaning tower of Pisa is best attraction for visitors. It’s the world famous structure designed in roman architectural design.

Cinque Terra (St. Marks): a place with 5 towns is our next spot in Italy. View of ocean from the cliffs is special thing at this point. Cinque Terra is breathtaking spot where you can enjoy walking of 12 km trail. Shot of Limoncello will relax you and give mental peace at this place. 

Sicily: a place of Italy that is popular for mafia is another destination. However, it’s a historical place and visitors can easily enjoy the attraction areas of the city. This metropolis is famous for control of eclectic society. 

Turin: big city of northern Italy is turned as preference for visitors. Turin city hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006. You can enjoy Alps, Po River and villas located in Turin area. Crowd of Turin is increasing rapidly every year. 

Capri: A gulf of Naples known as Capri is other spot of Italy. Located on island popular for resorts. Summer is the best season to visit Capri. 

Sorrento: if you are known to gateways of Italy you might know about the Sorrento. This place is again located close to Naples Bay. You will not get free space in summer season because huge crowd from around the world reach Sorrento in this period. However, it’s a big city so things can easily be managed. With rich history its allowing voyagers to learn more about Italy and its culture. 

Abruzzo: A world-famous Renaissance and medieval are must attain places of Italy. Their development is slow but still having attraction for visitors. Abruzzo is the perfect place for preserved landscape views.

San Gimignano: the small but important place of Italy is San Gimignano. It’s a hill area with medieval architecture particularly the high pillars. Earlier there were 72 pillars, though only 13 are remaining today. Day trippers are regularly visiting here and spend the night at resort or hotel to enjoy the quiet and calm place. 

Attaining to Italy:
Reaching Italy is possible by attaining to Rome and other cities. However, Turin is also having good transport for various parts of the nation. Rome is the best way for attaining as the big rail head and big airbase of Rome is properly linked to local and international destinations. 

Reaching Rome by Air: Fiumicino and Ciampino are two airports located in outer area of the Rome. However, flights for both airports are available at frequent level so reaching there is not a difficult task. Other airport available for Rome is Leonardo Da Vinci at Fiumicino. It’s a biggest and busiest airport of Rome popular for international flights. 

Rome by Rail: a best railway station of Rome is Termini having trains for all cities of abroad. Even some of the abroad cities are also connected to Italy through Termini station. Tiburtina is another railway station in Rome having good frequency of trains. 

Rome by Bus: state transport of Italy is having luxury buses for various cities of nation. Italian and outside major cities are linked through buses and public transport. Major bus stations of Rome are EUR Fermi and Tiburtina. 

Rome by Car: driving throughout the Rome could be different experience for the visitors. Roads are properly managed and northern Italy part is completely motorway known as A1.