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Zurich - Switzerland

People always say that Switzerland is the most beautiful destination for tourism. The fact about this statement is the amazing spots with the natural and mankind beauty makes it different than other tourist places. Zurich city is one of the top most centers located in Europe continent. Lake Zurich is most demanding spot for lovers so the couples throughout the Zurich and other cities are reaching the spot regularly. Here the travelers can enjoy multicultural flair which attracts the visitors by serving them variety of relaxation activities. Attaining to this stunning city is quite easy comparing to other cities of Switzerland. Trains and planes are available from various parts of Switzerland, though people can hire private vehicles as well. Zurich international airport is well connected through world air bases so reaching to the place is easy through flights. Approximately 150 destinations are linked to Zurich by plenty of airlines. Around 370,000 population of Zurich is enjoying their life by spending time at holiday destinations.

Zurich is world-famous for club life in Switzerland. The late night parties and enjoying fun clubs are always open for their customers in Zurich. The finest feature of Zurich is the different events conducted for various people like gay party, ladies gathering, couple party and many other kind of events are managed particularly in Mascotte region. No official closing timings offered by local government allowed people to enjoy the life whole night. However, if the tourists are reaching to Zurich in summer then they have to enjoy the nightlife in clubs only, though few clubs are having open air party in night only. In these parties tourist can take pleasure of open bathe and flirt dance party.

Zurich is also known place for art and cultural events so travelers must plan their trip according to festive season of the place. Some key tourist destinations of Zurich are mentioned under:

Bahnhofstrasse: this is the first tourist spot where tourist can enjoy for 1 to 2 hours minimum. Here travelers will find high-end shops with fancy collection, which means tourist can do the shopping and take pleasure of local market of Zurich at this destination. Experts call this spot as most enjoyable destination of Zurich.

Old Town: people love nature should reach Old Town which is also known as Alstadt. Old town is first choice for sightseeing and people are reaching this center from around the corner of world. Here, tourist can learn about the history of the city as well. Tourist must not miss Fraumunster church which is again a finest in appearance. The spot is close to Bahnhofstrasse so tourist can easily reach the destination with no worries. The National Museum of Swiss is next best tourism spot of Zurich at old town. Tourist can easily spending 2 hours to half day at this place.

Zurichsee and Lake Promenade: next world tourist place of Zurich is Lake Gardens and Parks where travelers can easily spend the time from 2 hours to half day. Lower Lake known as Zurichsee is one more tourist spot where people can enjoy tangle of walkways.

Zurich Opera House: also known as Zuricher Opernhaus is next spot added to the attraction spots of Zurich. Here people can entertain themselves by nightlife, though 2 hours to half day is enough for fun.

Uetliberg: tourist requires half or full day to enjoy this spot. Here visitors can take pleasure of viewing the sea from 2,875 feet height. People have to walk for 10-minute only to reach the stop from railway station. The best food of Zurich is also available in big restaurants of the city located at Uetilberg. The playground for kids and hiking events are accessible too.

Zurich Toy Museum: next destination for tourist is toy museum where visitors can enjoy for 1 hour to 2 hours minimum. This museum is having townhouse located on 5th floor. Maximum toys of the museum are expressing the knick-knacks of European children.

Zurich West: the next hot spot for visitors is Zurich West where spending 2 hours or half day is sufficient. People who want to see the modern look of Zurich city should reach the west.

Great Church: also known as Grossmunster where tourist can enjoy for minimum 1 hour. This spot is situated in Kreis 1.  

Some other known demanding tourist destinations in Zurich are Swiss National Museum, Zoological Garden, Rhine Falls, Museum of Art, Rietberg Museum, Friedhof Fluntern Cemetery, Church of Our Lady, Winterthur, Tonhalle Gesellschaft, Botanical Garden, and Foundation E. G. Buhrle Collection, and Beyer Museum of Time.

Mentioned spots are most visiting places where people can enjoy and make the holidays or vacations memorable. Few of the spots are free of charge such as Bahnhofstrasse, Old Town, Zurichsee and Lake Promenade, Zurich Toy Museum, Zurich West, Friedhof Fluntern, Church of Our Lady, Botanical Garden.

Many tourism companies are offering packages for the customers of Zurich. People can apply for the package to attain benefits through travel agencies. Few firms are giving discount and special offers to their customers so going through offer could be beneficial.

Attaining to Zurich:
By Air: Zurich is easily accessible through flights as the international airport of Switzerland is situated in Zurich. However, the airport is one of the busiest air heads so tourist might have to book flights in advance. Airport is situated in north city which is only 12 minutes distance by train to center city part. Trains are available frequently as tourist will get the train in every 15 min. Basel or Geneva are another two big air networks where tourist can reach to attain Zurich.

By Train or Road: going to Zurich is possible through train as well as by road. The clean and maintained roads of Switzerland allow visitors to reach the spot easily. Daily trains to reach Zurich from diverse cities of Switzerland are best option. Frequent trains and authorized buses are available from Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, and the Benelux countries to reach Zurich.