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Tokyo is the demanding tourist destination of the world and people are reaching Tokyo at regular intervals. This city of Japan is the capital and biggest urban city on earth. Japanese Imperial Family is living in Tokyo from long ages. The major islands of the city are Honshu and Ogasawara Islands. This Japanese city was established in 1943.

Tokyo is also the 47th Japan's prefectures with multiple towns and villages in the west side. Earlier the name of the Tokyo city was Edo. Since lots of years Edo was the political center till 1603. However, Tokugawa Ieyasu set up his feudal rule in the city. Slowly Tokyo (old name EDO) started gaining popularity because of natural beauty as well as city development. Meiji Re-establishment in 1868 was the period when the emperor of Japan changed the name of EDO to Tokyo and stated the city as capital of Japan. However, Kanto Earthquake in 1923 destroyed maximum land areas of the city.

At present Tokyo is turned as preferred place for honeymoon lovers, though there are countless spots where tourist can visit and make their moment special. Maximum visitors are enjoying shopping, cultural entertainment and food of the city. The monuments and museums of the city are capable to teach the history of Tokyo to the world.

Attraction in Tokyo:

Tsukiji Fish Market: the largest wholesale souk of Tokyo is famous for fruits, fish and vegetables. Tokyo is largest meat producing city having countless markets and shops in Tsukiji Fish Market. This market is registered in several world record books for supplying over 2,000 tons of sea products every day.

Akihabara: also known as Akiba is the region in central Tokyo. People love to buy Japanese electronic products at very affordable prices can reach Akihabara market. The market is growing everyday as new shops are getting opened all the time. Japan is world-known to its electronic technology and Akihabara is the place where all kind of electronic goods are available.

Koishikawa Korakuen: this is Tokyo's oldest gardens popular for greenery and natural beauty and was built between 1600 to 1867. This park was named after the poem heartening a ruler to take pleasure of sweet flowers and cool air.

Tokyo Imperial Palace: this Palace is situated in the Edo Castle. Here tourist can enjoy large park surrounded with moats and enormous stone walls. Tourist can also watch the large plaza located in front of the Palace. Some other things to view are Nijubashi, two bridges and some ground area. The bridge made of stone is known as Meganebashi, though it looks like glass material.

Hama Rikyu: This large and attractive garden located in central Tokyo is next spot for visitors. Tourist can view the Tokyo Bay, seawater ponds, and the teahouse at this spot. It is kind of island having astonishing beauty of nature.

Imperial Palace East Gardens: these east Gardens are open for the public. Edo Castle is also most enjoyable place for visitors reaching to these gardens. Honmaru and ninomaru are two major circles that tourist can enjoy in the mentioned gardens.

Shibuya: the next added list for visitors is Shibuya which is 23 city region of Tokyo. Shibuya is demanding shopping center where tourist can entertainment themselves while shopping. The road shows and events conducted in this area are popular. This center of youth fashion is the origin Japan's fashion industry.

Shinjuku: next is Shinjuku known for large entertainment and business area of Tokyo. The station of Shinjuku is world's active railway station and around 2 million travelers are using the station each day.

Harajuku: this is the Japan's most adolescent cultural place offers shopping and historic sight views. Trendy shops, used clothes stores, fashion boutiques, crepe places and food outlets are available at this place.

Meiji Shrine: this holy place is dedicated to the sacred spirits of Ruler Meiji. The shrine is located beside the JR Yamanote Harajuku Station. Emperor Meiji was having big role in modernization of Japan especially for Tokyo City.

Shinjuku Gyoen: this is Tokyo's main popular park situated just at walking distance from Shinjuku Station. The spacious turfs by walking paths and panorama view at Shinjuku Gyoen are special thing for visitors. This park is also the Tokyo’s botanical garden popular for stunning flowers and trees.

Yoyogi Koen: another park of Tokyo is Yoyogi Koen having wide lawns, lakes and jungle areas. The best place for jogging, outdoor activities and picnicking is Yoyogi Koen Park.

Tokyo Skytree: the tower of television broadcasting is next tourist spot of Tokyo. This tower is known as centerpiece of the city which is located nearby the Asakusa tourist place. The average height of tower is 634 meters which is the largest height of any Japan building.

Asakusa: this place is popular as holy location as the Buddhist temple is located in Sensoji, Asakusa. To reach the shrine visitors have to attain Nakamise.

The countless tourist spots of Tokyo are available where tourist can reach like Tokyo Solamachi, Sensoji Temple, Ueno Park, Rikugien Garden, Odaiba, Institute for Nature, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disneyland, Ghibli Museum, Sanja Matsuri, Tokyo Motor Show, Tokyo Anime Fair, Tokyo Game Show, Sanno Matsuri,Tokyo Marathon, and Ceatec Japan.

Some nearby spots of Tokyo city are Nikko, Kamakura, Fuji Five Lakes, Hakone, Yokohama, Kusatsu Onsen, Izu Peninsula, Naritasan Temple, Minakami, Kawagoe, Ikaho Onsen, and Kawasaki.

Attaining to Tokyo:
By Air: the big international airport of Tokyo is properly linked to the world’s other airports. Countless flights from different nations are regularly reaching Tokyo so the most convenient method to attain the city is airline. Flights from Europe, North America, Asia and other destinations are having flights for Tokyo. Narita International airport of Japan is just 80 kms from the city. Some more big international airports of Japan are Kyushu, Osaka and Sapporo close to Tokyo as well.

By Rail: The Japan is famous for fastest rails in the world that means the railway station facility is finest as well. Railway system of Japan is perhaps top in the world. The fastest train ‘Shinkansen’, bullet trains and regular trains from diverse stations are available in Japan to reach different parts of the country. Train to Tokyo is available from almost every corner of the Japan.

By Bus: renting a car is best way to enjoy the clean and maintained roads of Japan. Local bus service is excellent in Japan so tourist will not face any problem with the transportation in the city or even country.