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“London” a stunning capital city of England is our next world tourist place.  It is completely populated city still people in large amount are reaching the attraction spots of London at regular interval. City is so popular among youngsters and abroad visitors. This urban area is located close to Thames River. The rapid growth of the city makes it special destination for people. It is one of the best metropolises where every person wants to visit. The reason behind demand of London city is its fast development. Youth from different nations are regularly trying to reach London for their career. However, this leading city is having countless tourist attractions and if you are planning to visit this stunning place then this short note will guide you about the exciting destinations of London. 

Before describing the spots of London city its important for us to know history of the city. In ancient period the city was named as KaerLud and then changed to Londinium which is the Roman word. King Lud was the initial ruler of the city. Later in 1898 the city was renamed with Londinos. In late 20th century the city was officially declared as London. 

There are countless places to visit in London city but 10 of them are special locations for travelers. According to travelers visit in 2012 some most demanding spots mentioned below:  

British Museum: the initial attraction of London is popular British Museum. Here people can learn about the historical achievements as the museum is having huge collection of prehistoric period to modern times. Must watch things of museum are Rosetta stone, the mummies of Egypt and the Parthenon sculptures. Entry to museum is free but if you are going to special exhibition then you have to buy a ticket. 

Tate Modern: Thames River side is best attraction of city. Tate Modern is located close to this river and Britain's national museum is also closer to the spot. In this museum you can watch masterpiece, contemporary art and modern sculptures. Tate Modern is made of unique shape because it was serving the city as power station in past years. A provisional exhibition is also conducted inside the Tate so don’t miss the spot. Entry to the center is free and view of city from this river side is different compared to other spots of London. 

National Gallery: every city is having some different features. However, people are not aware of such features. National gallery is the best spot to gather the information related to city. London is also having national gallery that contain crowning fame of Trafalgar Square. It’s a vast area filled of Western European pictures. Almost every painting is made of 13th to 19th centuries. This arcade is having huge collection of da Vinci, Van Gogh, Botticelli, Renoir, Constable, Stubbs and Titian. There is no fee for entry in the national gallery. 

Natural History Museum (NHM): dinosaur exhibition of London is world-famous. NHM is having great collection of tallest, biggest and rare animals. Life-sized whale, forty million years old spider, and amazing Central Hall are important things to watch in this museum. Entrance for main hall is free, but if you are willing to entry the special exhibitions hall then you have to buy ticket.

EDF Energy London Eye: to know more about the London's skyline you have to visit EDF Energy London Eye center. The best view of city from London eye makes is special spot for visitors. There are 32 capsules and each capsule can hold 25 people at a time. Going up in capsule can take your breath away. However, you have to buy tickets for London eye. 

The other 5 destinations to visit in London are Victoria-Albert Museum, Science Museum, Tower of London, Madame Tussauds, and Royal Museums Greenwich. Each place is unique and having lots of features. You can learn about the tradition of London city by visiting these places. Countless church and religious spots are also available in the city so if you have planned to attain London then get the complete details about the tourist attractions. You can take pleasure of this place completely if you have the accurate data of traveling spots of London. 

Attaining to London:
To reach London there are multiple ways like you can reach through air, rail, coaches, and ferry. 

By Air: London airport is serving the nation from long years. Maximum people are using five lavish airports of city to travel from one place to other. We can say it is the fastest mode of transport in London. LHA (London Heathrow Airport) is located close to Hillingdon. It is one of the busiest airports of UK.  Flight for New York is easily available from LHA. Business travelers are regularly attaining their flights for LHA so that they can reach to their destinations easily and faster. Airlines such as Air Atlanta, Thomas Cook, Emirates, Delta and Air France are having frequent flights for and from LHA. 

By Rail: train is always the major source of transportation in any country. London Railway is famous for green service transportation. Train network of London is best among other cities of UK, though private company is controlling the train operation of the city. People traveling between Continental Europe and London can get the train as best option for transportation. 

By Road: UK Road Transport is another best way to travel. Coaches between European cities and London are frequent. Clean and properly managed roads allow people to travel freely through road to various cities of nation. 

By Sea: ferries are available between London and some cities of England. These ferries are run by P-O Company, though each ferry take 70 to 90 mins to reach London.