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Spain has turned as the biggest state of tourism in Europe. Today it is the 2nd largest tourism spot where people are reaching from every corner of the world. Spain was urbanized all through the final years of dictatorship of Francisco Franco. Sooner Spain becomes the famous tourist place, especially for summer vacations. The large amount of people from British Isles, Central Europe, France and Scandinavia are reaching Spain to make their holidays special. As per records, Spain becomes the 2nd most visited nation in 2007 following France. Approximately, 60 million tourists from different countries visited Spain at such period. The data was provided by WTO (World Tourism Organization). However, the visitor list was reduced in 2010, and Spain becomes the 4th country for tourism. USA and China got the place with approximately 53 million tourists in one year.

The major attraction spots in Spain are resorts and beaches open for throughout the year whereas the TNP (Teide National Park) is one of the most visited parks of Spain. The major economy of Spain is generated by this park. The finest beaches and the beautiful Islands such as Balearic and Canary are attracting visitors throughout the world. The moderate climate of Spain allows people to enjoy the beach's whole year. Mediterranean beaches are more popular comparing to other beaches of Spain. Resorts for summer in Spain are famous too.

The coasts of Spanish are correct spots for summer holidays:
The Costa areas of Brava, Daurada and Del Maresme of Catalonia are famous for a tourist, especially from Spain and France. Salou resort of Barcelona is another favorite tourist place for local as well as outsiders. Here tourist will watch the largest harbor of Spain.

De Valencia Costa and the Blanca Costa are another two most developed and famous coastal areas. Both spots are awfully famous for tourism, particularly from UK and Germany. The leading summer holiday spot of Spain is Benidorm of Valencian Society.

Spain is full of tourism spots so discussing about the single place is not possible. The Cálida Costa of Murcia, Coasts of Mediterranean and the Small Sea (Mar Menor) are best examples of best Tourist Spots of Spain.

There are two archipelagoes in Spain one is the volcanic Island Canary situated in the Atlantic, and the other is Balearic Islands situated in Mediterranean. Both archipelagoes are famous with foreigners as well as Spaniards.

The list of tourist spots in Spain is longer so discussing each spot require lots of Time. The other spots of Spain will be discussed in other posts on this blog.