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Drass - Kashmir (India)

Indian tourist places are always famous especially when we talk about the hill stations. Drass Valley is known as worlds second coolest place located in Kashmir, India. Drass sector is having so many values for India as the fight between India and Pakistan was held at this place. Thinking about the beauty of this valley, it is the kind of wonder land having ice all surroundings. The stunning view of White Mountains from the Drass hill is different experience for visitors.
However, some bad things happened in past so tourist are not coming to Drass at that frequent. Checking the present conditions everything is cool and calm maintained by the Indian army. Drass is most beautiful hill station of India connected to Tibet, China in diverse side.  

Drass is the small town known as flat and open area but the surrounding of the Drass is completely hill areas covered with ice. The wide river in Drass is the source of drinking water for the local. Reaching Drass in summer is best option as every corner is completely green, though the winter could be little trouble as the river itself get covered with snow in season. The recorded lowest temperature of Drass was -40 degree Celsius. Snowfall could be great feeling for the visitors in winter season.

The town was named after the Dras river flows from the Valley created by the Machoi glacier. Reaching Drass allow visitors to take pleasure of Kargil which is just 60 kms away located in Srinagar State, India.

Nature lovers can enjoy trekking and many other events at Drass conducted by local administration. Mostly the 3-day trek events are conducted in Suru valley close to Drass sector. Visitors can enjoy watching others for trekking. The stunning upland villages and green sprinkled fields on two sides of the Drass Valley are amazing. Amarnath is another close location to Drass that means tourist can enjoy plenty of tourist and religious spots once they reach to Drass.

Major Spots of Drass:

Zoji La: Zoji La pass is the first attraction in Drass. Here tourist can watch the Himalaya hills towards Ladakh. Autumn is the risky period in Zoji La else other all monsoons are quite comfortable and best to visit.

Puga Valley: another tourist destination in this beautiful Indian tourist place is the Puga Valley. This valley is world-famous for producing hot water springs even in coolest weather. Bath of hot water at this valley is diverse experience for visitors. People are coming to Puga Valley specially to take hot spring bath between coolest temperatures. People having rheumatism or any skin diseases must take bath in this valley to get rid of all types of skin problems.

Trekking: the high hills allow adventures people to take pleasure of trekking. The 3-day trek in Suru valley is special thing for viewers as well as participants.

Attaining to Drass:
By Road: reaching Drass is only possible through road. Local buses from Srinagar towards Kargil are touching the Drass land area. Tourist will get the buses from the Kargil in the early morning and reach the Drass. Road journey from Srinagar is also good option as the clean roads allow tourist to drive comfortably. Srinagar is linked properly via Air as the international airport of Srinagar allows diverse flights around the world.

Accommodation in Drass: Countless hotels and loadings are available in Drass through booking in advance is preferred. Furnished rooms and suites are easily accessible so booking can be done according to requirement. Tourist can contact the regional office of Kargil to have suites or room of their choice.

If you are planning to go through diverse routes like Ladakh travelling towards Srinagar then you must carry the TRC (Tourist Registration Certificate) from Tourist Registration Centre located in Drass.

Closest other cities for tourism are Kargil located at 60 kms distance and Srinagar at good distance of 147 kms.