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Jalore - Heritage City of Rajasthan, India

There are countless places to visit in India, though people are not aware of maximum places. The reason is these secret destinations are not described or explored to global users. Today we are going to describe an Indian tourist place named as Jalor that is the important city of Rajasthan. This city is also identified as Jalore.

Geography: Jalore city is located closer to River Sukri. However, River Luni is also another closer holy river that people can visit. One of the big cities of Rajasthan Jodhpur is just 140 km away from Jalore. The development ratio of city is less so we can say its undeveloped city of India, though people from Rajasthan state are famous for their hospitality and traditional welcome.

Background of city: The ancient name of city was Jabalipura named after the saint visited city in such period. Jalore fort is popular among world travelers and because of fort it was identified to global users as Songir or Suvarngiri. Some people call the city as Golden Mount. City is having rich heritage values, but if we discuss about the historical background you will get bored. Now we will describe about few impressive tourist places of Jalore.

Top attractions of Jalore:
Topkhana: A spot located in the central part of city is first destination for travelers. The spot is known as Topkhana famous for Sanskrit school and temple of Raja Bhoj. Ruler Bhoj was famous for constructing schools in Ajmer, Dhar and Jalore city.

Jalore Fort: Rajasthan is full of forts and monuments and Jalore Fort is one of them. This fort is constructed under supervision of Paramaras in 10th century. This fort is having another name known as Golden Mount. It is the most secure castles in the country placed on the top of hill.

Sundha Mata Temple: do you love to visit holy places then attain to Sundha Mata temple of Goddess Chamunda Devi. Temple is at top of Sundha Mountain of Aravalli Ranges. Altitude of temple is 1220 meters from the sea level. The distance is little concern for the voyagers as travelers have to go for 105 km distance to reach the spot.

Neelkanth Mahadev: A village houses best temple of Neelkanth Mahadev is next place to visit. This shrine is positioned at the entry point of the village. Entry pillars are major attraction of the temple.

Jagnath Mahadev: One more temple of Jalore is Jagnath Mahadev built by Rudal Devi. Renovation of temple is done several times

There are many more spots where you can visit like Mosque of Malik Shah, Sire Mandir Temple, Lohanagarh of Jaswantpura, Fort of Kot Kasta, Fort of Bhadrajun, Jain temple at Bakra Road, Jahaz Temple at Mandwala, Jain Pilgrim Bhandavpur, Bawan Jinalaya Temple, Kirti Stambh, Nandishwar Deep Tirth and Sevada's Pataleshwar. Each destination is unique designed with best structural designs.

How to reach Jalore?
Jalore is turned as known city these days and many big cities are having direct trains and bus for Jalore. If you are coming from Delhi then you have to cover the distance of 658 kms. Reaching Jalore is possible from Jaipur (399 km away) and Ujjain (516 km far) as well.
By Air: Jaipur International airport is closest air hub to reach Jalore. You will get the private taxi from outer part of the airport. Jaipur city is properly connected to almost every city of India. You can get the flight from Delhi, Bangalore and many big cities for Jaipur.
By Train: Jalore railway station is available for you. This station is having direct trains from Ujjain, Jaipur, Jodhpur and many other cities. However you have to plan your trip in advance because nowadays people are reaching to Jalore in more strength.
By Road: Rajasthan Transport is having buses for Jalore from Jaipur, Jabalpur, Bikaner, Delhi, Mumbai and some more cities.
Reach this famous city and make your holidays memorable. Don’t forget to capture the moments in your camera. Happy journey, keep safe and spend more time at this peaceful place.