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World tourist place Switzerland is always the first choice especially for young generation. People from almost every corner plan their trip to this amazing tourist place. According to official info Swiss alliance is the national republic including 26 regions. This Western European nation is bordered in north by Germany, west by France, south by Italy, and east by Liechtenstein and Austria.

This non-coastal nation is divided among the Alps such as Jura and Swiss Plateau. The 2 known global and economic cities of Switzerland are Geneva and Zurich. The Swiss Confederation joins the UN (United Nations) in 2002. The big social network of Red Cross was born in Switzerland and presently countless international associations are having offices in Swiss which makes the country as 2nd biggest UN office.

As per capita reports the Switzerland is richest country in domestic product. Its uppermost wealth per adult status brings the nation on top of the list of developed countries. This affluent nation of the universe is having countless tourist destinations. Geneva and Zurich are the two big ranked cities of the world available with best quality of life. Switzerland is the world's 19th prime market in gross domestic product and 36th prime location for purchasing.

The name of country is the mixture of two different terms in which Switzer is the term of Swiss. Switzer word is taken from the Alemannic Schwiizer.

Weather of Switzerland:
Most of the part of Swiss nation is usually hot, but it changes from place to localities. Summer is hot with humid so voyagers can think about the trip as per season. Periodic rain of the country is best period to visit for pastures. Few hill areas of nation are less humid and cold in winter, but the lower ground are ideal for vacations, though seeing sun can become little problem for weeks.

Attraction spots of Switzerland: few essential areas where voyagers must reach are mentioned below.

Train journey of Switzerland: the Swiss is small in size so the attraction points are closer to each other. Easily reach through train allow visitors to take pleasure of nation by developed high speed trains. Few major spots like lakes, Mountain resorts, forests, museums, castles, and modern structural design of nation makes this spot outstanding tourist end. Finest feature is crime rate is really low and visitors can take pleasure of each place without any fear.

The Jungfrau Region: the first place listed in tourist spot is Jungfrau region which is the fabulous panorama area of nation. The very impressive white peaks of 3 hills such as Monch, the Jungfrau and Eiger are best things of this spot. The paramount green valleys and the meadows of Switzerland are world famous. Many Bollywood and Hollywood movies have used the locations for their different projects in many years.

Chateau de Chillon: located in Montreux town which is situated in the spirit of Swiss Riviera near the Geneva Lake. Voyagers can walk the lakeside and enjoy watching Chillon Castle. Other things to watch at Chateau de Chillon are tower, dungeons, courtyards, and rooms of castle. This most visited building is having historical values for Switzerland. Train and trolley bus are available on lake side to reach Chateau de Chillon.

Fasnacht Spring Carnival: situated in Basel city is next tourist location of Swiss. Basel is 2nd major city fo Switzerland where tourist can enjoy the Fasnacht Carnival. This well-known 3 day carnival is full of color costumes and facades. This fest starts on Monday subsequent to Ash Wednesday. Cafes and inns are open for whole night during the fest. People celebrate this fair by throwing sweets, confetti and flowers on the crowd.

Swiss National Park: located at Zernez city is only 169 sq kms away from main part of country. The mountains and forest are top sites of Zernez. Various wildlife animals like red deer, ibexes, marmots and chamois are available in the park.

Geneva: the world beautiful place Geneva is popular for its lake. 3rd major tourist spot of Switzerland is Geneva where tourist can find tallest spring of world. The captivating museums and excellent restaurants of Geneva are popular for their services.

The Matterhorn: this spot is positioned at Zermatt which is popular for peak in Alps. The average height of Matterhorn is 4478 meters. Climbers from various parts of the nation gather in this town frequently to surmount the strictly hard peak of Zermatt. The place offers skiing and striking views of the nature from the top. People can attain to restaurants and many energetic nightlife places of Matterhorn.

St. Moritz: next known place is popular square St. Moritz. This spot is special resort for winter because it offers skiing feature which could be different or at least most enjoyable moment for voyagers. Mineral and mud bath also the mud therapies are best things to attain in St. Moritz. The location is well-known for Health Spa Centre’s so travelers can relax after traveling the city for longer time. Expensive nightlife is one more feature of St. Moritz.

Mt. Pilatus: this closest destination of lakeside city is 2120 meter high hill. View of city from cable car could become different experience for voyagers. Spectacular scenery at this place allow tourist to walk in striking environment of Swiss Alps.

St. Gallen: this is the monk of Irish established in 612 AD. St. Gallen is the 7th big city of Switzerland also popular as old town with countless picturesque structural designs. The colourful murals, carved balconies, and respite statues are best thing to watch in St. Gallen.

The Rhine Falls: located close to the Schaffhausen region is one more tourist location of Switzerland. This highest waterfall of Europe is located in Switzerland which is superb natural wonder. Reaching falls allow tourist to visit medieval castle as well. People can also attain to Schoss Laufen which is the place having best restaurant and shops for shopping.

Some other destinations of Switzerland where voyagers can visit are Open Museum Ballenberg (located at Brienz), Emmental AOC Show Dairy, Heidi's World (located at Maienfeld), the very middle of Switzerland at Sachseln, Nature Park of Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut, Graubünden Deepest Abysses (located at Viamala), Seven Springs (at Lenk i.S.), Impressive Water Landscape (at Vernayaz Trient), Trümmelbach Falls (at Lauterbrunnen), Rhine Falls (at Neuhausen), Staubbach Falls (at Lauterbrunnen), Aare Gorge (at Meiringen), Hotel Giessbach and Giessbach Falls(located at Brienz), Monte Generoso (at Capolago), Swiss Path (at Brunnen), Salt Mines (at Bex), Castles of Bellinzona, Abbey Church at Romainmôtier, Schellenursli Village at Guarda, Nostalgia at Gotthard, Benedictie Convent at Müstair, and Chillon water castle on Lake Geneva.

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