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Sardinia is the world-famous island known as 2nd biggest isle in Mediterranean Sea. This island is located in Italy which is again popular for tourism. The closest land areas to this island are Corsica, Sicily, Peninsula, Tunisia and the Balearic.

The term Sardinia is the noun world of roman dictionary. This European tourist place is gaining popularity regularly and people are reaching to this world tourist place frequently. Some known tourist destinations in Sardinia are ALGHERO, ARZACHENA, BAUNEI, BOSA, BUGGERRU, CAGLIARI, CANNIGIONE, CASTELSARDO, BAIA CHIA, COSTA REI, GOLFO ARANCI, JERZU, LA MADDALENA, MURAVERA, NUORO, OLBIA, ORGOSOLO, ORISTANO, OROSEI, PORTO CERVO, SAN PANTALEO, STINTINO, SANTA TERESA, MOLARA and TAVOLARA, TORTOLI, TEULADA and VILLASIMIUS. Every place is unique and having diverse features which makes the Sardinia special location.

Alghero: Alghero is the small town situated on the coast of Northwest of Sardinia. The astonishing beaches and old town of Alghero are major attraction points. European’s are frequently reaching to this spot from other nations particularly in holidays. Here visitors can view old fishing nets and many other natural beauty spots. Beach vacation or the small break in the city is feature of this place. People want to relax and fresh their mind should reach Alghero as first choice.

Arzachena: next attraction of Sardinia is Arzachena located again in the northeast side. The big 80 kms territory with the mixture of beaches and rough rocks allow tourist to walk for longer with natural beauty. The superb deserted coves of Arzachena are accessible through boat only. Major attraction for visitors could be the seaside. The finest part of seaside in Arzachena is the clear water and greenery surrounding. Stunning sea beds and the never-ending fish supply make it city hot spot majorly for divers. The luxury hotels and private villas of Arzachena are offering the wide range services to visitors. The nightlife of Arzachena is very energetic as there are countless bars, clubs and eateries.

Baunei: the slopes of Santo Mount are special tourist attraction in Baunei. Travelers can enjoy the 30 kms area with natural beauty. The earning of the city is depends on farming and agriculture. This territory is having Su Marinaiu as best tourist destination of Sardinia.

Bosa: The next attraction is Bosa located in Planargia lands. The panoramic view of Alghero from the road is special for visitors at this place. The stops provided by the tourism department allow travelers to enjoy the amazing scenery of the Bosa.

Buggerru: The other destination is Buggerru having slight slope near the sea having well prepared small harbor. The beach of the Buggerru is impressive with stony promontories. The high mountains surrounding the town are covered with chronological ruins which expresses the past of the village. The previously used mines, striking caves and scared tunnels are first thing to watch.

Cagliari: the fastest growing city of Sardinia is Cagliari. Since 1870 the city has never stop and it is growing rapidly comparing to other cities of Sardinia. The construction of buildings done in ages is still strong rather than other state old buildings. The white mineral City Hall close to the port is finest example of the construction done in old ages.

Baia Chia: next attraction for Sardinia visitors is Baia Chia located in the south direction of Sardinia. This amazing natural beauty seaside spot is available with diverse feelings. Visitors to Sardinia must attain to Baia Chia spot. The seashores and sand hills with clear water are unusual things for visitors in Baia Chia. The clubs and night out centers of Baia Chia are wonderful which makes the holidays more special.

Muravera: This is the valuable centre and main town located under Sarrabus region. The citrus fruit of Muravera is popular in the whole nation. The fest of fruits in this town is special thing to watch conducted in the end of March. The stunning beaches such as San Giovanni Beach, Torre Salinas beache and some more are attractive spots for visitors.

Nuoro: the heart city of Sardinia is Nuoro located in the middle area of the island. People of Nuoro are jolly in nature and most of them wear superb colorful customary clothes. The huge attractive mountains surrounding gives the dissimilar feeling to the visitors.

Porto Cervo: Emerald Coast is also the important part of Sardinia and Porto Cervo is the small town located in this region. Cervo is the elite vacation place favored by the rich people of Sardinia. Sea and clubs particularly in night allow visitors to live lively. The beauty of the sea with low down palm trees is amazing in Porto Cervo.

Countless other destinations of Sardinia permit the tourists to stay in this famous world tourist place for longer time. Each place is special and having unique features which means once the travelers reach to any city of Sardinia then the holidays will become unusual.

Attaining to Sardinia:
By Air: Sardinia is having international airport at several cities. The big 3 international airports are Alghero Airport, Cagliari-Elmas Airport and Olbia - Costa Smeralda Airport. These airheads are properly linked with other principal cities of Italy. Flights from UK, Scandinavia, Germany and Spain are easy to reach Sardinia. Daily flights from Cagliari-Olbia to Sardinia permit people to reach the various cities easily. During off-season Sardinian airlines are giving officers to their customers. There are few low-cost companies having less air ticket for different spots on island.

 By Ship: the high pace ship is available at Olbia, Sardinia. The firms are operating ship to diverse islands which is best part for traveler. The ship firms available for the island are Moby Lines, Tirrenia di Navigazione, Corsica Ferries, SNAV, Grandi Navi Veloci, CMN and SNCM. The ships are connected to Porto Torres, Golfo Aranci, Olbia, Arbatax, Palau, Santa Teresa Gallura and many other harbors of the Sardinia.

By Road: the public transport of Sardinia is available at Sassari. However, Sardinia is only Italian area available without motorways, thought he roads of Sardinia are properly maintained and connected to the land areas of the place.

By Rail: the rail network of Sardinian was developed in nineteenth century by the engineer Benjamin Piercy. Top part of Sardinian railways is trains are linked to complete island with two dissimilar rail operators. The biggest operator is Trenitalia linking to big towns of the Sardinia. The modern trains of Trenitalia allow commuters to reach the destinations faster.